Akbari Pistachio

Akbari Pistachio

Akbari Pistachio (super long pistachio) is one of the most luxurious pistachios in Iran and the world. This type of pistachio is produced only in Iran, and is mostly cultivated in south of Iran. This pistachio is very elongated and well-shaped and has a large and long kernel because of which, it can give a beautiful look to your nuts. In general, there are some essential factors in nuts such as largeness, beauty, and taste that determine their quality and freshness. Akbari Pistachio has all these characteristics, therefore this type of pistachio is in high demand. Also, since Akbari pistachio (super long pistachio) trees do not produce much fruit annually, there is a limited quantity of this variety. That is why, they always have a higher price than other varieties and are less available in the market. This pistachio variety has many customers not only in Middle East but also all around the world. According to pistachio experts, its popularity worldwide is due to its easy peeling and luxury appearance. 

Akbari Pistachio Origin

The origin of Iranian pistachios date back to 4000 to 5000 years ago. Akbari Pistachio (super long pistachio) has long been cultivated in south of Iran. This type of pistachio is produced exclusively in Iran, and is mostly cultivated in southern part of Iran. It is interesting to know that Akbari Pistachio is named after its original producer.  

Akbari Pistachio Supplier

Akbari Pistachio Types

Akbari Pistachio (super long pistachio) has three grades in terms of quality:

Grade 1 or naturally open-shell: This type of pistachio is 100% naturally open-shell on the tree. These pistachios are usually found in sizes (ounce) 18 to 28. 

Grade 2 or Class B: These types of pistachios usually include a mixture of open-shell and mechanically open-shell pistachios. Their quality is average, and their price is lower. In addition, this product is exported to all countries.

Grade 3 or mechanically open-shell pistachios: In fact, these types of pistachios are closed-shell. They are opened mechanically after harvest. Since the quality of these pistachios is lower, they are offered by a lower price.   

Akbari Pistachio Harvest Time

Due to the uneven ripening of the fruits of a cluster, the harvest time of pistachios should be in a way that 70% to 80% of the fruits of each cultivar are ripe in appearance. The first sign of pistachio harvest time is the change in color of pistachio green skin to pink or cream. In this case, the bone skin changes color from translucent to dull. Akbari Pistachio (super long pistachio) trees begin to bloom in the first weeks of April. The harvest season of Akbar Pistachio is late September to mid-October each year and it is harvested later than other types of pistachios.    

Akbari Pistachio Price

India and China are the largest export markets of Iran for Akbari pistachios (super long pistachio) wholesale and annually large quantities of Iranian products are imported to these countries. Persian Gulf countries are among the good markets of hand-picked Akbari pistachios and have been old customers of Iranian pistachios. Akbari pistachio (super long pistachio) manufacturers in Iran offer this product in bulk with excellent quality and competitive prices. As one of Akbari pistachio wholesale suppliers, Fresh City Company provides Akbari pistachio with a reasonable and wholesale price. Also, the company offers high-quality packaging that helps maintain the freshness and quality of pistachios. It is worth mentioning that this product is available in the company’s warehouses all year round and has a long expiration date. So, do not hesitate to contact us regarding Akbari or any other types of pistachios.  

Akbari Pistachio Price

Akbari Pistachio Supplier

Fresh City Company, a well-known Akbari pistachio (super long pistachio) exporting company with its branch offices in Iran and Dubai, supplies the best type of Akbari pistachio to international markets. The best kind of Iranian Akbari pistachio is produced in tropical cities of Iran, and Fresh City Company is one of the main suppliers in international markets. However, like other varieties, this variety of pistachio is exported in two forms: naturally open-shell pistachios and mechanically open-shell pistachios. In countries that have tonnage-based markets (developing or high-consumption countries such as China, Russia, etc.), a combination of both types of pistachios are exported in order to increase tonnage and lower the prices.

Akbari Pistachio Supplier in Arab Countries

In addition to Kale Ghoochi Pistachio, Akbari pistachio (super long pistachio) is one of the Iranian pistachios that is native to Iran. For this reason, it has widespread popularity. It is one of the large pistachios that has a desirable appearance and is supplied to the market in different packages, and all people can buy this product according to their needs. Akbari pistachio (super long pistachio) is exported to various countries such as Arab countries wholesale in a considerable quantity. Arab countries pay great attention to the size and taste of pistachios, so the best type for wholesale exports to these countries can be large Akbari pistachios (super long pistachio).

Akbari Pistachio Wholesale

Buy Akbari Pistachio (buy super long pistachio)

Fresh City Company has started its activity in exporting pistachios, including Akbari pistachio (super long pistachio), for many years. Fresh City Company primarily provides many services such as Akbari pistachio export to the domestic and international customers. However, it also provides many other services based on customers’ requests. In addition to supplying products with our company’s brand, our production unit offers the product in various custom-branded packages with the international standards appropriate to the intended country to increase the export activity and supply of Iranian products in the export markets. Many countries worldwide, including India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, China, Persian Gulf countries and European countries, are Akbari pistachio (super long pistachio) importers and annually buy Akbari pistachios in bulk from this company. 

Akbari Pistachio Properties

Akbari pistachio (super long pistachio) is the most elongated variety among pistachio types such as Ahmad Aghaei pistachio (long pistachio) and Badami pistachio (semi-long). The dimension of dried pistachios is 12.22 mm. The fresh hand-picked Akbari pistachios will have a crunchy and delicious taste if well roasted. This is one of the reasons for its high popularity. This type of pistachio is easy to peel and you do not need to use any extra energy to peel it. This quality has given Akbari pistachio a luxurious look. Also, these pistachios have no pests, and contain most of the essential nutrients your body needs to be healthy. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Akbari pistachio is harvested in late summer and early fall.

You may easily contact our sales experts via email or WhatsApp and make your purchase after inquiring the price.

Fresh City exports Akbari pistachios to all over the world with no restrictions.

Akbari pistachio is long and large and it is available in sizes 18 to 28.

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