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Anari barberry is one of the types of Iranian dried barberry that is similar to pomegranate seeds and for this reason it is called Anari which means “pomegranate-like” in Persian. This type of barberry has a soft texture and a sour and pleasant taste and is shriveled and wrinkled. Fresh red barberry fruit is not available in all seasons, so it is dried for long-term use. Dried barberry has two types of puffy barberry and Anari barberry and their difference is in how they are dried. Anari barberry dries in the sun and is darker than puffy barberry. All types of barberry contain large amounts of vitamin C and are useful for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Anari barberry is widely used in Iranian cuisine and is used in the preparation of beverages, jams, desserts and pastries. Iran is the largest producer of barberry in the world and the northeastern cities of Iran produce about 95% of the world’s barberry.  

Anari barberry is ready to be supplied to the market shortly after harvesting and drying, and you can buy Anari barberry in early autumn. To dry Anari barberry, the barberry is first picked from the cluster and then placed in the sun like Thompson raisins, then thorns and thistles are removed through the machine and marketed quickly for sale. This type of barberry has a cheaper price than other barberries due to its short and easy drying process and is a suitable and cost-effective option for barberry buyers. Fresh City Company, an Anari barberry wholesaler, has made it possible for Anari barberry wholesale buyers to purchase Anari barberry throughout the year and stores and packages the freshest Anari barberry in its own factories and makes it ready to be supplied to domestic and international markets. To buy Anari barberry in bulk, contact us right now and place your order.


Anari Barberry Price

Are you looking to buy dried barberry in bulk at a cheaper price? Anari barberry is more in demand and cheaper than puffy barberry due to its darker color and faster supply to the market. By offering different types of red barberry, we have provided the possibility of buying barberry in bulk for Anari barberry buyers according to their budget, and we have adapted ourselves to the needs and preferences of the customer. In addition to barberry, we offer a variety of dried fruits and nuts, such as high-quality Iranian pistachios, to our customers at a very reasonable price. You can order a variety of first-class and quality products in different grades. You can contact us via WhatsApp or email to inquire about the wholesale price of Anari barberry and our other products such as Medjool dates.


Anari Barberry Exporter

Fresh City Company is the wholesale exporter of Anari barberry and all kinds of agricultural products and exports all its products all over the world according to safety regulations and food standards. Our products include walnuts, dried figs, kiwi, apples, Mamra almonds, pistachios, dates, and coriander seeds which are exported to Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates, and European countries after receiving health certificates and observing international standards. Fresh City exports Anari barberry and other types of products in large quantities throughout the year and is familiar with the import laws and regulations of other countries. Our products are carefully sorted and the best and highest quality ones are selected for export. You can contact us via WhatsApp or email to find out about Anari barberry wholesale import.


Anari Barberry Supplier

Is it difficult for you to choose a supplier? Are you looking for a reliable supplier and do not know which supplier to choose? Fresh City Company with years of experience in exporting the best Iranian products such as Iranian barberry assures you that it will meet all your expectations and you will have the best experience of buying Anari barberry or our other products. We are a direct supplier of Anari barberry and we offer you Anari barberry at a wholesale price. You can also buy other products such as Iranian dates, Iranian apples, and Iranian kiwis from us at wholesale prices. If you buy Anari barberry or any of the other products in bulk, we will have a special offer for you. We are able to send your order in high tonnages and in the fastest possible time. Contact us to order bulk barberry. 


Anari Barberry Packaging

We offer Anari barberry in different packages and weights as well as in bulk. Our packaging includes nylon or cellophane packaging, ziplock bags, BOPP or OPP bags. If you would like to order Anari barberry in your desired packaging and weight, you can contact Fresh City Company and submit your request. You can also contact us via WhatsApp or email to receive a sample of Anari barberry packaging. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Anari barberry is dried naturally and organically and no sulfur is used in its preparation.

Anari barberry can be eaten right from the package or used in food, beverages, jams, and desserts.

Anari barberry is dry and does not need to be transported with refrigerated containers. 

Anari barberry is sun-dried and is darker in color.

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