Iranian Apple Fruit

Iranian Apple Fruit

Iranian Apple

Along with China, the United States, and Turkey, Iran is one of the significant apple fruit manufacturers. Iranian apples are delicious and have a much lower price than similar foreign types. Iranian apple is one of the garden products that are a part of the country’s non-oil exports. Iranian apples are one of the most popular fruits, and many customers are looking to buy this product. For example, Qatar is one of the neighboring countries, one of the most important Iranian apple importers. Therefore, Iranian apple exporters can supply this product in international markets if domestic and foreign conditions are available.

Apple Fruit

Apple is one of the most popular and delicious fruits, there are more than 7500 species of this delightful fruit in nature, and red apples, green apples and golden apples can be found. Apples are one of the healthiest foods around us. The apple tree is a deciduous tree that has sweet and fleshy fruits. The tree originates in Central Asia and is cultivated for various tastes and uses, including cooking, raw consumption and making food products.

Iranian Apple Types

You have probably seen different types of apple fruit and tasted some of them. Each type of apple fruit is unique in terms of taste and aroma. However, you have only seen a few of the 7,500 apple types that exist worldwide. The main exporting species of Iranian apple are two types of red apple fruits and golden apple fruit.

Types of Apple

Iranian Apple Price

For information on the latest and most up-to-date prices of Iranian apples in the country, you can ask Fresh City for advice and cooperation. Because of the incredible variety of Iranian apples and their grading, prices are continuously updated due to the great variety of Iranian apples and their grading. For example, the golden (delicious) is in great demand for export. Prices for this type of apple depend on its grades 1, 2 and 3 and the production region.  Iranian apple price is significant for the main Iranian apple exporters. For this reason, there has been considerable attention in line with exporting this product to the European countries and these products are supplied with particular standards.

Iranian Apple Wholesale Price

The wholesale price of Iranian apples in the international market is one of the issues that significantly impact its trade. For this reason, the products have been announced by Iranian apple suppliers mostly that have excellent quality, and their quality is always evident. Therefore, for choosing and buying Iranian apples, great attention should be paid to the Iranian apples’ wholesale price and the product’s market price. Meanwhile, Iranian apple supplier companies pay special attention to quality and offer products that are in good condition in terms of the existing standards and can be easily bought and sold. As an Iranian apple wholesale supplier, Fresh City Company supplies this delicious and quality product at a reasonable price and a reasonable wholesale price. To buy Iranian apples, you can proceed through the email and WhatsApp of this Iranian apple company. Contact the sales experts to be informed of the Iranian apple price and the Iranian apples wholesale price.

Iranian Apple Price

Buy Iranian apple

Iranian apples are one of the most popular fruits, and many people are looking to buy Iranian apples. The supplier of this product always tries to satisfy the customer of this product by supplying Iranian apples at a reasonable and exceptional price, excellent and unique quality, to increase the number of customers of this product day by day. If you want to buy Iranian apples with high quality and reasonable prices, do not look for another company other than Fresh City Company. This Iranian apple company offers this delicious and unique product at an affordable and competitive price by producing and offering the best and highest quality of Iranian apples such as golden apples, apple gala, etc. 


Iranian Apple Exporter

Iran is one of the Iranian apple exporters, and many neighboring countries buy exporting apples from Iran. Iranian apples are exported annually to 24 different countries worldwide. Russia is one of the leading Iranian apple importers. India, Pakistan, Oman, Qatar, and Egypt are also among the other Iranian apple importers. As a commercial company in the field of agriculture, Fresh City Company has a lot of experience in the export of various fruits, especially Iranian apples and Iranian kiwi. This Iranian apple exporter company, using agricultural experts, has taken action to control the quality of its exported apple fruit to provide all the needs of its consumer to have access to healthy fruit. Fresh City Company has always tried to give the best Iranian apples, especially golden apples and red apples, to supply its export product.

Iranian Apple Supplier

Iranian Apple Exporter in Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world, with a population of 144 million. Russia is a country whose capital is only 2,600 km from Astara, which means that Iranian apples can be exported to Russia in the shortest possible time by road. Russia is the third-largest Iranian apple importer globally, which imports a high tonnage of Iranian apples annually. Different types of agricultural products are cultivated and harvested in Iran in different seasons. One of the most crucial target countries for exporting Iranian agricultural products, such as Iranian apples and Hayward kiwi, is Russia. In addition, due to the extreme cold weather in Russia, the harvested agricultural products are not enough to meet the Russian people’s needs and they must be imported from other countries to meet their needs.

Iranian Apple Supplier

Iranian apples can be considered one of the fruits that have entered the world markets and are regarded as an excellent and first-class product. Due to the high production of apple fruit in Iran, it is supplied to different countries. The supply of Iranian apples to European countries can be considered as proof of this claim. Large quantities of this fruit are offered to other markets currently. As one of the Iranian apple suppliers, Fresh City Company provides a wide range of services, mainly offering these fruits in other foreign countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, Italy, the Republic of Azerbaijan, etc. Fresh City Company has also solved many problems by investing in European markets and always offers the highest quality Iranian apples at market price.

Iranian Apple Wholesale

Iranian Apple Packaging

Iranian apple is one of the best types of apple fruits worldwide in terms of quality. Fresh City Company is proud to be one of the Iranian apple manufacturers. By using the latest methods and technologies of apple harvesting and employing skilled and trained workers in a completely hygienic environment and following the requirements of the World, this company proceeds to sort and pack apples. Also, having agricultural experts, this Iranian apple company has taken action to control the quality of its exported apple fruit with Fresh City brand to provide all the needs of the consumer to have access to healthy fruit. Fresh City Company does the grading of Iranian apples in its sorting factory and according to various sizes and beautiful packages. This Iranian apple company has always tried to provide the best types of Iranian apples from the mountainous regions of Iran to supply its exporting product. As one of the significant Iranian apple manufacturers with various stylish packaging in different weights, we want to introduce first-class Iranian apples to the World. To date, we have been successful in achieving this goal.

Do you know the unique properties of Iranian apples?

General characteristics of Iranian apples include beauty, having smooth and spotless skin, unique and pleasant taste and aroma. This product has these unique features and is produced in Iran by Iranian farmers and is the leading market in the world. Iranian apple is a fruit rich in vitamins A, B, C and potassium, which are known to be useful in the treatment or prevention of many diseases, so that in many cultures it is said that, eat an apple each day and remain healthy. ‌The main properties of Iranian apples include maintaining the freshness of the skin and preventing dry skin, regulating blood pressure and lowering high blood pressure, preventing various types of cancer, helping digestion and more.

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