Arabian Dates

Dates are the holy fruits of the Middle East. Arabs cherish them not only for the amazing benefits they provide, but also for cultural connotations they have with some of their great virtues like generosity, gratitude and plenty.  Also, dates are considered to be the staple food for people in the Arab world.

Arabian dates are among the tastiest varieties of dates. They are very popular because of their caramel flavor. They are larger in size, dark brown in color, sweet in taste. The chief countries producing and exporting Arabian dates are Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Algeria, Iraq and the UAE. 

Arabian Dates Types

Sukkari Dates

These dates derive their name from an Arabic word meaning “sweet”. With their distinctive creased skin, Sukkari dates benefit from a smooth, sweet taste and a surprisingly crunchy bite.

Safawi Dates

This date variety is soft, semi-dried and characteristically identified by its particular deep black color, its length, and medium-size. Grown in Saudi Arabia in the city of Madinah, these dates are very sweet

Mabroom Dates

A traditional date variety originating from Saudi Arabia, these elongated dates have a candy-like texture that’s chewy and sticky. As they have chewy, sticky texture and sweet taste

Deglet noor Dates

Deglet Noor dates are one of the hundreds of dates that are world famous and popular and are also known as the “queen of dates”. Deglet Noor dates can be grown in most countries with tropical climates and are one of the important commercial and export cultivars. Deglet Noor dates are fleshy

Iraqi Zahedi

Iraqi Zahedi dates are one of the varieties of Iranian export dates and their origin, as its name implies, is Iraq. Iraqi Zahedi dates, like Piarom dates, are late ripening and belong to the category of semi-dry dates. The size of Iraqi Zahedi dates is 1.5 to 3 centimeters. It has an oval shape


Medjool Dates

Medjool dates are one of the global and international varieties of dates, which are also known as the “king of dates”, and their caramel-like and sweet taste and their larger size compared to other dates have made them one of the top commercial date cultivars

Ajwa Dates

Known as the ‘Holy Date’, Ajwa dates have long held a special place in Arabic tradition. It is one of the most luxurious types of dates which grows exclusively in Saudi Arabia in limited quantities. These dates are delightfully soft and mildly sweet.

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