Iranian Garlic

Undoubtedly garlic is a mouth-watering delight that makes every cuisine extremely flavorful. It is one of the most widely used food products and according to statistics, it is the second most consumed spice in the world after pepper. Also, garlic is known as one of the most valuable medicinal plants in traditional medicine. It has been proved […]

Ajwa Dates

  Known as the ‘Holy Date’, Ajwa dates have long held a special place in Arabic tradition. It is one of the most luxurious types of dates which grows exclusively in Saudi Arabia in limited quantities. These dates are delightfully soft and mildly sweet. The appearance of Ajwa dates is almost round and small and […]

Mabroom Dates

  A traditional date variety originating from Saudi Arabia, these elongated dates have a candy-like texture that’s chewy and sticky. As they have chewy, sticky texture and sweet taste, they are the best alternative for sugar when drinking tea. This date fruit has a long slender body with a skin that is almost translucent and […]

Sukkari Dates

  These dates derive their name from an Arabic word meaning “sweet”. With their distinctive creased skin, Sukkari dates benefit from a smooth, sweet taste and a surprisingly crunchy bite. Commonly referred to as the “Royal Date”, these cone shaped fruits are extremely popular among Arab and European countries. They are larger than Deglet Nour […]

Safawi Dates

  This date variety is soft, semi-dried and characteristically identified by its particular deep black color, its length, and medium-size. Grown in Saudi Arabia in the city of Madinah, these dates are very sweet and rich in vitamins and are also very suitable for filling with nuts. In general there are three classifications of dates; […]

Arabian Dates

Dates are the holy fruits of the Middle East. Arabs cherish them not only for the amazing benefits they provide, but also for cultural connotations they have with some of their great virtues like generosity, gratitude and plenty.  Also, dates are considered to be the staple food for people in the Arab world. Arabian dates […]

Dried Apricot

Description In Latin apricot means “precocious”, named because it ripens earlier in the season than most other fruits. Most apricots’ fate is to be dried or otherwise processed. Although going through the drying process, apricots still maintain their rich orange to golden color and have a chewy texture. Also, they are very successful at retaining […]

American Pistachios

The American pistachio industry narrates the story of “single pistachio seed”. In the 19th century the seed was brought to the US from Persia by a botanist. The pistachio made its way to California in 1854 and in 1875 trees were imported and planted in Sonoma, California. Due to California’s warm climate, the trees took root […]

Turkish Pistachios

Turkish pistachio is the fruit of a small tree from the gum tree family, growing in Central Asia and the Middle East. Turkish pistachios considered to be “functional food”, as contain components that can meet the basic food requirements of the human body, and have positive effects on body physiology and metabolic functions. You can find […]

Turkish Apples

Turkey is among the top three countries in the world with the production of 4.3 million tons of apple products. Turkey is the second biggest producer of apples in Europe after Poland. Considering the fact that Turkey has a suitable climate and conditions for planting garden products such as fruits and apples, it is undoubtedly […]

Mamra Almond

Mamra Almond

Mamra almond is one of the best and most expensive types of almonds that grows in the mountainous regions of Iran and is also called Mamaei almond. This type of almond is sweeter than other types of almond and has a higher fat content and a more pleasant taste. Mamra almonds grow in double kernels […]

Puffy Barberry

Puffy Barberry

Puffy barberry is a type of red barberry that grows in northeastern Iran and has a sour and pleasant taste. This type of barberry has a better taste and color than ordinary red barberry due to its special drying and processing method. It is considered as one of the best types of Iranian barberry and […]