Badami Pistachio

Badami Pistachio

Badami pistachio (semi-long), which is one of the most valuable and tasty types of Iranian pistachios, is also known as white pistachio and is in the category of long pistachios along with Akbari pistachio (super long pistachio) and Ahmad Aghaei pistachio (long pistachio). This type of pistachio has a relatively elongated appearance, and its general shape is similar to almonds, which is the main reason for naming this pistachio cultivar. Badami pistachio (semi-long) is small and has a low ounce (a criterion for showing smallness or largeness of pistachios). As you know, most Iranian pistachio products are used for export. Badami pistachio (semi-long) is also one of the pistachio types that are very popular for export. The main reason for this popularity is the reasonable price of this product compared to other pistachios. 


Badami Pistachio Features

One of the most important features of Badami pistachio (semi-long) is that the fruit of this type of pistachio is small and has a very delicious taste. Badami pistachio (semi-long) kernel is red and the soft outer skin is green which turns into red when ripe. This pistachio is also resistant to salinity and aridity and its fruiting is high. This pistachio is cheaper than other pistachios such as Akbari pistachio (super-long) and Ahmad Aghaei pistachio (long). That is why agricultural experts have introduced this cultivar as the best cultivar for seedling production. All these features are directly effective in determining the price and quality of Badami pistachios (semi-long).       

Badami Pistachio Price

Badami Pistachio Price

Badami pistachio (semi-long) price varies according to its type and quality and its use in nuts and exports. Badami pistachio (semi-long) price varies a lot for buyers and importers of Badami pistachios (semi-long) considering the method of its production and supply and it has always been one of the challenges of Badami pistachios (semi-long) importers in export markets. For this reason, Badami pistachio (semi-long) importers are always looking to contact Badami Pistachio (semi-long) wholesale suppliers directly and purchase pistachios at a reasonable price. The price of this type of Iranian pistachio differs significantly in many centers and companies in Iran. One of the main centers for buying Badami pistachios (semi-long) in Iran is Fresh City Company. This Badami pistachio (semi-long) company is a Badami pistachio (semi-long) wholesale supplier. As Badami pistachio (semi-long) manufacturer, Fresh City Company produces this product with high quality in Iran and sells large quantities of Iranian pistachios in foreign markets every year.  This company supplies Badami pistachios (semi-long) at the most reasonable, competitive and wholesale price. 

Badami Pistachio Supplier

Badami Pistachio Supplier

Badami pistachios (semi-long) are supplied to the world markets in large quantities. Badami pistachio (semi-long) companies are active in the manufacturing and supply of pistachios to other countries. These companies supply their products to Iranian pistachio importers abroad by offering high-quality pistachios, including Badami pistachios (semi-long), and sell them through their representative offices in other countries. Iranian Badami pistachios (semi-long) are also exported to various countries, including Pakistan, Russia, Uzbekistan, India, etc. It is, however, important to know that Badami pistachio (semi-long) is often supplied raw to Pakistan and India, the main importers of Badami pistachio (semi-long). These importers buy Badami pistachio (semi-long) both raw and salted, but the Russian, Kazakhstan, and the commonwealth markets prefer salted pistachios. One of Badami pistachio supplying companies is Fresh City Company. This Badami pistachio (semi-long) company is the leading brand manufacturer and supplier of Badami pistachio (semi-long) and tries to gain more customer satisfaction by supplying Badami pistachio (semi-long) to other countries wholesale in various sizes and qualities. For more information about Badami pistachio supply to export markets, you can contact Fresh City Company.  


Badami Pistachio Exporter

Badami pistachio (semi-long) is also one of the Iranian pistachio types which is exported to other countries in high tons each year due to its reasonable price compared to other pistachios. Fresh City Company is one of Badami pistachio (semi-long) exporters in Iran. This Badami pistachio (semi-long) company exports this type of Iranian pistachio in various sizes in bulk. It ships this product raw to European, Asian and Arab countries and constantly expands its activities in foreign markets. 

Badami Pistachio Wholesale

Buy Badami Pistachio (buy semi-long)

Badami pistachio (semi-long) is one of the high-quality and famous pistachio types that has always been of interest to many Badami pistachio (semi-long) importers. When buying Badami pistachios (semi-long), buyers pay attention to various parameters. Some buyers are looking for big open-shell pistachios (low ounce). The best cultivars for such buyers are Akbari pistachio (super long), Kale Ghoochi pistachio (jumbo) and Ahmad Aghaei pistachio (long). But some buyers are looking to buy smaller pistachios at a reasonable price. The best cultivar for such buyers is Badami pistachio (semi-long). Fresh City Company is one of the main Badami pistachio (semi-long) manufacturers in Iran. It has branch offices in Iran and Dubai and supplies the best and highest quality Badami pistachios (semi-long) to international markets. To inquire about the price of Badami pistachios (semi-long) and buy this Iranian pistachio, you can contact our sales team via our contact or WhatsApp number.


Badami Pistachio Packaging

As the main and reliable Badami pistachio (semi-long) supplier in Iran, Fresh City Company observes all international standards for packaging and supplying of this product. The company offers the kinds of packaging that can effectively maintain the taste and quality of this product. Before processing, all the best and hand-picked pistachios are sorted and their aflatoxin levels are checked and approved in our pistachio factory. This Badami pistachio (semi-long) company supplies this product in various sizes and packages and has one of the largest pistachio warehouses in Iran. It supplies all your orders with the best designed packaging and is ready to cooperate with Badami pistachio (semi-long) importers to export them to different countries. As a Badami pistachio (semi-long) exporter, Fresh City Company guarantees the quality of this product during the packaging and supply process, and it has always been successful in doing so. For more information, feel free to contact Fresh City Company on WhatsApp or via email.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may easily contact our sales experts at any time of the day via email or WhatsApp and inquire about the pistachio price.

Fresh City exports Badami pistachio to all over the world with no restrictions.

Badami pistachio is harvested in late summer and early fall.

Fresh City exports Iranian pistachios in the best packaging in the weights of 28 to 34 kg.

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