Puffy Barberry

Puffy Barberry

Puffy barberry is a type of red barberry that grows in northeastern Iran and has a sour and pleasant taste. This type of barberry has a better taste and color than ordinary red barberry due to its special drying and processing method. It is considered as one of the best types of Iranian barberry and […]

Maryam Dates

Maryami Dates

Maryam Dates Maryam dates, also known as “Piarom dates”, are one of the tastiest, most popular, most expensive, and most consumed dates in Iran. This type of date is soft and semi-dry. Its color is light brown and its shape is narrow and elongated. Maryam dates are known as luxury dates all over the world […]

Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates

Medjool dates are one of the global and international varieties of dates, which are also known as the “king of dates”, and their caramel-like and sweet taste and their larger size compared to other dates have made them one of the top commercial date cultivars. Medjool dates are cultivated in many countries and are also […]

Kabkab Dates

Kabkab Dates

Kabkab dates are one of the most popular Iranian dates due to their delicious taste and abundant juice. This Iranian export dates which is extremely favored in the world is used ripe or unripe. The high juice content of these dates is also used in food and pharmaceutical industries. The high demand for Kabkab dates […]

Chopped Dates

chopped dates

Chopped Dates Chopped dates, also called diced dates, are one of the date products. To make chopped dates, the dates are first pitted and cut into cubes and then some flour is added to the chopped dates. A variety of dates can be used to make chopped dates, but often dried or semi-dried dates such […]

Date Paste

date paste

Date Paste Date paste is a date product. To prepare date pastes, the dates are first peeled, pitted and then ground and shaped into paste. Iran is one of the largest producers of dates and in addition to producing dates, it manufactures various date products and sells them to domestic and foreign markets. In preparing […]

Date Syrup

date syrup

Date Syrup Date syrup is one of the date products that is very nourishing and energizing and is also called date honey. Iran is one of the main producers of date syrup and exports a large amount of date syrup to the world every year. Date syrup can be prepared from a variety of dates. […]

Pitted Dates

buy date pitted

Pitted Dates Pitted dates are one of the date products that are prepared for the convenience of eating dates. Pitted dates can be prepared from any type of date. The pit of some dates do not stick to the flesh and can be easily removed. Sayer dates are often used more than other varieties of […]

Kimia Dates

Kimia Dates

Kimia dates are one of the most delicious and widely used Iranian dates, which are very well known and popular not only in Iran but also in other countries and are also called with other names such as Mazafati dates. Kimia dates are the first among Iranian dates in production and export and like Piarom […]

Lulu Dates

lulu dates (2)

Lulu Dates Lulu dates are a type of Iranian dates that have a round shape similar to plum and are also called plum dates. Lulu dates are semi-dry dates and their skin is wrinkled like Pirom dates. The round shape and small size of Lulu dates makes it difficult to distinguish them from Khassui dates, […]

Shahani Dates

shahani dates

Shahani Dates Shahani dates are one of the Iranian date cultivars that are cultivated in abundance in the south of Iran. Shahani dates are in the category of wet dates. Their color is light brown and their shape is long and has a narrow end like Rabbi dates. Shahani dates are also eaten unripe and […]

Kali Dates

Kali Dates

Kali Dates Kali dates are one of the types of Iranian dates that have special sales in European countries and Arab countries in the Persian Gulf. Kali dates are also known as Kalute dates and are very similar to Mazafati dates. The difference between Kali dates and Mazafati dates is only recognized by experts in […]