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date paste

Date paste is a date product. To prepare date pastes, the dates are first peeled, pitted and then ground and shaped into paste. Iran is one of the largest producers of dates and in addition to producing dates, it manufactures various date products and sells them to domestic and foreign markets. In preparing date paste, you can use different varieties of moist and nectarous dates, such as Kabkab dates and Kimia dates or any other soft date. Date paste has many consumptions. Date paste is a natural sweetener and is used to make cakes, pastries and chocolates. Date paste is also used in Iran to stuff a type of bread called date bread. No additives are used in the preparation of date paste and it can be easily stored for a long time. If you are looking for a natural and nutritious snack, you can include date paste in your diet because date paste contains all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy.         

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Buy Date Paste

If you are looking to buy dates, you should know that many cake and pastry industries are looking for a way to eliminate sugar in their products and provide healthier and nourishing products to their customers. Date pastes mixed with Iranian pistachios and nuts are very tasty and nutritious and no doubt everyone will love it. Most people today are busy and do not have any time to cook or make healthy snacks and need ready-made foods to save time. At the same time people want to have a healthy diet. On the other hand, many food industries need ready-made food products to speed up their service delivery. Date paste is one of the most healthy and nutritious products that you can safely offer to your customers. To buy the best date pastes wholesale, you can refer to Fresh City Company, one of the date paste wholesalers and also wholesale supplier of varieties of date products such as date syrup.   

Date Past Price

The date paste price varies. Some date pastes are made from expensive types of dates, such as Mazafati dates, which are definitely more expensive, and their color may be black or brown, depending on the type of dates used. Some date pastes may also be stuffed with nuts which will increase the price much more. The type and design of date paste packaging is also effective in determining its price. By buying date paste wholesale from Fresh City Company, you can greatly reduce your import costs. Fresh City Company is a date paste wholesaler and also wholesale supplier of Iranian dates and various date products such as chopped dates. You can contact us right now and inquire about date paste price.   

date paste price

Date Paste Exporter

Iran is one of the most active countries in the field of export of various agricultural products and dates. In addition to dates and date products, other products such as Iranian apples are exported to other countries in large quantities every year. Date products are also one of the most important export products of Iran and have attracted the attention of many importers of dates. In addition to date paste, pitted dates are also exported in large quantities every year. Fresh City Company is one of the wholesale exporters of date pastes, date products, and agricultural products including Iranian dates, Iranian raisins, Iranian apples, Iranian kiwis, and Iranian coriander seeds and exports its products to Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Persian Gulf countries and European countries. For more information on how to import date pasts, feel free to contact Fresh City Company.    

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Date Paste Supplier

Fresh City Company, a date paste wholesale manufacturer and supplier, exports this wonderful product to all over the world at wholesale price. Date paste is prepared from the best and highest quality dates, and in its preparation, hygienic principles and all manufacturing and packaging standards of dates are observed. If you want to buy date paste or any varieties of dates directly at a reasonable price and remove intermediaries, feel free to contact Fresh City Company.   


Date Paste Packaging

Date paste is manufactured and then packaged in plastic containers or packages suitable for storing date paste and is supplied to the domestic and foreign markets. Date paste should be stored in a cool and suitable environment and the type of packaging should maintain its quality. Fresh City Company offers you the best type of packaging. You can order date paste with your favorite packaging as well as your brand. For more information on how to package date paste, feel free to contact Fresh City Company via WhatsApp or email.  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These date pastes are organic and no additives are used in their preparation.

Date pastes are made from various dates and may have different colors depending on the date used in their preparation.

These date pastes are naturally sweet and do not contain any sweetener.

Our date pastes are commonly made from Kabkab dates, Mazafati dates, Sayer dates, and Shahani dates.

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