Date Syrup

date syrup

Date syrup is one of the date products that is very nourishing and energizing and is also called date honey. Iran is one of the main producers of date syrup and exports a large amount of date syrup to the world every year. Date syrup can be prepared from a variety of dates. Soft and succulent dates, such as Kabkab dates and Mazafati dates, are more suitable for making date syrup. Consumption of date syrup at breakfast provides the energy needed by the body during the day. In Iran, which is a date-rich country, date syrup is used in baking cakes and various pastries and breakfasts, and many people like to use it as a suitable alternative to processed sugar and a very healthy and nutritious food. Date syrup also has many healing properties. In addition to its wonderful and pleasant taste, date syrup is a natural sweetener and is effective in treating and preventing many diseases.       

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Buy Date Syrup

Date syrup is prepared in different ways. There are numerous traditional methods for preparing date syrup, but today date syrup is also prepared industrially. Industrial date syrup is manufactured and packaged by observing hygienic principles, and as a result, it is more suitable for export. When buying date syrup, you should pay attention that its color should be clear and its concentration should be appropriate. The taste and smell of date syrup should also be pleasant and it should not taste burnt or sour. Fresh City Company, a date syrup wholesaler, produces this very nourishing and energizing product industrially in compliance with hygienic principles, and exports it to all parts of the world in bulk. To buy date syrup, you can contact Fresh City Company, a date syrup manufacturer and wholesale supplier, and ask how to buy the highest quality date syrup and date products such as chopped dates.            

Date Syrup Price

Date syrup price is very reasonable and affordable, but export date syrup is usually offered in different weights and its price varies. Date syrup packaging may also be designed for different uses, which is very effective in determining its price. Date syrup may be offered in very simple metal or plastic packaging, but some companies package it in very attractive or practical designs to attract customers or ease its consumption. By buying date syrup wholesale from a date syrup direct supplier, you can significantly reduce the cost of importing date syrup. Fresh City Company, a wholesale supplier of date syrup and a variety of date products such as date paste, supplies the most delicious and fresh date syrup directly to domestic and foreign markets, and by eliminating intermediaries, greatly reduces the cost of importing date syrup for wholesale buyers. To inquire about the date syrup price, you can contact us via WhatsApp or email.   

date syrup price

Date Syrup Exporter

There are many varieties of dates in Iran and a large amount of dates are exported every year. Some of the dates produced in Iran are also used to prepare date products such as pitted dates, date paste and date syrup, and are exported to Asian, European and Arab countries in high tonnage. The unique quality and taste of Iranian dates has made many countries want to import dates and date products from Iran. Like dates, Iranian pistachios are exported in large quantities every year due to their unique taste and quality. Many companies in Iran are active in the field of dates export. Fresh City Company is also one of the wholesale exporters of date syrup and various types of Iranian dates. Fresh City Company also exports a variety of agricultural products including Iranian apples, pistachios, raisins, kiwis and coriander seeds to Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Persian Gulf countries and European countries.

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Date Syrup Supplier

Buy date syrup from a direct and reputable supplier. Fresh City Company manufactures date syrup with the best quality in compliance with all hygienic principles and standards in an equipped factory for the manufacturing and processing of dates and supplies dates syrups wholesale at a reasonable price to all over the world. Fresh City Company, a direct and wholesale supplier of date syrup and other healthy and nutritious agricultural products such as Iranian raisins, has been able to supply its latest and highest quality products at a very reasonable price to customers in domestic and foreign markets. For wholesale purchase of date syrup or other products such as Iranian kiwi, you can contact us right now via WhatsApp or email.        


Date Syrup Packaging

Date syrup is supplied in various packages. Date syrup is a natural food product and should be stored in a cool place and its packaging should be suitable for long-term storage. Date syrup is usually supplied in metal cans or plastic containers and should be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Fresh City Company observes all the exporting goods quality standards and hygienic principles and exports date syrup and other products such as coriander seeds in various packages as well as in custom packages to all countries.         


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Date syrups lasts for about 18 months. 

Date syrup is sold in plastic or glass bottles or jars depending on the customer’s request. 

These date syrups are organic and no additive are used in their preparation.

These date syrups are naturally sweet and do not need any sweetener.

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