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Deglet Noor dates are one of the hundreds of dates that are world famous and popular and are also known as the “queen of dates”. Deglet Noor dates can be grown in most countries with tropical climates and are one of the important commercial and export cultivars. Deglet Noor dates are fleshy and semi-dry and their color is light brown. The size of Deglet Noor dates is usually between 4 to 5 cm and they have a honey-like sweetness, but their sweetness is less than that of Medjool dates. Deglet Noor dates are very popular in European and Arab countries and are one of the most famous export dates. Deglet Noor dates are also produced in large quantities in Iran and due to their high quality and excellent taste, they are exported to foreign markets in large quantities every year. Deglet Noor dates are rich in protein and fiber and are a natural and nutritious snack. Eating Deglet Noor dates provides all the vitamins and minerals the body needs and prevents the risk of many diseases, especially cancer, osteoporosis and anemia. Also, eating Deglet Noor dates is a good option for diabetics due to its low sweetness.      

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Buy Deglet Noor Dates

Some types of Deglet Noor dates are very large and fleshy, and their taste is very delicious and caramel-like. No other snack can compete with Deglet Noor dates. Deglet Noor dates wholesale purchase is the best and most cost-effective way to buy the best and highest quality Daglet Noor dates at low cost. Fresh City Company, Deglet Noor dates wholesaler, offers you its best and freshest products. Iran is one of the largest countries active in the field of date exports and Fresh City Company as one of the most famous and experienced Iranian companies in the field of manufacturing and export of Iranian dates and various date products such as pitted dates has a wide range of products and supplies its products to domestic and foreign markets in bulk. Visit our website to buy Deglet Noor dates or our other products such as date paste wholesale.      

Deglet Noor Dates Price

Deglet Noor dates price depends on the cost of dates manufacturing, demand and competitors. The difference between Fresh City Company and other competitors in supplying Deglet Noor dates is that Fresh City Company is a Deglet Noor dates manufacturer and supplier, and sorts and packs different types of export dates such as Mazafati dates and Sayer dates in its own factories and exports them with the best quality to neighboring countries and Arab and European countries. The proximity of Iran to many Asian and Arab countries as the main Deglet Noor dates consumers and the high quality of dates produced in Iran, has created the greatest demand for Deglet Noor dates. So to reduce your costs and buy Deglet Noor dates wholesale, contact Fresh City Company, Deglet Noor dates wholesale supplier, and inquire about  the current price of our products, including Iranian dates and Iranian red apples.      

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Deglet Noor Dates Exporter

Some products such as apples and kiwis may grow anywhere in the world and some products such as dates and pistachios may be found anywhere in the world. But what makes products such as Iranian dates and Iranian pistachios among the most unrivaled export products is their unique taste and extraordinary quality. Deglet Noor dates are one of the best export products of Iran and are cultivated in the southern cities of Iran. The hot climate and fertile soil of Iran make it a very suitable place for growing Deglet Noor dates and a large amount of Deglet Noor dates are cultivated and exported from Iran every year. Persian Gulf countries such as the UAE and Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, and Indonesia are the main importers of Deglet Noor dates. European countries also have a high demand for Iranian Deglet Noor dates. Fresh City Company is one of the largest and most experienced exporters of Iranian Deglet Noor dates and has all the health certificates for the manufacturing and export of dates. It exports a large amount of Deglet Noor dates in bulk to all over the world every year.   

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Deglet Noor Dates Supplier

So now you have decided to buy Deglet Noor dates. Excellent! The first thing you need to do is find a reliable supplier. By choosing the best supplier, you can be sure that you will receive your product on time and without any defects. Every year, Fresh City Company collects the best and highest quality Deglet Noor dates and supplies them in large quantities directly and in bulk to all parts of the world. By buying from Fresh City Company as Deglet Noor dates wholesale supplier, you can buy the freshest Deglet Noor dates and other types of luxury dates such as Piarom dates, Kimia dates and Rabbi dates directly and without intermediaries at the best price. All products of Fresh City Company, including Iranian dates, pistachios, raisins, apples and kiwis, are supplied directly to domestic and foreign markets in bulk. Access to Fresh City Company is easy and you can contact us directly via our WhatsApp number at any time and submit your order.   


Deglet Noor Dates Packaging

Deglet Noor dates can be found in various brands and packages, but what attracts customers at first glance is the packaging design. Fresh City Company supplies its Deglet Noor dates wholesale in creative and attractive packages in various weights. The product packaging of Fresh City Company not only is designed to be attractive but is designed to maintain the quality of the product during storage and transportation of goods. To see the samples of our product packaging and the samples of Deglet Noor dates packaging, feel free to contact Fresh City Company via WhatsApp or email.       


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These Deglet Noor dates are soft but dry Deglet Noor dates are also available.

No, these Deglet Noor dates are unbranched. 

No, these Deglet Noor dates are not stuffed with nuts. 

Yes, Iran produces a variety of dates including Deglet Noor dates.  

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