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Fandoqi Pistachio

Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) is one of the most famous Iranian pistachios grown in south Iran and comprises 55 to 60 percent of pistachio trees in south Iran. This pistachio is known as Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) because of its small and hazelnut-like appearance. Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) that are grown in south Iran are very well known in Iran and the world due to their quality. The distinctive flavor of south Iran’s pistachio is mainly related to the geographical location of this type of pistachio and the distance and height from sea level, which has made Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) have a global reputation because of its different taste from other pistachios. If you are one of those people who like to buy large quantities of pistachios for a lower price, Fandoghi pistachio will be the best choice as they are cheaper to buy because of their high ounce (a measure of pistachio size and weight). For this reason, Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) is very popular in the pistachio market. In fact, by buying one kilogram of this pistachio, you get more pistachios than one kilogram of Kale Ghoochi Pistachio (jumbo pistachio), and this is not the only reason for the popularity of Fandoghi pistachio in the world market. Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) is very popular in the world and constitutes a significant part of Iran’s exports. Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) is also used widely in confectionery production. The characteristics of Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) include its excellent taste, beautiful shape, and cost-effectiveness.       

Fandoghi Pistachio Types

Fandoghi pistachios are available raw, roasted with salt or unsalted. Also, Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) manufacturers classify this type of pistachio in two groups according to the way its shell opens. This classification is essential and has a high impact on the taste and grade of pistachios. The first type is naturally open-shell pistachios, that is, their shell is naturally open at the time of harvest. Another type is closed-shell pistachios which are opened mechanically. Fresh City Company supplies 100% natural open-shell pistachios and, with its equipped devices for opening pistachios, can also provide 100% mechanically open-shell pistachios.       

Fandoqi Pistachio Price

Fandoghi Pistachio Features

This type of dried fruit is a popular type of pistachio in south of Iran, smaller than other pistachio cultivars such as Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio (long pistachio), Akbari Pistachio (super long), and Badami Pistachio (semi-long). The shell of Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) is naturally light cream, and the kernel skin is purple. The predominant skin color of pistachio kernel is green, and then turns into a beautiful red color when ripe. Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) have a spherical shape, which makes them suitable for decorating various pistachio pastries.   

Fandoghi Pistachio Price

Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) manufacturers in Iran supply this product, which is one of the most important export pistachios in Iran, in any quantity with excellent quality at competitive price. Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) is produced with high quality and tonnage in Iran, and a large amount of these pistachios are sold in foreign markets annually. It is also necessary to know that Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) price in Fresh City Company is entirely different from the price offered by other Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) wholesale suppliers in Iran and international markets. Fresh City Company supplies this pistachio at wholesale price. Fresh City Company, a Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) wholesale supplier located in Iran, supplies this first-class and affordable product at a reasonable price in bulk in high-quality packages. This company guarantees the quality of sold and exported Fandoghi pistachios and has been able to manufacture and supply this product to the global market so far.  

Fandoqi Pistachio Wholesale

Fandoghi Pistachio Supplier

As one of the largest Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) suppliers, Fresh City Company started its activity with the aim of supplying international markets with this pistachio. Our company has always tried to satisfy the customers and took positive steps towards this goal so that you can buy first-class high quality Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) at the reasonable price. One of the best type of Iranian export pistachio is Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) because it has both a low price and a good taste. Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) is one of the most important products for export to European countries. They are produced in Iranian cities and supplied directly to the market after harvest. With direct and unmediated supply, Fresh City Company supplies Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) wholesale with the best quality and reasonable prices to many countries, including India, Pakistan, East Asian countries, including Hong Kong and China, the Persian Gulf countries and Europe. This company, with its branch offices in Dubai and Iran, supplies the best type of Iranian Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) to international markets.    

Fandoghi Supplier in Arab Countries

Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) is exported to Arab countries such as Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, etc., in large quantities on certain occasions of the year, such as Ramadan. Apparently, at other times of the year, various Iranian pistachio kernels are also sent to these countries in high quantities. Fandoghi pistachios have their own fans in foreign markets. Arab countries are the main Fandoghi Pistachio importers and have been considered target countries for the export of Iranian pistachios, especially Fandoghi Pistachios (round pistachio). Various types of Iranian pistachios, including Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio), are exported to the world markets in raw or processed form.

Fandoghi Pistachio Supplier in Hong Kong and China

Pistachio is exported in high quantities to China and Hong Kong as Iran’s largest pistachio markets. China is known as one of the most important Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) importers in the world. China and Hong Kong are significant trading and political partners of Iran, so they are the best destinations for the export of Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio). Also, Hong Kong and China buy this pistachio variety and pistachio kernels in large quantities. Pistachios exported from Iran to these countries often include the export of Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) and other types of Iranian pistachios. Chinese importers often seek to buy cheap pistachios from Iran and are among the price-oriented buyers of Iranian pistachios.     

Fandoqi Pistachio Supplier

Buy Fandoghi Pistachio (Buy round pistachio)

Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) are in high demand due to their excellent taste and cost-effectiveness. This pistachio can be considered as the most important non-oil export product of Iran, which has a very high dollar value. To buy Fandoghi pistachios, many points must be taken into consideration, one of the most important of which is paying attention to the size and ounce of the product. Usually, the lower ounces of this product, having a larger size, is more expensive. Another important factor in buying and selling Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) is the color of the shell and the color of the outer skin of the pistachio kernel. The white and bright color of pistachios and the red color of the kernel represent the high quality of this product. When buying Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio), you should also pay attention to the percentage of shell closeness. The lower these percentages, the higher the quality of the product. Fresh City Company is one of the main Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) manufacturers in Iran and supplies the best and highest quality type of Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) to foreign markets. Many countries and international Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) importers are willing to buy this variety from this company because this company exports high quality Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) to international markets. If you want to buy Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio), please contact our sales experts at Fresh City Company.    

Fandoghi Pistachio Uses

The delicious kernel, round shape, and cost-effectiveness of Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) compared to different pistachios have made it suitable for use as a garnish in various pastry and ice cream industries. 

Fandoghi Pistachio Benefits

Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) is one of the Iranian pistachios with a high nutritional value and contains most of the nutrients needed for human health. This pistachio includes nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, dietary fiber, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine (vitamin B1), vitamin B6, beta-carotene, lutein, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, vitamins. C, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folate, vitamin E, vitamin A, and also vitamin K. All these nutrients make this pistachio beneficial in the treatment of anemia, strengthening the brain and mind, relieving cough and other conditions.  

Fandoghi Pistachio Packaging

The volume of Iranian pistachio exports is very high and financially it is almost the second largest after oil exports. One of the export fields that has a very high added value and is effective in introducing Iranian products to world markets, is the export of Iranian pistachios and its products packaged with reputable brands. When manufacturing and exporting pistachios, good quality packaging can have a positive effect on the trade of dried fruits. At the same time, it is crucial for the packages to have an excellent design. As the export of pistachios in Iran is increasing day by day, packaging is vital. The most common type of packaging considered for transporting pistachios, both domestically and internationally, is pistachio packaging boxes. As a Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) wholesale supplier, Fresh City Company supplies high-quality Fandoghi pistachios (round pistachio) in compliance with international standards. Our company helps maintain the freshness and quality of pistachios by using appropriate equipment for packaging and providing high-quality pistachios. This Fandoghi pistachio (round pistachio) company supplies this product in different weights or in bulk. As one of the largest pistachio exporters, Fresh City Company guarantees the packaging quality of this product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fandoghi pistachio is round and small and has a hazelnut-like appearance and is available in sizes 26 to 34.

The harvest time of Fandoghi pistachio is late summer and early fall.

You may easily contact our sales experts via email or WhatsApp and make your purchase after inquiring the price.

Fandoghi pistachio is harvested once a year and it takes about one year to grow.

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