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Gala Apple

Gala Apple Fruit

Gala apple is an apple variety with a mild and sweet flavor. Gala apples are small and usually red with a greenish or yellowish-green color. Compared to other apples, Gala apples are relatively bruise resistant, sweet, and full of seeds, with a mild taste. The distinctive feature of Gala apples is their long shelf life, sweetness and high marketability. Iranian Gala apples are as sweet and fragrant as red apples and can be eaten raw or cooked or added to salads or meals. These apples are especially suitable for making sauces.   


Factors Affecting Gala Apple Price

Fresh City Company is a Gala apple manufacturer in Iran. We are pleased to offer various types of apples, including golden apple and Gala apple, wholesale at the lowest prices. This Gala apple company, one of the largest Gala apple wholesale suppliers, supplies apples with the highest quality. Gala apple wholesale purchase is 100% guaranteed in this company. Fresh City Company is ready to answer your questions all days of the week with its experienced and professional staff. For more information on Gala apple price and Gala apple wholesale price, you can contact the sales experts of this Gala apple company via WhatsApp or email.    

Gala Apple Price

Buy Gala Apple from Fresh City Company

The wholesale of Iranian apples, including Gala apples wholesale, have grown significantly in recent years and have been able to gain a significant share of sales in the fruit markets. Gala apples have a thriving export market like other types of apples. This growing market has attracted many Gala apple importers who want to buy Gala apples in large quantities and has created a competition in the production and pricing for this product. This fruit is a summer fruit and can be found in the market since mid-summer. To buy Gala apple or different varieties of Iranian apples, including Gala apple, contact Fresh City Company, one of the largest Gala apple suppliers, via WhatsApp or email, and receive your desired products in the shortest possible time.   


The Best Gala Apples Exporter

Iran is one of the countries that has long been involved in agriculture and cultivation and is a major exporter of agricultural products, including Iranian dates and coriander seeds. In the meantime, apples have a special place as a high exporting fruit in this country. Fresh City Company is proud to be one of the largest Gala apple exporters and one of the main wholesale suppliers of Iranian apples and dried fruits, including Iranian pistachios, and sorts and packs all kinds of Iranian apples using the latest methods and technologies of apple harvesting as well as skilled and trained workers in a completely hygienic environment in accordance with world standards. The company, an apple wholesale supplier, controls the quality of its apple fruits for export by using agricultural experts and supplies apple fruits with custom brand to meet all the needs of Gala apple importers in order to give them access to this healthy fruit. Fresh City Company has always tried to collect the best types of Iranian apples from the mountainous regions of Iran and supply the customers with high quality apples.  

Gala Apple Supplier

The well-known Iranian Gala apple supplier in international markets

Gala apples are often purchased wholesale and generate a substantial profit for Gala apple importers. Gala apple wholesale supply companies supply customers with this product at a very low price. These Gala apple suppliers supply first-class Gala apples in beautiful packaging and high-quality to other countries according to market conditions to increase their profitability and earn foreign currency for their country. One of the companies that sell Gala apples directly is Fresh City Company. As one of the well-known Gala apple suppliers, this company supplies a high tonnage of Gala apple and Hayward Kiwi to many countries, including Europe, East Asia, and Arab countries in the international market. Because of its direct and unmediated sales and supply, Fresh City Company has a reasonable price and we can even say has a lower price than other suppliers.  

Gala Apple Wholesale

Do you know the properties and nutritional value of Gala apples?

Gala apple is a fruit with anti-cancer properties and protects the body against cancer cells. The Red Gala apple helps the body to fight against cancer. The properties of Gala apples are not different from the properties of other apples. The sugar in this apple is natural and is suitable for the body. Gala apples are amazing fruits low in calories and high in water content and are a rich source of vitamins A, C, and B. They also contain a dietary fiber called pectin, which lowers cholesterol and helps prevent heart attacks. They also have small amounts of boron, which strengthens bones.  


Gala apple packaging on Fresh City Company

Gala apples must be packed in stylish and durable cartons to enter the domestic and international markets. Most Gala apple importing countries prefer Gala apples in carton packaging because carton packages are recyclable and have a lower risk for the environment. The import of this fruit has a significant importance for many countries and for this reason, countries are more interested in importing high-quality apples in durable laminated or ordinary carton packages. One of Gala apple manufacturers, Fresh City Company, offers this unique and high-quality product in various and desirable packages, in different weights or in bulk. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can send your request to our experts via WhatsApp or email to guide you.

The best and easiest way to buy Gala apples is to contact us and place an order via WhatsApp or email. Our sales experts are at your service.

The harvest time depends on the planting area, but is usually in early fall.

Gala apples are grown in many parts of Iran, but mostly in the northern and northwestern regions of Iran.

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