Golden Raisins

Golden Raisin

Golden Raisins

Golden raisins are a variety of Iranian raisins that are made from first-class seedless grapes and have golden yellow color. This type of raisin is also known as grape raisin, Bonab raisin, California raisin and yellow raisin. These raisins, along with Sultana raisins, sun-dried raisins, etc., are some of the most delicious Iranian raisins and have many fans around the world because of their unique taste and color. Iranian golden raisins, produced in the grape-growing cities of Iran, are among the Iranian raisins that are exported entirely to European and Arab countries. This raisin is the best raisin produced in Iran, and for this reason, it has the highest demand among foreign countries. If you look at the global market for golden raisins, you will see that Iran has a special place in this regard.          


Golden Raisins Production

The grapes used for production of these raisins are the same seedless sun-dried raisins but they are called golden raisins because of their different drying process. The production process of golden raisins or seedless raisins begins with drying the grapes. The grapes are dried with carbon dioxide and placed in wooden boxes. The boxes are placed on shelves and then the raisins are exposed to burning sulfur. Golden raisins are ready when the raisin color turns to yellow.    


Golden Raisins Grading

Golden raisins are graded and are available in 3 grades A, AA, and AAA. These 3 grades are used for exporting raisins to Europe. The grading is based on the approved European grading standard that is also implemented in Iran.  Premium golden raisins are raisins that only have 1% crushed raisins per kilogram. If this percentage increases to 2%, it will be graded as Grade A. In other words, if you see 1% of bad raisins in a 10 kg box, you can accept it as a premium golden raisin.  

Another classification of Iranian raisins is based on their size. By size, it means how long they are. Most golden raisins have a small size, but those with large sizes are exported to other countries. If you want to buy golden raisins, you can refer to Fresh City Company’s website.  

Golden Raisin Price

Golden Raisins Price

European countries and the Persian Gulf countries love Iranian raisins, including Mavis raisins, golden raisins, and so on. However, the volume of golden raisin export is higher than the export volume of other raisins. Many golden raisin exporters export this excellent product to other countries and supply packaged or bulk raisins to world markets at reasonable prices. As one of the leading golden raisins manufacturers, Fresh City Company provides this product with high quality, reasonable wholesale price, and competitive price. It is worth mentioning that the golden raisin price is affordable and for buying golden raisin wholesale you can contact Fresh City Company and receive more information about golden raisins price.     


Golden Raisins Supplier

With a brilliant experience in exports, Fresh City Company has been able to supply many countries with golden raisins as a golden raisin wholesale supplier and export this nutritious and unique product to many countries around the world at a reasonable price. If you want to purchase golden raisin wholesale, our company supplies this product, as one of the largest golden raisin manufacturers, at wholesale price. There are many golden raisin exporters in Iran. Iranian golden raisins are exported to other countries, including developed countries, Europe, Canada, the USA, North Africa, Arab countries, Malaysia, and Indonesia in large quantities each year. Arab countries are the most important and largest golden raisin importers. Of course, countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Qatar, the UAE and Algeria are already golden raisin importers. Fresh City Company supplies unique Iranian raisins, such as long green raisins, golden raisins, etc., in various grades. It is interesting to know that many companies sell their products at high prices as an exporting product but Fresh City Company offers golden raisins with both a unique quality and a reasonable price.  

Golden Raisin Supplier

Buy Golden Raisins from Iran

Iranian raisins are one of the most important exporting products in Iran and after Iranian pistachios, have a special place in the economy. Due to severe price competition among exporters, it is recommended to buy these raisins from famous golden raisin suppliers and well-known brands of golden raisins if you want to buy golden raisins in bulk. To buy golden raisins from Iran, you can refer to Fresh City Company, a golden raisin wholesale supplier in Iran, and inquire about golden raisin price. 


Golden Raisins Manufacturer

Although many countries have started to manufacture and dry raisins, Iran plays a vital role in manufacturing and supplying golden raisins.  Iran manufactures the highest quality golden raisins using world standards and makes them available to buyers.  Fresh City Company, a golden raisin company with years of experience in manufacturing various Iranian raisins, including sun-dried raisins, golden raisins, etc., is known as one of the most significant golden raisin manufacturers. It manufactures the product in high tonnages and supplies it to many countries around the world. You can buy this product from Fresh City Company and receive it in the shortest possible time in any country.       


Golden Raisins Wholesale

Many golden raisin manufacturers in Iran supply this product in bulk with excellent quality and competitive price. A large quantity of these raisins are sold annually in foreign markets. As a main golden raisin wholesale company, Fresh City Company, located in Iran, supplies first-class and affordable golden raisins at wholesale price. This golden raisin company guarantees the quality of sales and export of Iranian raisins, including long gold raisins (Kashmari) and golden raisins and has been always able to manufacture and supply this product to the world market.   

Golden Raisin Wholesale

Golden Raisins Properties

Golden raisins are dried grapes with healing properties and have extensive uses. This delicious fruit is a favorite of all age groups because of its sweetness. It is a rich source of energy, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. These properties give this fruit a particular nutritional importance that cannot be ignored. Golden raisins also contain large amounts of calcium and potassium, which are very effective for treating skin diseases and hair loss. If you suffer from iron deficiency, you can receive enough iron from golden raisins which are the best source of iron. Raisins have a significant effect on lowering blood pressure and maintaining heart health. Recent studies show that daily consumption of this dried fruit, especially if accompanied by other dried fruits, significantly reduces blood pressure; besides, this dried fruit is so easy and fast to consume. 


Golden Raisins Packaging

Golden raisins are export products packaged in 5-layer cartons in the factory with different weights. Fresh City Company owns a factory for processing and packaging various types of Iranian raisins, including Sultana raisins, sun-dried raisins, golden raisins, etc., and usually buys white grapes from gardeners in mid-September to manufacture these types of raisins and then process the raisins entirely in the factory with sorting machines. This company is a golden raisin wholesale supplier with years of experience in the field of manufacturing, packaging and exporting Iranian nuts and Iranian pistachios and Iranian raisins to all over the world, and is able to produce and supply golden raisins in various packages, including 5 kg cartons, 10 kg cartons and so on. To order a product from Fresh City Company, all you have to do is contact its sales manager to provide you with information about the products and inquire about the price.   


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Golden raisins are among the highest quality Iranian raisins that have a beautiful color and a pleasant taste.

The processing of golden raisins usually begins after the grapes are harvested in late summer and early autumn.

You may request the market price of Golden Raisins by contacting our WhatsApp number at +989904425400 or sending an email to and register your order.

Fresh City has made it possible for buyers to order golden raisins with the desired packaging and volumes.

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