Green Apple

Green Apple

Green apple is one of the most delicious fruits cultivated in all parts of the world. There are different types of apple fruit in the world, but there are only a few types in Iran, including green apple and golden apple, etc. Green apples are more desirable than other types of apples because of their special taste. Green apple (Granny Smith apple), also known as delicious green apple, is one of the most popular varieties of apple in the world. In addition to being incredibly delicious, it has many health benefits and can be consumed as a complete meal, especially when you want to follow a diet.

Green Apple Price

The Iranian green apple price is an essential factor that must be taken into consideration when buying this product. The market price of different types of green apples grown in Iran is determined based on various factors and announced to green apple importers. The products supplied in the Iranian green apple wholesale market have various qualities and therefore the green apple wholesale price varies a lot. Considering that the purchase method of Iranian green apples has a significant effect on the green apple price, this issue should also be taken into consideration when buying green apples. For example, direct supply of first-class Iranian green apples and removing intermediaries decreases the price for customers. To inquire about green apple price or the price of our other products, including dried fruits such as Ahmad Aghaei pistachios and Sultana raisins, feel free to contact Fresh City Company at any time.

Green Apple Price

The Iranian Green Apple Wholesale Price

Apple is among the fruits that is very useful for the body. The green apple wholesale price in domestic and international markets is determined and announced according to the market price. To buy green apples, refer to Fresh City Company, one of the most prominent green apple (Granny Smith apple) suppliers. Buy green apple wholesale from this company at a very reasonable and competitive price with a surprising quality. All you have to do is contact the sales experts of Fresh City Company via WhatsApp or email and get more information about green apple price. Keep in mind that the green apple wholesale price will be determined after negotiating the prices with the gardener.   


Green Apple Supplier

Iran is one of the largest green apple suppliers due to its suitable climate. This beneficial fruit has created jobs for many farmers. Fresh City Company, a green apple supplier, has tried to supply high-quality organic green apples wholesale and provide suitable conditions for exporting high-quality green apples. It should be noted that this green apple wholesale supplier has branch offices in Dubai and Iran and has been very successful in supplying green apples to other countries, including the Persian Gulf, East Asia and European countries. Iranian green apple importers prefer to buy green apples from this supplier as they have always been very satisfied with the quality of green apples.   

Green Apple Supplier

Buy Green Apples with High Quality

Green apple is one of the products supplied in the booming Iranian apple market. You can buy high quality Iranian green apples (Granny Smith Apple) according to your needs from green apple manufacturers. Reputable Iranian green apple manufacturers offer their products with the highest possible quality in the green apple wholesale market and try to supply excellent and customer-friendly prices to satisfy their customers. Therefore, to buy green apples and other fruits, including Hayward Kiwi, do not look for any other company. Fresh City Company, one of the major Iranian green apple exporters supplies this high quality product to many countries around the world. This company also supplies and exports sour green apples. You can order green apples to this company and buy green apples online and receive your product in the shortest possible time. If you want to purchase green apples wholesale, we can also offer good discounts.  


Green Apple Benefits

There is a lot to be said for the health benefits of red apples. It is interesting to know that green apples are similar to red apples in terms of nutritional value. If you want to enjoy all the properties of green apples, eat them with skin. Green apples have many health benefits. They contain vitamins A, C, and K. They are also a source of iron, calcium, potassium, flavonoids, and antioxidants. The flavonoids in green apples prevent respiratory diseases, especially asthma. Smokers are advised to use green apple juice to reduce the risk of lung obstruction. Green apples also have anti-cancer properties, especially for women.

Green Apple Wholesale

Green apple packaging

Green apples are part of everyone’s healthy diet. The climate of our country, especially in the west, has made it possible to produce this fruit in large quantities. Green apples, like most fruits, may be damaged and rotted with little pressure. For this reason, green apple manufacturers are looking for cartons that are of high quality and protect the fruits from moisture, heat and damage. Green apple manufacturers and suppliers try to supply green apples in high-quality cartons to avoid any damage to the fruits. The quality of apple cartons is very important for transporting apples from the garden to the shop or even exporting them. Fresh City Company is one of the green apple exporters that annually exports high quantities of this product to many countries around the world. This company with years of experience in supplying and packaging green apples offers this product in durable packaging and cartons to prevent possible damages. This green apple company has been successful in bringing customer satisfaction up to now.   


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fresh City Company exports Iranian apples to all countries of the world with no restrictions.

The best and easiest way to buy green apples is to contact us and place an order via WhatsApp or email. Our sales experts are at your service.

The harvest time depends on the planting area, but they are usually harvested in early fall.

Fresh City Company exports green apples in the best packages and different weights. Contact our experts for more information.

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