Khassui Dates

khassui dates

Khassui dates are one of the most diverse types of Iranian dates and are also one of the export cultivars of Iran and a large amount of it is exported to other countries annually. Khassui dates are soft and moist dates and their color is light brown or dark brown. The shape of Khassui dates is round and small similar to plum and their size is about 4 to 5 cm. Some people confuse Khassui dates with Lulu dates because of their round and small shape, but Khassui dates have a lot of nectar and moisture. Khassui dates are mostly grown in the foothills of Iran and because of their attractive appearance, easy consumption, and excellent taste, they have found many customers. Khassui dates are also very popular in the foreign market and a large amount of them is exported to other countries every year. Khassui dates taste very sweet and are a good alternative to sugar. Khassui dates can also be used as a natural sweetener in cakes and pastries. Khassui dates are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber and can be used as an ideal nutritious  snack.          

buy Khassui Dates

Buy Khassui Dates

Fresh City Company offers its customers the freshest and highest quality Khassui dates in bulk. When buying Khassui dates wholesale, you should pay attention to the storage conditions and how they are transported. Khassui dates have a lot of nectar and should be stored in good condition. Khassui dates are also sold semi-dry and the demand for semi-dry Khassui dates is higher due to their easier storage and transportation. Buy Khassui dates from Khassui dates wholesale manufacturers and exporters and trust the freshness and quality of dates. Fresh City Company is one of Khassui dates wholesalers and with long experience in exporting Iranian dates, exports the best and most quality Khassui dates in bulk to Asian countries, Persian Gulf countries and European countries at a reasonable price.       

Khassui Dates Price

Khassui dates price varies greatly depending on the size, type of packaging, their being wet or semi-dry dates and their quality. By wholesale purchase of Khassui dates from a direct Khassui dates supplier, you can significantly reduce transportation costs and other import costs. Fresh City Company, a Khassui dates wholesale supplier, offers the most delicious and fresh Khassui dates directly to domestic and foreign markets, and by eliminating intermediaries, has greatly reduced the cost of importing Khassui dates for wholesale buyers. Fresh City Company is also a wholesale supplier of many other agricultural products including pistachios, iranian kiwis, raisins, apples and coriander seeds. Contact us via WhatsApp or email to inquire about the updated price of Khassui dates or our other products.    

khassui dates price

Khassui Dates Exporter

Iran is one of the largest producers of dates in the world and annually exports more than 400,000 tons of dates. Iran also exports many agricultural products due to its favorable climate for growing various agricultural products. Among Iran’s export products, Iranian pistachios and dates have a large share in exports and are very popular. The proximity of many Asian countries and Persian Gulf countries to Iran in terms of distance and suitable climatic conditions of Iran to grow the highest quality agricultural products has caused some Iranian agricultural products such as Iranian apples or dates have high demand around the world. There are many varieties of Iranian dates and Iran is one of the largest exporters of dates and high quality types of Iranian dates, including Mazafati dates, Piarom dates, etc., are produced and exported in large quantities. Khassui dates are gaining more and more share in exports every year and their popularity is increasing. Fresh City Company is one of Khassui dates wholesale exporters to Asian countries, including India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, as well as the Persian Gulf countries and European countries. Contact Fresh City Company for more information on how to import Khassui dates.     

khassui dates supplier

Khassui Dates Supplier

Instead of buying from Khassui dates distributors, you can refer to Khassui dates direct suppliers who are present in all stages of Khassui dates supply chain and can deliver the highest quality product to you in the fastest possible time. To buy Khassui dates without intermediaries, you can refer to Khassui dates manufacturer and direct supplier, including Fresh City Company, which is one of the reputable wholesale suppliers of dates and date products such as date syrup. Fresh City Company also supplies other agricultural products such as Iranian raisins to the domestic and foreign markets in bulk. For more information, you can contact Fresh City Company by email or WhatsApp at any time.  


Khassui Dates Packaging

Before buying Khassui dates wholesale, you should pay attention to its type of packaging and packaging design. The design and type of Khassui dates packaging should be such that in addition to attracting customers, it can maintain the quality of Khassui dates during transportation and storage. Buying from a reputable brand also plays a big role in your sales. Due to the high moisture and nectar of Khassui dates, their storage conditions and packaging are of special importance. Fresh City Company, sorts the best and highest quality Khassui dates using equipped machines and exports them in small or large quantities in various packages or custom-branded packages with the help of specialized people and the latest techniques for packing and selling dates. For more information on how to order Khassui dates, feel free to contact Fresh City Company via WhatsApp or email.    


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Khassui dates are soft and moist dates and are also sold semi-dry.  

Each Khassui date weighs about 12-18 gr.

Khassui dates have a plum-like appearance and are a small variety of dates.

Khassui dates are grown in Iran.

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