Kimia Dates

Kimia Dates

Kimia dates are one of the most delicious and widely used Iranian dates, which are very well known and popular not only in Iran but also in other countries and are also called with other names such as Mazafati dates. Kimia dates are the first among Iranian dates in production and export and like Piarom dates, they are one of the most demanded Iranian dates in the domestic and foreign markets. Kimia dates are soft, juicy and moist dates. Their size is about 4 to 5 cm and have about 15% to 35% moisture. The color of Kimia dates is usually dark brown or black. The extraordinary quality and taste and the abundant nectar of Kimia dates have made them very popular not only in Iran but all over the world and they are one of the most important commercial and export cultivars in Iran. Every year, a large amount of Kimia dates are exported to all parts of the world. Kimia dates have many health benefits. Kimia dates are high in carbohydrates, fiber, protein and a variety of vitamins and minerals and prevent many diseases. Kimia dates regulate blood cholesterol levels, prevent inflammation and promote intestinal health. One of the most important properties of Kimia dates is to prevent anemia and cancer.

You can buy Kimia dates at wholesale price from us. Kimia dates have a delicious and wonderful taste and a lot of nutrients. In the groves of Fresh City Company, the best and highest quality Kimia dates are produced using modern technology and organic farming methods and supplied to domestic and foreign markets. In addition to taste and quality, Fresh City Company cares about your health. Our Kimia dates are produced organically without the use of chemicals harmful to health and are very nectarous and delicious. Ease of purchase, timely delivery of products to customers and providing the best customer service has always been one of the goals of Fresh City Company. Fresh City Company is a wholesaler of Kimia dates and Iranian dates and supplies its products in bulk directly to domestic and foreign markets. To buy Kimia dates, contact us via WhatsApp or email. 

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Kimia Dates Price

Fresh City Company offers you its first class and quality Kimia dates at wholesale price. Just send your inquiry to our email or call our WhatsApp number. We are a company that focuses on exporting the best products that Iran has to offer, such as Iranian dates and Iranian pistachios. We, Fresh City Company, are the wholesale supplier of Kimia dates and in addition to Kimia dates, we export other important Iranian export cultivars such as Sayer dates at wholesale prices to all over the world. Kimia dates are graded in Fresh City Company’s factories based on size, quality and color, and the freshest and highest quality ones are packaged for export to other countries. You can contact us to inquire about the wholesale price of Kimia dates and other products.

Kimia Dates Price

Kimia Dates Exporter

Kimia dates are one of the most special and high quality dates in Iran and its high production rate and delicious and nectarous taste of Kimia dates have made it one of the most popular dates for export in Iran. Iran is a date-producing country and more than 20 types of Iranian dates, including Kimia dates, are among the most demanded dates for export in Iran. The unique quality and taste of some Iranian agricultural products such as Iranian dates and Iranian kiwis is due to the fertile soil of Iran and its suitable climate for growing various agricultural products, and almost every country, especially countries close to Iran, want to buy Iranian agricultural products. India is one of the largest importers of Iranian dates, Iranian kiwis and Iranian apples. Fresh City Company, as a Kimia dates wholesale exporter and also a wholesale supplier of Iranian dates and Iranian raisins, annually exports its latest and highest quality products to all parts of the world, especially Asian countries and the Persian Gulf countries.

Kimia Dates Supplier

Kimia Dates Wholesale Supplier

Fresh City Company, the wholesale supplier of Kimia dates, is always thinking of meeting customer expectations and offering its highest quality products to customers, and wants to establish a long-term relationship with its customers because our success depends on customer satisfaction. We, Fresh City Company, with the direct supply of Kimia dates and other unique types of Iranian dates such as Lulu dates, try to offer the most reasonable price to Kimia dates importers and in addition to profitability for the customer, create long-term assets for ourselves. This long-term asset is our customers who choose us as Kimia dates wholesale supplier. You no longer need to look for a distributor. Fresh City Company is a direct producer and supplier of all kinds of dates, and for importing Kimia dates in bulk, all you have to do is contact Fresh City Company and receive Kimia dates in various packages or your desired packaging.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kimia dates are native to Iran and grow in dry and hot regions of Iran.

Kimia dates are soft and moist dates with a black or blackish color.

Kimia dates are moist and nectarous dates and are better to be shipped with refrigerated cargo ships.

The shelf life of Kimia dates is 8 to 12 months if kept in a cool and dry place.

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