Long Gold Raisins (Gold Kashmari Raisins)

Long Gold Raisin

Long yellow raisin or long gold raisin (gold Kashmari raisins) is one of the Iranian exporting products which is available in various grades in terms of quality and is mainly exported to neighboring countries. This raisin is similar to long green raisin, also referred to as nut raisins for being accompanied by nuts, but its difference is in its production process in which raisins are exposed to burning sulfur to make their color entirely yellow and increase their shelf life. Yellow raisin or long gold raisin has a lot of fans because of its unique and sweet-and-sour taste.    


Long Gold Raisins Features

The length of each yellow raisin or long gold raisin is 2 to 3 cm. This raisin is exported to many countries for being long and seedless. The lighter the long gold raisin (gold Kashmari raisins), the more they are exposed to sulfur smoke during the production process. Yellow raisins or long gold raisins are classified into three grades: A, AA, and AAA. The yellower the color of long gold raisins, the higher their quality.  

Long Gold Raisin Price

Long Gold Raisins Production

For the purpose of producing yellow raisins or long gold raisins (gold Kashmari raisins), they are covered with a plastic-like cover and exposed to sulfur smoke 24 hours after spreading the grape clusters to dry. This type of raisin is called long gold raisin after drying. If green raisins are exposed to high amounts of sulfur, their color turns to a golden color, which is why they are called long gold raisins. One of the important points in the export of Iranian first-grade long gold raisins is the amount of their sulfur exposure. Not only long gold raisins (gold Kashmari raisins) but also golden grape raisins are produced in this way. Fresh City Company is equipped with a laboratory and tests the product samples in 3 stages to determine the sulfur level. The highest level of sulfur permitted in the international market is 1500 ppm. Qatar is one of the raisin importers that strictly observes sulfur standards for importing raisins.   

Long Gold Raisin Supplier

Long Gold Raisins Manufacturer

Fresh City Company is one of the leading manufacturers of Iranian raisins, including long green raisins (green Kashmari raisins) and long gold raisins. Our company not only distributes its products in Iran, but exports large quantities of its products to international markets. One of the main products of this company is long gold raisins. The activity of this company is to manufacture, supply, export, package, and sell all kinds of Iranian raisins such as Sultana raisins, long gold raisins, etc. and, with its years of experience and professional staff, has been always ready to export its products with the best quality directly to other countries without intermediaries at reasonable prices.  


Long Gold Raisins Supplier

Fresh City Company is one of the sun-dried raisinsgolden raisins, and long gold raisins (gold Kashmari raisins) suppliers. Several companies supply long gold raisins. As one of the main and largest long gold raisin suppliers, Fresh City Company offers this product in international markets with a standard operation license and suitable quality and price. The supply and export of this raisin are mainly to Arab countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Dubai, etc., and Fresh City is a long gold raisins wholesale supplier. Arab countries are the most important and most prominent long gold raisin importers. Of course, countries such as Egypt, Morocco, Qatar, the UAE and Algeria are currently the main long gold raisin importers.  

Long Gold Raisin Wholesale

Long Gold Raisin price

Fresh City Company is one of the reputable long gold raisin (gold Kashmari raisins) exporters. This company is both a long gold raisin manufacturer and one of the most prominent long gold raisin exporters, which offers long gold raisins wholesale and supplies this product in the best packaging. It is necessary to know that many companies are exporting long gold raisins in Iran. However, the long gold raisins (gold Kashmari raisins) price and long gold raisins wholesale price in Fresh City Company is quite affordable. This long gold raisin company aims to offer the best and highest-quality type of long gold raisins at a reasonable price.  


Long Gold Raisins Packaging

In addition to the price, one of the most important points for selling raisins in the global market is good and standard packaging. As you know, the best way to trust the product is to buy from a reputable supplier who is committed to sell high quality raisins. Fresh City Company, a distinguished exporter, owns a factory equipped with fully automatic sorting and packaging machines, including laser and x-ray machines and is ready to supply Iranian raisins and long gold raisins (gold Kashmari raisins) in large quantities and high quality according to standards. This long gold raisin company is one of the long gold raisins wholesale suppliers and is active in the production and distribution of different types of Iranian raisins and first-class long gold raisins in plastics or carton packaging and can supply and export long gold raisins to many countries around the world in high tonnages. All raisins are delivered in multi-layered cartons or vacuum packed. This type of long gold raisin (gold Kashmari raisins) packaging is very suitable for export to Arab countries, Pakistan, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Morocco, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia. To buy long gold raisins in bulk with the best quality and lowest price, contact us and leave the supply of long gold raisins, long green raisins, or any other raisin to us.   


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

They are only different in color because of the type of additives that are added during raisin processing.

Kashmiri raisins turn golden with the use of additives.

To increase the quality of golden Kashmari raisins, a warm and temperate climate is needed.

You may request the market price of golden Kashmari Raisins by contacting our WhatsApp number at +989904425400 or sending an email to info@fresh-city.co and register your order.

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