Maryam Dates

Maryami Dates

Maryam dates, also known as “Piarom dates”, are one of the tastiest, most popular, most expensive, and most consumed dates in Iran. This type of date is soft and semi-dry. Its color is light brown and its shape is narrow and elongated. Maryam dates are known as luxury dates all over the world and are in great demand. The skin of Maryam dates is wrinkled like Medjool dates. Maryam dates are one of the commercial cultivars of dates and due to their good market, they are considered a special export cultivar and have attracted the attention of world markets. You can store Maryam dates for a long time and fill it with all kinds of nuts and enjoy eating them. Maryam dates are plump and full of fiber, and eating those helps maintain a healthy digestive system and prevent many diseases, such as cancer.  

Maryam Dates Price

Maryam dates are more expensive than other varieties of dates, and their more pleasant taste, more beautiful appearance, and high durability make them a luxury date. Although Maryam dates are more expensive than other varieties of Iranian dates, due to their high quality, they are in great demand in the domestic market as well as in the foreign market. Maryam dates are offered in different sizes and grades and their price varies depending on the grade. Fresh City Company offers you Maryam dates at the most reasonable price. We are a Maryam dates wholesaler and if you buy Maryam dates in bulk, you can buy the freshest and highest quality Maryam dates at a wholesale price. To inquire about Maryam dates price, you can contact us through social networks or email.

Maryami Dates Supplier

Buy Maryam Dates

You can buy Maryam dates very easily. If you are going to buy Maryam dates in bulk and you are looking for the best wholesaler, don’t worry. Fresh City Company is here with you and gives you a special discount for Maryam dates wholesale purchase. We offer Maryam dates at a very competitive and reasonable price. We are also a wholesaler of other types of Iranian dates such as Mazafati dates, Sayer dates, Kabkab dates, Rabbi dates, Kali dates, Khassui dates and Lulu dates. Fresh City Company’s dates are very diverse and you can buy all kinds of dry, semi-dry and soft dates from us in any quantity. For more information about Maryam dates purchase, you can contact Fresh City Company via WhatsApp or email.

Maryami Dates Price

Maryam Dates Exporter

Maryam dates are one of the best export cultivars in Iran and many countries, including the UAE, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Indonesia and China, buy large quantities of Maryam dates every year. Maryam dates importers are increasing every year and Iran has also tried to increase the area under Maryam date cultivation due to its growing demand. We, Fresh City, are proud to provide you with the best services as the largest Maryam dates exporter and to facilitate the import of Maryam dates for you, dear customers. With more than 15 years of experience in exporting dates and meeting all the requirements and standards for exporting dates to countries, we can help you buy and export all kinds of dates and date products such as date syrup as easily and quickly as possible. Our products are exported to Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia as well as Persian Gulf countries and European countries. Our products include soft dates such as Mazafati dates and Kabkab dates, semi-dry dates such as Rabbi dates and Sayer dates, and dry dates such as Zahedi dates and Medjool dates.

Buy Maryami Dates

Maryam Dates Supplier

Fresh City Company, as a Maryam dates wholesale supplier, will deliver your order in any quantity in the fastest possible time. We are a direct Maryam dates supplier, so you can purchase dates from us at a cheaper price. Fresh City Company supplies its products to foreign markets in beautiful packages or in bulk. Fresh City Company offers the best and highest quality Maryam dates with your desired weight and packaging at a wholesale price. Many date importers are now our regular customers as they are satisfied with the quality of our products. You too can become one of our regular customers. To contact us as the largest Maryam dates wholesale supplier, all you have to do is call us at any time via WhatsApp.   


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, Maryam dates are considered luxury dates in Iran and are the most expensive Iranian dates.

Yes,. Maryam dates are dry or semi-dry.

No, Maryam dates are dry dates and do not need refrigerated containers.

Maryam dates last for about 12 months if kept in a cool and dry place.

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