Mavis Raisins (Jumbo)

Maviz Raisin

Mavis Raisins (Jumbo)

Mavis raisins are made from dried Shahani grapes. Shahani grapes are large oval grapes with a dark purple color that turn into black after drying. This type of raisin is different from other raisins in terms of appearance and color but it is very similar to other raisins in terms of properties. The most significant difference between Mavis raisins and other raisins is their unique black color, fleshy texture, and distinctive sweetness. This raisin is one of the best and highest quality types of Iranian raisins. It has an extraordinary place among raisins such as Sultana raisins, golden raisins etc. Mavis raisin is produced in two way: sun-dried and shade-dried. Drying Mavis raisins in the shade will preserve its minerals and vitamins better.


Mavis Raisins (Jumbo) Quality

Fresh City Company, which is equipped with the most modern and up-to-date equipment and machines for preparing, cleaning, processing and storing fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts, including Iranian pistachios and Iranian raisins, can supply the best and highest quality raisins. This company supplies Iranian Mavis raisins to customers all over the world. With years of experience in exporting Iranian raisins, Iranian dates, etc., this Mavis raisin company can supply all its products, especially high quality Mavis raisins in various grades A, AA, and AAA to all the countries around the world. 

Maviz Raisin Price

Mavis Raisins (Jumbo) Price

Many factors are involved in determining the Iranian raisins price, including Mavis raisins price and Mavis raisin wholesale price. One of the determining factors is the size. The larger and more uniform Mavis raisins, the higher their price. The next factor that affects Mavis raisins price is the grain size. When choosing raisins, you should pay attention to their size. Fresh City Company is one of Mavis raisin manufacturing companies with a Mavis raisin production and processing factory and supplies uniform and high-quality raisins. This Mavis raisin company exports its factory products to neighboring and European countries and supplies first-class Mavis raisins at reasonable price. To enquire about Mavis raisins wholesale price, you can contact Fresh City Company right now.


Mavis Raisins (Jumbo) Exporter

Iran is one of the largest raisin exporters in the world and Iranian companies rank first in Mavis raisin exports. One of the most prominent Mavis raisin exporters is Fresh City Company which supplies Mavis raisins to other countries in the world. All kinds of Iranian Mavis raisins, whether seedless or seeded, are exported through this company to various countries, including East Asian countries, Persian Gulf countries and European countries. Exports of raisins to Russia account for a significant share of exports in international markets, and Russia is one of the largest Mavis raisins importers.

Maviz Raisin Supplier

Mavis Raisins (Jumbo) Supplier

Iran is one of the largest Mavis raisin suppliers. Mavis raisins are produced and supplied in high volumes in Iran because they are highly demanded by foreign customers. The best Mavis raisins are large fresh Mavis raisins with very delicious taste. Mavis raisin is made from high-quality and ripe grapes and is manufactured naturally to increase its quality and bring customer satisfaction. When buying Mavis raisins, pay attention to the brand. Iranian Mavis raisins wholesale price varies depending on the brand. You can buy Mavis raisins from Fresh City website. Buy Mavis raisins online from Fresh City Company, one of the most reputable Mavis raisins wholesale suppliers.


Mavis Raisins (Jumbo) Benefits

Raisins have many health benefits, some of which are mentioned here. Raisins are natural blood purifiers and are the only dried fruits that clean your blood. This dried fruit removes dangerous liquids, toxins and pollutants from the body. Treat your skin problems, especially acnes, blemishes, wrinkles and other skin problems by eating Mavis raisins. The antioxidant content of raisins will also prevent premature aging of the skin. Raisins also protect the skin against sunlight and cold weather. In general, it can be said that eating a few Mavis raisins a day is a miracle and is of great importance in improving and maintaining health.

Maviz Raisin Wholesale

Mavis Raisins (Jumbo) Packaging

As a Mavis raisins wholesale supplier, Fresh City Company supplies Mavis raisins in high-quality packages and helps maintain the freshness and quality of Iranian Mavis raisins. This Mavis raisins company offers this product in bulk and different weights. Mavis raisins are packaged in this company in jumbo gags, gunny bags or in 5 kg to 10 kg cartons. In addition, this Mavis raisin company can offer unique and customized packaging according to customer requests. As one of the largest Mavis raisins exporters, Fresh City Company guarantees the quality of this product and the quality of its packaging and has been so far successful in gaining customer satisfaction. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For proper storage of Mavis raisins, you should keep it in a cool and dry place and keep the raisins away from contact with moisture as much as possible, because moisture causes it to rot.


To increase the quality of raisins, a warm and temperate climate is needed, which is why the best type of raisins can be found in the southern regions of Iran.

Fresh City sends Mavis raisin orders to all over the world without any restrictions and also offers custom packages.

To inquire about the price and order of raisins, you may contact our WhatsApp number at +989904425400 or send an email to

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