Mazafati Dates

Mazafati date is the most famous type of Iran date production .

mazafati has many domestic and international fans and lovers.

mazafati date has more popularity outside of Iran because more than half of Iran mazafati production is exporting to international markets each year.

Mazafati Packing

And also mazafati has the best internal consumption volume too.

Mazafati date has the highest moisture which is about 15-35 %.

mazafati date has a clear brownish-black color and a soft texture.

Mazafati has an oval shape and 3-4 cm length, the flesh and skin of mazafati dates can completely be separated. Generally, dates should pass 4 stages before fully ripping of fruit;khalal,kharak,rutab,and then date.

mazafati usually harvesting in rutab stage so it is mostly known as mazafati rutab.

Usage & Benefits

Mazafati date using majorly in any home and of course it has many usages in Iranian ceremonies.

Mazafati date is consuming becomes more by Muslim countries in ramadan occasional month and the reason is that this fresh fruit contains high amount of natural sugar,energy,fiber and minerals so those who are fasting prefer permanent use of this date because they usually suffer physical weakness.

Long term consumption of mazafati date is highly advised to those who suffer indigestion.

Harvesting time & place

Mazafati date is majorly cultivating from bam city of kerman province.

mazafati date is also cultivating from date groves of other cities as like jiroft and saravan.

mazafati date  harvesting time usually starts in the end of summer and lasts till end of October.

Nutrition facts

Nutrition FactsPer 100 gr mazafati dates
Energy260 kcal
Carbohydrates50 g
sugar45 g
Total fat5.5 g
protein1.60 g
Iron2.6 mg
Calcium27-60 mg
Sodium15 mg
phosphorus52 mg


The fresh city company, with years of experience in the field of providing, packaging and exporting dates and nuts to all over the world, can provide dear worldwide customers mazafati dates  in different packaging as below:


Bulk packaging

5 kg carton  

Consumer packaging:

550-750 gr boxes (12 box per mother box) = 6.5-7 kg mother carton total weight



Fresh City corporation which is equipped by the modernest and up to date machines and tools in the field of providing,cleaning,processing and preserving  fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts can supply the best grade raisins for worldwide customers .

Fresh city company, with years of experience in the field of packaging and as a professional exporter in the industry of Dates, Nuts, fresh and dried products can present global customers below mazafati date grades:

Grade A: fresh,high quality and high moisture-black color

Grade B: dry mazafati – brown color

 Storage conditions

Mazafati is wet and high in moisture so a cool and dry weather condition is needed for maintaining mazafati dates .

mazafati date can be preserving for 3 month (depends on air condition) after the date of production in a room temperature which has proper air ventilation.

in 0-5 degree temperature can be kept for 12 month and below 5 degree for 24month.

Shipping and delivery

Mazafati date is somehow a fresh fruit and contains high moisture so for preventing corruption, it should be loaded by refrigerated containers.

The fresh city company with its professional records in the field of exporting dried fruit to all over the world, can implement all necessary actions for transferring, shipping and exporting the products.

This company can make contracts in the form of FOB or CFR depending on customer demands:


Mazafati date price can be varying according to the grade.

Please be in contacts with our sale experts via whats app messenger or email for informing our up to date price for mazafati date.


General information table

Shape        Oval
 Color Dark brown-Black  
Type    Mazafati
GradesA & B
Flavor  Natural and fresh
Smell  Naturally date aroma without foreign odor
Moisture 15-35 %
Shelf Life and Storage Condition 24 month, Keep in -5 degree place
Harvesting time  September & October
Chemical/Artificial Additives  No, completely natural and healthy, GMO Free, Gluten-Free
Packing type in bulk 5 kg carton
Consumer Packing  550-750 gr boxes (12 box per mother box)
OEM  Possible

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