Fresh City Company is one of the largest suppliers, producers and exporters of high-quality food and agricultural products in Iran.

Due to the geographical location and the weather condition, Iran is a significant region for cultivating unique agri-food producers, including Pistachio, Raisin, Dates, Coriander Seeds, Kiwi, Apple, and Nuts.

Our goal in Fresh City is to deliver the best quality Iranian products to international agri-food-lovers. Our professional team is profoundly invested in a way to support our business purposes.

Our Company is equipped with up to date refrigerators and warehouses and the needed equipment and facilities for collecting, processing, preserving, packaging and exporting products.

We can provide our dear worldwide customers the most qualified Iranian collected and harvested products throughout the year by considering our customer’s demands in their requested sorting and packaging type.

We possess a 2000 ton factory in Iran and three offices in Iran, Dubai, and Paris, respectively, which can take all financial and required circumstances into action to export and deliver the products.

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coriander seeds
Iranian Apple
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