Piarom Dates

Piarom Dates

Piarom dates, which is also known as Maryam dates in some areas, is one of the highest quality and most delicious Iranian dates, which has many fans in Iran and around the world due to the high quality of this product. Piarom dates are exported to Arab, Asian and European countries every year as luxury and popular dates, and this high demand is very effective in making profits for importing companies.

Piarom Dates Features

Piarom dates are one of the highest quality Iranian dates. In appearance, it is very similar to Medjool dates. The large size and good taste of this date has caused it to have a lot to say in competition with Medjool dates. Due to its thin and dark brown skin, it has acquired a unique beauty among Iranian dates. Piarom dates are in the category of semi-dry dates due to their dryness and adhesion of the flesh to the skin, and all these appearance features have made it one of the most luxurious Iranian dates. The dryness of Piarom dates (less than 15%) has made it to have a longer storage time like Kabkab dates and has made it a more desirable product. Piarom dates are in three categories: super Piarom dates, first grade Piarom dates, and second grade Piarom dates and as a result are exported to other countries with beautiful packaging.

Piarom Dates Supplier

Piarom Dates Nutritional value

Piarom dates have a high nutritional value among other dates. Piarom dates do not contain sugar and this has made it useful for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. For example, patients with diabetes can eat Piarom dates with ease. Nutritionists also prescribe Piarom dates for pregnant women and patients with migraines and anemia. It is also recommended to consume these dates to prevent osteoporosis. Piarom dates are rich in vitamins and minerals and have a delicious taste. This date is used in many industries as a food flavoring or for enhancing the food nutritional properties.


Piarom Dates Price

Piarom dates are considered as one of the most expensive Iranian dates due to their high quality and unique taste. Many customers and importers from Asian and European countries who are looking for quality dates, choose this product; because they know that the high quality of this product brings good sales and profits for them. The wholesale price of Piarom dates depends, in addition to the quality of the product, on factors such as the type of packaging, storage and shipment of the product.

Piarom Dates Price

Piarom Dates Wholesales

Many date importers around the world are looking for high quality dates. Since Piarom dates have the best quality among Iranian dates, it has attracted the attention of many importers of dates from Asian countries, especially Arab countries. Despite their high quality, due to difficult cultivation and production of this product, Piarom dates are cultivated much less than other Iranian dates such as Mazafati dates. For this reason, direct and unmediated access to Piarom dates suppliers is important in the purchase of this product.


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Piarom dates are considered as one of the most lucrative Iranian date products due to their high demand and sales worldwide. This date is in great demand due to its unique characteristics. Dryness, easy storage and easy transportation, as well as the excellent taste of this product have made it exported to more than 70 countries. Piarom dates are purchased online or in person. For more information, you can contact Fresh City Company on WhatsApp or via email.

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Piarom Dates Exporter

Iran is one of the largest exporters of Piarom dates in the world and earns a very good profit annually from the export of Piarom dates. As mentioned above, Piarom dates have many customers in the world due to their unique characteristics, so that the number of customers of this quality product is gradually increasing. With the increase in demand for this product, producers and suppliers of Piarom dates have also increased their production line and wholesales and have become the export hub of Piarom dates in the world. The significant growth of production and distribution of Piarom dates has caused many importers from different countries to replace this product with other dates such as Sayer dates. Fresh City Company now exports Piarom dates to countries such as the UAE, Russia, Indonesia, China, Germany and Turkey, and the number of these countries is increasing every day.


Piarom Dates Supplier

Many Iranian companies supply Piarom dates to different countries. However, choosing the right company to buy products is very important. An important feature that makes a Piarom date supplier different from others is its ability to supply the products with a high quality, reasonable price, which is possible if the dates can be purchased directly from the producer,  and finally a high quality packaging. Fresh City Company packages dates in 300 to 900 grams boxes, or in 5 and 10 kg when the products are sold in bulk, using advanced and modern equipment. Piarom dates are prepared with the best quality directly by the producers of this product, and all these items are effective in reducing the current purchase prices of this product.     


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Chocolate date is another name for Piarom date.

Piarom dates are dry or semi-dry dates with dark brown color and a long shape.

No, Piarom dates are dry or semi-dry.

Piarom dates are the most expensive Iranian dates because they are in high demand and are considered luxury dates because of their special taste and good appearance.

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