Pistachio Kernel

Pistachio Kernel

Pistachio kernel is one of the exporting products of Iranian pistachio, which is exported worldwide due to its first-class taste and extraordinary properties. Pistachio kernels are prepared from open-shell pistachios, closed-shell pistachios and any Iranian pistachios types such as Akbari PistachioAhmad Aghaei Pistachio, etc. Iranian pistachio kernels types are much tastier than other pistachio kernels because of Iranian pistachios’ quality, and their export is high due to the climate. Iran is one of the largest pistachio kernels exporters worldwide. In this field, Iran has a variety of products and types.


Pistachio Kernel Types

Pistachio kernel has different types, and each has a various quality, and their buy and sale prices are different. Green pistachio kernels or Kaal pistachio kernels, and wheat pistachio kernels are examples of pistachio kernels with the highest exports of green and raw pistachios. Pistachio kernels are mainly exported to France, Italy, Germany, India, China and Arab countries. Germany is one of the main customers of green pistachio kernels and slivered pistachio, and they prefer high-quality types. Among the pistachio kernels types available in the market, the following can be mentioned:

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Green Pistachio Kernel

 One of the pistachio kernel types is the green pistachio kernel or Kaal pistachio kernel, which is very green. Pistachios are harvested when ripe and unripe in this pistachio type, often harvested in August and September. When processing this pistachio kernels type, the outer skin will be removed, and as a result, it has an entirely green color and uniform appearance. The shell of the pistachio is white and milky, but the pistachio kernel itself is green. Moreover, the Kaal pistachio kernel is the most expensive type of pistachio in terms of green pistachio color and taste.


Wheat Pistachio Kernel

 Wheat pistachio kernel is another pistachio kernel obtained after breaking pistachios whose kernels are immature or half-kernel. In terms of price, it has the lowest price. This type of kernel has a blackish-brown shell, but the underlying layer maybe green.


Types of Pistachio Kernel

Pistachio Kernel Benefits

Pistachio kernel has a warm and dry nature and has many medicinal properties. Pistachio kernels contain antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties for the body. Also, pistachio kernels can reduce your chances of getting cardiovascular disease. This fruit is rich in fiber, minerals, and unsaturated fats that can help control blood sugar, blood pressure and lower cholesterol. In addition, the fiber and protein in pistachios can increase your feeling of satiety for a long time and help good bacteria and germs to have a positive effect on your gut.


Pistachio Kernel Price

Pistachio Kernel Price in 2021

Pistachio kernel price is one of the main factors which pistachio kernel importers highly consider for buy this product. Pistachio kernel manufacturers in Iran offer this product, one of Iran’s most critical exporting products, in any quantity and excellent and suitable quality and competitive price. Pistachio kernels are produced in Iran with high quality and tonnage, and many of these seeds are sold annually in foreign markets. It is also necessary to know that the pistachio kernels price in Fresh City Company is entirely different from other pistachio kernels suppliers in Iran and international markets. The pistachio price in this company is affordable, and the wholesale market of pistachio kernels is easily accessible and has a reasonable price. As a pistachio kernel wholesale supplier with market price, Fresh City Company in Iran offers this first-class and affordable product in high-quality packaging and reasonable prices in bulk and reasonable pistachio kernel wholesale prices. This pistachio kernel company guarantees the quality of sales and exports of Iranian pistachio kernels, and its policy is based on product quality. All products of this company, including pistachio kernels, are approved by our professional and technical team. This company has been able to supply and produce this product in the global market until today.


Pistachio Kernel Suppliers

Iran is one of the largest pistachio kernels suppliers and exports part of this pistachio kernel to foreign countries. It distributes and sells part of the pistachio kernels produced for purchase and consumption in centers throughout Iran. Since Iran is one of the oldest countries pistachio kernels manufacturers, the export quality of this product is known worldwide. As a result, it has found its market in many countries and offers pistachio kernels with the highest quality to provide worldwide customers. Iranian pistachio kernels are exported to European countries, including Germany, and according to the standards of the European Union concerning food health, to export pistachio kernels to this region, high-quality and first-class samples must be used. The supply of first-class pistachio kernels is mainly done first for export markets such as Europe, Arab countries, India, China, Hong Kong, etc. One of the main markets for the export of premium nuts is the Arab countries. Australia, Europe and Canada have good purchases of this product. Pistachio kernels are also among the products that have strict rules by the standard. This product needs a standard for export from the Food and Drug Administration. Fresh City Company is one of the leading pistachio kernels suppliers in international markets.


Pistachio Kernel Supplier

Pistachio Kernel Suppliers in Germany

Most pistachio kernels are exported to European countries, including Germany, a sample of green pistachio kernels with high quality. According to the standards set by the European Union concerning food health, high quality and first-class samples should be used to export pistachio kernels to this region. Fresh City Company is one of the leading pistachio kernels suppliers using modern technology to produce and supply Iranian pistachios and pistachio kernels. This company offers the best type and the highest quality type of pistachio in Iran. Fresh City Company, a reputable and well-known company in the export of pistachio kernels, offers the best pistachio kernels to European countries, including Germany, and is fully aware of all EU entry laws high-level advice to foreign and domestic buyers. The company’s financial background is provided in these European countries, and due to the banking restrictions to Iran, it can facilitate financial transfers for its customers.


Pistachio Kernel Suppliers in Hong Kong and China

Pistachio kernel exports to Hong Kong and China are of great importance and account for many Iranian exports. Buyers in Hong Kong and China, like other East Asian countries, prioritize the Iranian pistachio price to purchase this product. They are looking to buy pistachio kernels at a reasonable price. The commercial port of Hong Kong receives a large number of heavy shipments of Iranian pistachio kernels every year. Hong Kong customs tariffs are lower than other ports. That is why pistachio kernel products are imported to China from Hong Kong’s port. Shipping costs are also lower in Hong Kong ports. Apart from these cases, lower customs tariffs and easier product maintenance are other reasons for buying pistachio kernels. Pistachio kernels importers in Hong Kong generally import it in bulk. The reason is the lower purchase price. Of course, some pistachio kernel importers in Hong Kong buy this product in packaging. But their number is significantly less than customers of bulk pistachio kernels.


Pistachio Kernel Wholesale

Buy Pistachio Kernel

Fresh City Company is one of the active pistachio kernel suppliers in Iran, which offers the best and highest quality pistachio kernels in foreign markets. Many countries and international pistachio kernel importers want to buy this product from this company because this company offers pistachio kernels with suitable conditions for high-quality export in global markets. India, Pakistan, East Asian countries, the Persian Gulf countries and Europe are the leading pistachio kernels importers and buy pistachio kernels in bulk from this company annually.

Pistachio Kernel Packaging

The export volume of Iranian pistachios is very high, and financially it is almost the first after oil exports. One of the export fields with a very high added value, which is influential in introducing Iranian products to the world markets, is exporting Iranian pistachios and its packaged products with reputable brands and small dimensions. Pistachio kernels are packaged in vacuum packages of one to 5 kg and vacuum-packed packages of 10 kg. These packages are usually several times longer than expected because they are empty of air. In one-kilogram vacuum cleaners, the thickness of the nylon is considered to be a high vacuum. So, the sharp point of the pistachio shell does not cause holes and air to enter because it reduces the possibility of pests growing until there is no air inside the package. As a pistachio kernels wholesale supplier, Fresh City Company offers quality pistachio kernels following international packaging standards. The company has the appropriate equipment in the packaging and supply of pistachio kernels, helps maintain pistachios’ freshness and quality, and offers the best type of pistachio kernels in high-quality packaging.

Pistachio Kernal Packaging
Pistachio Kernal Packaging
Pistachio Kernal Packaging

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may contact our sales experts at any time of the day via email or WhatsApp and inquire about the pistachio kernel price.

The kernels of all Iranian pistachios are good and of high quality and all of them can be used for making pistachio kernels.

Fresh City exports Iranian pistachios in the best packaging in the weights of 25 and 50 kilograms.

All kinds of pistachios are used to prepare pistachio kernels, but Fandoghi, Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari pistachios are used the most.

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    1. Hello dear, all the pistachio products of Fresh City Company have a good quality, it depends on your choice and demand but Ahmad Aghaei and Fandoghi pistachios are our best-selling pistachios.

    1. After the outer skin is peeled off and dried, the pistachios are ready to be shelled, then they are sorted by special devices and their shell is removed.

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