Pistachio Powder

Pistachio Powder

As you know, pistachio powder is one of the Iranian pistachio products with many uses in the confectionery industry, preparation and decoration of cakes, chocolates, ice creams, and pistachio pastes and for this reason, it must be of high quality. Pistachio powder is usually prepared from the pistachio kernels which are crushed during the production stages of nuts or pistachio kernels. 


Pistachio Powder Properties

Pistachio powder preserves the properties and flavor of pistachios and is rich in nutrients. Each 100 grams of pistachio powder contains 569 kcal energy, 10.86 g protein, 27 g carbohydrates, 7.81 g sugar, 45.97 g fat, 10.3 g fiber and 306 mg sodium. The color of pistachio powder is green and yellow, and it is prepared from pistachio kernels. It has the primary taste of pistachio kernel without artificial flavors. Pistachio powder has 5 to 6% moisture and is available in sizes of 2 mm-4 mm and 4 mm-6 mm. 

Pistachio Powder Price

Pistachio Powder Supplier

Iran ranks first in terms of quantity and quality of pistachios. Iranian pistachios and its products are extremely important for export due to their deliciousness and quality. A large amount of this product is exported to European countries. Iran has imported a lot of foreign currency by wholesale of pistachios and its products, including pistachio powder, in domestic and international markets. Pistachio powder is one of the main Iranian pistachio products and its export has expanded worldwide. Pistachio powder has a very high nutritional value and therefore the research about this issue and its various dimensions has always been considered by many countries. Because of this, the export of pistachio powder to other countries has been growing significantly. Iran has a large share in the export of pistachios and its products. Fresh City Company is one of the leading pistachio powder suppliers in international markets. The company has years of experience in supplying Iranian pistachios and its products, including fresh and quality pistachio powder, and exports the best type of pistachio powder to many countries around the world, including India, Pakistan, East Asian countries, the Persian Gulf countries, and Europe.  


Buy Pistachio Powder

Pistachio powder is one of the best-selling pistachio products in Iran due to its reasonable price and countries of the Persian Gulf region and East Asia are its largest export markets. Pistachio powder is mainly purchased wholesale. Every year, many foreign buyers buy pistachio powder from Iranian traders and international intermediary companies. Fresh City Company is Iran’s leading pistachio powder exporter and supplies the best type and highest quality pistachio powder in foreign markets. Many countries and international pistachio powder importers want to buy this product from this company because this company supplies high-quality pistachio powder in global markets. India, Pakistan, East Asian countries, including China, Persian Gulf countries and Europe are the leading pistachio powder importers and buy pistachio powder in bulk from this company every year. Fresh City Company is one of the best pistachio powder manufacturers in Iran. This company is one of the oldest companies manufacturing and selling Iranian pistachios and its products, such as pistachio powder. If you want to buy high quality pistachio powder at a reasonable price, you can contact our sales experts via WhatsApp or email.  

Pistachio Powder Supplier

Pistachio Powder Price

The price of pistachio powder which is one of the most important pistachio products and Iranian export goods is vital for many pistachio powder importers. The production of Iran’s main export goods is more than the domestic market demand and should, therefore, enter the global market to be sold at a reasonable price. Pistachio powder has an average price compared to other pistachio products, which is one of the main reasons for its large-scale production and abundance. Pistachio powder wholesale suppliers in Iran supply this product, which is one of the most important Iranian pistachio products, in any quantity and with excellent and suitable quality and competitive price. Pistachio powder is manufactured in Iran with high quality and tonnage, and many of these pistachios are sold annually in foreign markets. It is also necessary to know that the pistachio powder price in Fresh City Company is entirely different from the price offered by other pistachio powder suppliers in Iran or international markets. This company offers pistachio powder at a reasonable price and you can easily access its wholesale market. As a pistachio powder wholesaler, Fresh City Company, with its branch offices in Iran and Dubai, offers this first-class and affordable product in high-quality packaging at wholesale price. The company guarantees the quality of sales and supply of pistachio powder and has supplied high-quality products up to now.

Pistachio Powder Wholesale

Pistachio Packaging

Pistachio powder is supplied by different companies in various weights and packages. The brand name and quality of the product are among factors that determine pistachio powder price. As a pistachio powder wholesale company, Fresh City Company offers high-quality pistachio powder and follows packaging standards. This pistachio powder company helps to maintain the freshness and quality of this product by possessing the appropriate packaging machinery and providing the high-quality pistachio powder. Also, the company can offer custom packaging based on customer consumption. It is worth mentioning that this product is always available in the company’s warehouses and has a high expiration date. Vacuum packaging is also available to increase the shelf life of this product. The company supplies pistachio powder in bulk and various weights, including 10 kg boxes or vacuum-packed in boxes, and also supplies the final product with the highest quality using laser sorting machines. Fresh City Company, as one of the largest pistachio powder exporters, guarantees the quality of this product. To buy pistachio powder, feel free to contact Fresh City Company. 

Pistachio Powder Benefits

Many people may not believe that pistachios have a high nutritional value and can be a miracle cure for diseases. Pistachio powder has the same benefits as pistachio. Other pistachio products such as slivered pistachio and pistachio kernel can be used for many reasons; for example, one of the reasons is to relieve cough. Those who cough a lot should know that pistachio powder is sedative. Another benefit of pistachio powder is that pistachio powder is helpful in the treatment of many diseases because of its rich content of vitamins. Pistachio powder is perfect for health due to its rich vitamin content, including vitamin A, vitamin C, and B6 and various carbohydrates. Pistachio powder is an excellent treatment to cure those people who suffer from anemia. In addition to the aforementioned cases, pistachio powder is used in various foods, pastries, and various types of ice creams.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Fresh City exports Iranian pistachios in the best packaging in kilograms.

You may easily contact our sales experts via email or WhatsApp and make your purchase after inquiring the price.

The best time to buy pistachio powder is late summer and early fall. Of course it is possible to buy all year round.

All kinds of Iranian pistachios, including Fandoghi, Ahmad Aghaei, and Akbari pistachios are used to make pistachio powder.

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