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Pitted dates are one of the date products that are prepared for the convenience of eating dates. Pitted dates can be prepared from any type of date. The pit of some dates do not stick to the flesh and can be easily removed. Sayer dates are often used more than other varieties of dates for preparation of pitted dates. There are many varieties of dates in Iran and some of its varieties are produced in large quantities every year and exported to other countries due to their excellent quality. Iran is one of the largest exporters of dates and in addition to dates, it also exports date products. Pitted dates have many uses. Pitted dates are used to make a variety of breads, cakes and pastries. They are high in fiber and help maintain a healthy digestive tract. Pitted dates also help prevent cancer due to their antioxidant properties. Dates are high in iron and can help prevent anemia.     

buy pitted dates

Buy Pitted Dates

Since the lifestyle of many people has changed and many people today need ready-to-eat and fresh products, they prefer to eat ready-made and packaged foods and save their time and money. Pitted dates are an organic product and they are very easy to consume. That is why many Asian and European countries are the main buyers of pitted dates and due to the excellent quality and taste of Iranian dates, they prefer to buy pitted dates from Iran. Fresh City Company is one of the producers of Iranian dates and date products, including pitted dates and chopped dates, and offers you the best and direct supply of the best pitted dates. Contact us for direct and bulk purchase of pitted dates.     

Pitted Dates Price

To prepare pitted dates, you can use Medjool dates or any other date whose pit can be easily separated. Some types of dates, such as Piarom dates, are luxury and very popular dates in Iran, and for this reason, their price is much higher. The pitted dates price depends on what kind of dates they are made of. The size, quality, and type of packaging of pitted dates also play a role in determining its price. Pitted dates, like Shahani dates, may be pressed or packaged in simple, inexpensive packages which are obviously cheaper. Fresh City Company uses the best and freshest types of dates to make pitted dates and exports its products including Iranian raisins, apples, pistachios, kiwis and coriander seeds wholesale directly to Asian, Arab and European countries.     

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Pitted Dates Exporter

Iran is one of the countries active in the production and export of dates. Dates are one of the most important trade and export cultivars in Iran. In addition to dates, Iranian pistachio is one of the most popular agricultural products in Iran and is exported in large quantities around the world every year. Pitted dates are also one of Iran’s most important export products. Fresh City Company, a pitted dates wholesale exporter, is also rapidly developing its products and meeting the needs of date importers and exports the best and highest quality pitted dates directly to Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Persian Gulf countries and European countries wholesale. Just contact us and easily order our products including Iranian dates, Iranian pistachios, Iranian raisins, Iranian apples, Iranian kiwi, and Iranian coriander seeds.    

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Pitted Dates Supplier

You can be sure of the quality and freshness of the dates by bulk purchase of dates from Fresh City Company, a direct and unmediated supplier of pitted dates. Fresh City Company always supervises all stages of production and supply of dates from the time of cultivation to harvest, manufacturing, processing and packaging in the factory, and ensures the delivery of the best, freshest and highest quality pitted dates at an affordable price. Pitted dates are an organic and natural product and everyone likes to include it in their diet. So buy pitted dates right now from the direct supplier. Fresh City Company, a pitted dates wholesale supplier, is ready to answer your questions. For more information on how to order pitted dates, contact us via WhatsApp or email.     


Pitted Dates Packaging

Pitted dates are available in pressed, vacuum and plastic containers. Fresh City Company offers pitted dates in different weights and in various and creative packages or according to the customer’s needs and desires with custom packaging. For more information on how to package and order pitted dates, please contact Fresh City Company via WhatsApp or email.     


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, these pitted dates have a natural sweet taste and are not coated with sugar.

Pitted dates are made from organic dates and do not have additives.

Pitted dates are made from any kind of date. Sayer dates are commonly used to make pitted dates.

Pitted dates are packaged in cartons or plastic containers.

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