Iranian Raisins

Iranian Raisin

Iranian Raisins

After Iranian dates, raisin has the highest export volume in Iran. The statistics show that Iranian raisins have a large share in exports, and the reason is the importance of this product in the world. Iran is one of the leading exporters of raisins in the world, with more than 150,000 tons per year.  Iranian raisins have unique properties and are known worldwide for their variety and their excellent taste. Their advantage is their reasonable price, high-quality, and different processing methods. So, annually various types of Iranian raisins are exported to countries around the world. This is why Iranian raisins are among the best raisins in the world and have always been warmly received by people.  


What is Raisin

Raisins are ripe and dried grapes that are dehydrated to increase their shelf life for consumption. These fruits have different names due to different methods of drying. Like other dried fruits, they are found all over the year. Raisins are sold with different names in the market based on the type of grape, the method and condition of their drying, and the permitted additives used.         


Raisin Origin

It is believed that humans discovered raisins when the grapes were drying. But it took several hundred years to determine which grape variety produced the best raisins. Some varieties of Iranian grapes are called with different names in other languages, but most of these names are related to one variety that has found other names in different places.     


Iranian Raisin Types

Raisin varieties

Raisins are divided into Golden Raisins (Grapes Raisin, California Raisin, Yellow Raisin, Bonab Raisin), Sultana Raisins (dark and light), Sun-dried Raisins (Thompson), Kashmari Raisins (long gold and long green raisins) and Mavis Raisins (Jumbo) based on the type of grapes, the method and condition of drying, the place of cultivation, color, and the permitted additives used. 


Golden Raisins (Grapes Raisin, California Raisin, yellow Raisin, Bonab Raisin):

Golden raisins are very popular worldwide because of their unique color. This type of raisin is one of the most delicious raisins in Iran with high demands both in Iran and abroad.    


Sultana raisins:

Sultana raisins are the same Sultani raisins, which are known as Sultana raisins in Europe because of different pronunciation. Sultana raisins export grade 1 raisins that are produced in two types, dark and light. This raisin is made from seedless grapes, especially seedless raisin grapes.   


Long raisins (Kashmari raisins):

Kashmari raisins are unique raisins among Iranian raisins due to their excellent sweetness, high quality, being free from contamination, and no contact of the cluster with the soil. This type of raisin has a good share in the market due to its excellent characteristics, and has two types: long green raisins (green Kashmari raisins) and long gold raisins (gold Kashmari raisins). 


Sun-dried raisins (Thompson):

Sun-dried raisins are raisin products that are made from different varieties of ripe grapes by spreading the grapes directly under the sun to dry them without any additives.  


Mavis Raisins (jumbo):

Large black grapes are called Mavis raisin (Jumbo) after drying. This dried fruit is made by sun drying from a variety of seeded or seedless grapes that usually have large and blackish fruits.   

Iranian Raisin Manufacturer

With many years of brilliant history as an Iranian raisin manufacturer, Fresh City Company has manufactured the best type of raisins in the country according to world standards. The company is proud to manufacture the best kind of Iranian raisins and export them to many countries worldwide, including India, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, East Asian countries, Arab countries and the Persian Gulf countries and Europe. Fresh City Company wants to create a space in which it can capture the global market of Iranian raisins with its mass production and make the name of Iran shine in the global market.          


Iranian Raisin Supplier

With its equipped factory for manufacturing and packaging raisins, Fresh City Company is known as one of the largest Iranian raisin suppliers and supplies Iranian raisins to many countries around the world, including India, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, East Asian countries, the Persian Gulf countries and Europe. Fresh City Company, which is a reputable and well-known company and an Iranian raisins supplier, owns branch offices in Iran and Dubai and supplies the best Iranian raisins in international markets.    


Iranian Raisin Exporter

Due to their excellent quality and natural production method, Iranian raisins have many fans in other countries and have caused our country to have a significant success in exports to other countries. According to statistics, we can say that our country exports Iranian raisins to 80 countries. With many years of experience in Iranian raisin export, Fresh City Company supplies this product directly to international markets. Iranian raisins are exported to many countries, including the Persian Gulf Countries, Asia and Europe.          

Iranian Raisin Price

Buy Iranian Raisin

Iran is one of the largest raisin manufacturers in the world. In addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market, Iran exports the surplus products to other countries at reasonable prices. Most Iranian raisins are usually purchased by raisin exporting companies or Iranian raisin distribution companies. Iranian raisin is considered a fruit with high commercial value and annually a significant quantity of Iranian raisin varieties are exported to other countries. Fresh City Company is one of the leading Iranian raisin manufacturers and exports the best and highest quality Iranian raisins to other countries. This company supplies this product directly from the most famous Iranian raisin production areas and exports it to all the countries around the world. Most raisin importers are willing to buy Iranian raisins from this company because this Iranian raisin company supplies the best and high-quality Iranian raisins to international markets. India, Russia, Pakistan, East Asian countries, Persian Gulf countries and Europe are the leading Iranian raisin importers and annually purchase large quantities of Iranian raisins from this company. To buy Iranian raisins wholesale, you can contact Fresh City Company right now.   


Iranian Raisins Price

There are many types of Iranian raisins. Each variety of Iranian raisin has a different price and it is not possible to determine a fixed price for all Iranian raisins. People who buy Iranian raisins should have complete information about the Iranian raisins market price, price fluctuations, and the factors affecting the Iranian raisins price. The determination of Iranian raisins price depends on many factors such as packaging, type of raisin, shipping costs, quality and so on. It should be noted that Iranian raisins are one of the most important exporting goods of Iran, and a high percentage of raisins produced in Iran are mainly exported to other countries. The other factors that affect the Iranian raisins price and the Iranian raisins wholesale price is the harvest time of raisins. The Iranian raisins price decreases at harvest time due to the abundance of raisins. Packaging has also a considerable effect on Iranian raisins price. It means that if you purchase Iranian raisins in bulk, the price will be lower and if you buy Iranian raisins in packages, the price will be higher. To inquire about Iranian raisins wholesale price, you can contact Fresh City Company, the Iranian raisin wholesale supplier via email or WhatsApp and order Iranian raisins. Fresh City Company supplies Iranian raisins directly to other countries at reasonable prices.    

Iranian Raisin Supplier

Iranian Raisin Wholesale

Fresh City Company started its activity many years ago and sells all kinds of Iranian raisins in small and large quantities. To buy Iranian raisins in bulk, you can apply through Fresh City Company and contact the best wholesalers of Iranian raisins directly and without intermediaries and buy your desired product. Using the direct access services of Fresh City Company, Iranian raisin buyers in any country can easily find out the price of this product. By contacting Fresh City Company, you can purchase the best and high quality Iranian raisins without intermediaries. With years of experience in Iranian raisin wholesale, Fresh City Company has made it possible for you to buy Iranian raisins in the easiest way possible. 


Iranian Raisin Packaging

Seedless, seeded or green raisins must be packaged following international standard requirements. Raisin containers should be new, clean, undamaged, unused, dry and odorless and made of materials that, while having sufficient strength, do not reduce the quality of the product and do not harm the health of the consumer. If cardboard or wooden boxes are used to pack the raisins, an internal nylon bag should be used to prevent possible contamination so that the raisins do not come into contact with the cardboard or wood. Fresh City Company, as Iranian raisins wholesale supplier, meets the world standard in Iranian raisin packaging. This product is always available in the company’s warehouses and has a long shelf life. This Iranian raisin wholesale supplier supplies this product in bulk and various weights. As one of the largest Iranian raisin exporters, Fresh City Company guarantees the quality of this product and packaging and has been so far successful in gaining customer satisfaction.  

Iranian Raisin Wholesale

Iranian Raisin Benefits

Raisins are edibles that have unique properties due to their polyphenols, antioxidants, flavonoids, and various nutrients. Raisins are a high-energy, low-fat, low-sodium food. Therefore, eating raisins is very useful for people who should follow low-sodium diets. Raisins have antioxidant properties and prevent cell damage. Raisins also play an essential role in bone health and preventing osteoporosis. Raisins are a good source of vitamin D and estrogen. Although Iranian raisins are sweet and sticky, it can even be said that this dried fruit prevents tooth decay and is very useful for the health of teeth and gums. In general, it can be said that raisins are a good source of vitamins such as vitamin B and minerals such as iron, potassium, and calcium.       


Iranian Raisin Production Method

The production method of each Iranian raisin is different. The most common production methods of Iranian raisins are explained below:  

For producing sun-dried raisins, seedless grapes are exposed to the sun and dried without any operation. The production method of Golden raisins or yellow raisins is slightly different. In this method, the grapes are spread in a roofed place to dry and are exposed to permitted additives for several hours to turn into a golden yellow color. Sultana raisins are dried using a processing material to shorten the time of drying and maintain the largeness of the grapes. For production of Mavis raisins, the grapes are first washed to remove the contaminants and dust from the grapes. Then the grapes are poured into a grape dryer and will be dehydrated in a short time. For producing Kashmari raisins, the clusters are first placed inside the basket and then the basket is immersed in the processing material and catalyst for one minute. The basket is then removed from the solution and placed on a wire rack to drain. In this method, the clusters are dried in the shade or indoors.  

Raisin Packing

Iranian Raisins Pack 1

5 kg – 10 kg

Iranian Raisins pack 2

5 kg – 10 kg

Iranian Raisins pack 3

10 kg – 12 kg

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In the southern regions, especially in the southwest of Iran, which have suitable climatic conditions for growing Iranian raisins.

Yes. Fresh City sends its products to all over the world every year.

Golden raisins and Sultana raisins are the most exported raisins from Iran.

Golden raisins and Sultana raisins are the best types of Iranian raisins.

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