Red Apple Fruit

Red Apple Fruit

Red apple is one of the various types of apple fruit and as its name suggests, it has a red color and an extremely sweet and delicious taste. It is also one of the most popular and best-selling types of apples due to its great and substantial benefits and has gained more popularity and distinction than other types of apples. The production of exporting red apples has multiplied due to the excessive consumption of this valuable product. Red apple can be considered as one of the products that is produced by many gardeners in Iran on a large-scale and supplied to the market. By providing good cultivating and harvesting conditions, they supply first-class and high quality fruits to the market. Therefore, Iranian apples, including red apples, can be considered as one of the best varieties that consumers choose to buy.   


Red Apple Quality

It is interesting to know that Iran is one of the most prosperous countries in producing numerous products such as Hayward Kiwi and Iranian apples, including golden apples and red apples, due to its suitable climate and geographical condition. Iran has long been one of the top red apple manufacturers. Iranian red apple is grown in various cities today and is used for different purposes due to its high and unique quality. It is worth mentioning that apart from excellent quality, the reasonable price of this product has caused it to attract the attention of many related industries.


Iranian Red Apple Features

Red apples are delicious, juicy, and fleshy and have several brown seeds in the core. The skin of the red apple is smooth and dry and has a clear red color. Quality and fresh red apples have a pleasant taste and sweetness. If the apple stalk is short, it indicates that it is harvested very late. Red apples that are harvested later are more likely to spoil sooner and are not suitable for export. Therefore, international traders should be careful about the sensitivity of red apples to temperature.   

Red Apple Price

Red Apple Price

Today red apples grown in various cities of Iran are used for different purposes due to their high and unique quality. This type of apple has attracted the attention of many other related industries. The red apples wholesale price is offered at different prices in the market due to the difference in the type of apple. The red apple price is lower than the price of golden apple, but red apples are divided into different kinds and are supplied at different prices. In addition, the price of export red apple is higher due to its unique features and high quality. The sorting process, color of the apple, as well as the size and type of packaging are also effective in determining the price of red apples. For more information on red apple price, contact our sales experts at Fresh City Company and get quotations of Iranian apples, including red apple price.   


Red Apple Supplier

The high demand of red apples in the market has provided the background for the activity of suppliers, and thus, they can supply red apples with excellent quality to the domestic and foreign markets. Fresh City Company, which is active in supply of various nuts such as Iranian pistachios and fresh fruits, such as Iranian kiwi, Iranian apple, and red apple, is one of the most important red apple suppliers. This company directly supplies the customers with the best type of Iranian red apples. This red apple company is one of the best and largest red apple suppliers in the Iranian market and one of the red apple super exporters in foreign markets.

Red Apple Supplier

Red Apple Manufacturer

Red apples have many customers due to their crispness and good taste and can be eaten fresh. Of course, red apples are also used in processing industries such as juice and compote production, and this has had a more significant impact on the demand for red apples. For this reason, today, red apple manufacturing companies in Iran manufacture high quality and first-class varieties of red apples based on customer expectations so that their red apples are of better quality than red apples supplied by other manufacturers. This has caused all the red apples available in the markets to be of high quality. It should be noted that Iran is currently one of the largest red apple manufacturers and meets the needs of many foreign markets. Many cities in the south of Iran are considered large red apple manufacturers and supply the red apple importers with the best apples. Therefore, selling red apples without intermediaries is one of the concerns of people active in this field.  


Red Apple Wholesale

The premium red apple wholesalers try to meet the needs of all red apple importers by supplying and exporting this valuable and nutritious product to foreign countries worldwide to make both profit and income and provide the customers with high quality red apples according to their consumption level. Fresh City Company, a main red apple supplier, supplies the best and highest quality red apples in bulk or packages. 


Buy Red Apple

What is the standard of best red apple? Will this fruit be purchased wholesale from Iranian markets? How the best red apple is exported to different countries of the world and how much of this product is sold abroad? Undoubtedly, most fruits grown in Iran have good export conditions. For this reason, investment has been made in increasing the quality and quantity of the fruit. The quality of red apples is very important for domestic and foreign customers. For this reason, suppliers offer the highest quality to the market and control its sales. Meanwhile, the red apples grown in different western cities of Iran have excellent quality and necessary standards.

Red Apple Wholesale

Red Apple Exporter

The golden apple and red apple exporters pay attention to the countries with the highest demand for fruits because they can easily manage and increase their sales. Therefore, Fresh City Company, as a red apple exporter, analyzes the markets based on its experience and performance and exports various types of Iranian apples, including red apples, to different target countries. This red apple company aims to introduce first-class Iranian fruits, including Iranian dates and varieties of Iranian apples, including red apples, to different countries in the world and supplies its customers with high quality and standard products. After meeting the needs of domestic markets, the main concern of this red apple company as one of the major red apple wholesale suppliers is to export different types of red apples to near and far countries. It is worth mentioning that the high quality of produced apples gives a particular place to the export of red apples.      


Red Apple Grading and Packaging

With years of experience in supplying, packaging, and exporting nuts such as Iranian raisins and fruits, including Iranian apples, Fresh City Company can deliver red apples in various sizes to many countries around the world. Fresh City Company also supplies red apples in custom packaging or 3.5 kg to 8 kg cartons or plastic boxes. Red apples are also packaged and supplied in bulk in weights of 10 kg, 18 kg and 21 kg.


Red Apple Benefits

It is interesting to know that in addition to nutritional properties, red apples have great health benefits and play an essential role in your health and well-being. It is also helpful in the treatment or reduction of skin or inflammatory diseases. Studies show that this valuable and unique product has numerous and impressive health benefits. Red apples are the most consumed fruits and contain fiber, vitamins and minerals and for this reason it is highly recommended to eat one red apple a day. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, red apples are also called “Red Delicious” and in some areas it is known by this name.

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