Shahani Dates

shahani dates

Shahani dates are one of the Iranian date cultivars that are cultivated in abundance in the south of Iran. Shahani dates are in the category of wet dates. Their color is light brown and their shape is long and has a narrow end like Rabbi dates. Shahani dates are also eaten unripe and are also sweet when unripe. Shahani dates are very popular in Iran and other countries, and due to their extraordinary quality and taste, they are one of the most important commercial and export cultivars in Iran, and are exported to foreign markets in large quantities every year. Shahani dates, like other varieties of dates, contain many vitamins and minerals and have a high nutritional value. Prevention of cancer and anemia is one of the important benefits of Shahani dates and other varieties of dates. Consuming a few Shahani dates or date products such as date paste a day provides you with energy all day long.        


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Buy Shahani Dates

You can purchase Shahani dates wholesale from us right now. Shahani dates with sweet taste and abundant fiber and its attractive color have found many buyers in Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh. Purchase from a reputable manufacturer and ensure the quality of the product. Fresh City Company with 15 years of experience in exporting various agricultural products such as Iranian dates, pistachios, raisins, apples, kiwis, and coriander seeds mainly exports the best and freshest products to Asian countries, Persian Gulf countries and European countries and has always made customer satisfaction one of its goals. Our company divides Shahani dates into first grade and second grade after harvest and supplies the highest quality Shahani dates as pressed, vacuum packed, or pitted dates in different weights and packages to the domestic and foreign markets.       


Shahani Dates Price

Shahani dates are marketed in different ways. Shahani dates price vary depending on the grade, type of packaging, and how it is marketed. Shahani dates are supplied both dry and wet. Wet Shahani dates may be supplied with or without pits, pressed or vacuumed. In addition, other factors such as supply and demand and exchange rate fluctuations are also effective in determining Shahani dates price. You can significantly reduce your costs by buying Shahani dates wholesale. Fresh City Company, a Shahani dates wholesaler and wholesaler of other products such as Kimia dates, exports the highest quality Shahani dates directly and without intermediaries at a reasonable price to neighboring countries and Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and India. Feel free to contact us right now on WhatsApp and inquire about Shahani dates price.    

shahani dates price

Shahani Dates Exporter

Iran is one of the largest exporters of dates. Other products such as Iranian pistachios are the most important export products of Iran due to their different taste and unique quality, and every year a large quantity of these products are exported from Iran to all parts of the world. Another important export product of Iran is Iranian kiwi, which is widely cultivated and exported. Shahani dates are also one of the best-selling types of Iranian dates and because of their rich sweetness, they are also used in the production of date syrup, and Asian countries, especially India and Malaysia, are the main Shahani dates importers. Our company, Fresh City, one of the major Shahani dates manufacturers and exporters and the largest exporter of food and agricultural products in Iran, is pleased to supply the best and highest quality Shahani dates on time at a reasonable and competitive price to its customers in the international market. To import Shahani dates, contact us via email or WhatsApp.    

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Shahani Dates Wholesale Supplier

Fresh City Company manufactures a large variety of Iranian dates such as Mazafati dates and Piarom dates in addition to Shahani dates relying on modern agricultural methods and supplies its products directly to domestic and foreign markets in bulk. Our company has all the health certificates and national and international standards of food and agricultural products and has always tried to deliver its products to its customers at a reasonable price and high quality by eliminating intermediaries. Quality, speed in providing services, and customer satisfaction have always been the goals of Fresh City Company which has a brilliant history in exporting Shahani dates. Buy Shahani dates wholesale from Fresh City Company as Shahani dates manufacturer and supplier, and eliminate intermediaries. You can buy Shahani dates from Fresh City Company as Shahani dates manufacturer and supplier with custom-branded packages and design and reduce your expenses. For more information about Shahani dates wholesale supply and wholesale of our other products, Feel free to contact Fresh City Company via WhatsApp or email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Unripe Shahani dates are called Kharak. Kharak Shahani dates are edible.

Shahani dates are sold in pressed blocks pitted or whole.

Shahani dates are soft dates with a light brown color and a long shape.

Shahani dates are pressed, vacuum-packed or packed in whole.

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