Sun-dried Raisins (Thompson)

Sun-Dried Raisin

Sun-dried raisins are one of the varieties of Iranian raisins. No additive is used in the production process of Sun-dried raisins and for this reason, they are very well-known among Iranian raisins, including golden raisins, Sultana raisins, etc. for their natural and traditional method of production. This variety of seedless raisins are dried fruits and have a sweet taste. These raisins are exported to many countries around the world due to their organic nature. Sun-dried raisins (Thompson) are also known as pilaf raisins and have a high quality and good taste. The red color of sun-dried raisin distinguishes it from other raisins. Raisins are used as a flavor in pastries, cakes, and desserts and are also used in some foods and salads.


Sun-dried Raisins Production

In this method, Iranian sun-dried raisins are produced without using chemicals. The oldest and, at the same time, the least expensive process is sun drying, so the end product is called sun-dried raisin. In this method, the grapes lose their moisture and turn into raisins with the help of sunlight and heat. Drying in the sun and hot weather darkens the raisins’ color. Depending on the weather conditions, it may take three weeks for the grapes to dry.    

Sun-Dried Raisin Price

Sun-dried Raisins Manufacturer

Iran is one of the largest manufacturers of a variety of high-quality raisins, including golden raisins, sultana raisins and sun-dried raisins, etc., in the world. About one-fifth of our country (in terms of area and population) is engaged in raisin production. Sun-dried raisins are one of the most valuable products in Iran. Many companies in Iran produce sun-dried raisins (Thompson) and export this delicious and unique product to many countries worldwide. Fresh City Company is an Iranian raisin manufacturer and with years of experience in manufacturing sun-dried raisins (Thompson) is one of the leading and well-known companies that exports this product to East Asian countries, European countries, and the Persian Gulf countries. Our company owns a factory for manufacturing and processing Iranian raisins and is actively engaged in supplying the highest quality sun-dried raisins to foreign markets. If you want to buy sun-dried raisins, you can buy all kinds of first-class sun-dried raisins by contacting Fresh City Company, one of the active and leading sun-dried raisin manufacturers.   


Sun-dried Raisins Exporter

The best raisins in the world are produced in Iran, and the Iranian raisins export is very important for the world. Iran is a major sun-dried raisin manufacturer and a transit route for most important raisins in the world. Iranian raisins such as Golden raisins, Sultana raisins, sun-dried raisins, long green raisins (green Kashmari raisins), and long gold raisins (gold Kashmari raisins) are Iranian products. Iranian seedless Mavis raisins are also exported from Iran to the Middle East, Africa and the United States. Fresh City Company is one of the leading Iranian raisin exporters who export sun-dried raisins. Having branch offices in Iran and the UAE, this company ships the best Iranian raisins, including long green raisins (green Kashmari raisins) and sun-dried raisins, directly to most Persian Gulf countries, Africa, and the United States at a reasonable price. Most Iranian raisins are exported by this sun-dried raisin exporting company to Europe, Turkey, Armenia, Egypt, Morocco, Australia, Syria, etc. Among these countries, Qatar and Iraq are the main raisin importers.

Sun-Dried Raisin Supplier

Sun-dried Raisins Price

Sun-dried raisins have a good market in Iran, and these raisins have different prices. The price of sun-dried raisins is determined according to the type of grapes used for producing sun-dried raisins. Sun-dried raisins are natural and organic products and are sold in this distribution center at a reasonable price in bulk. These raisins are graded according to their quality. Sun-dried raisin price varies depending on their quality. If you want to buy sun-dried raisins, you should take some points into consideration, such as the date of production, volume of tail-free raisins, absence of waste raisins, and the quality of packaging. If you want to buy sun-dried raisins, you can contact the sales experts of Fresh City Company via WhatsApp or email. Our company is one of the most prominent sun-dried raisins wholesale suppliers and can supply sun-dried raisins in different quantities at a reasonable price and export sun-dried raisins to all the countries around the world. You can contact us and inquire about sun-dried raisin price and sun-dried raisin wholesale price. Sun-dried raisin wholesale is also available in cartons or bags. In addition, Fresh City Company made every effort to remove intermediaries in the supply of sun-dried raisins to reduce the price for sun-dried raisin customers.

Sun-Dried Raisin Wholesale

Buy Sun-dried Raisins (buy Thompson)

Fresh City Company has been one of the successful suppliers of dried fruits, including Iranian pistachios, Iranian raisins, etc. owing to its experience, market knowledge and customer trust. The main asset of this sun-dried raisin company is its customers and their trust. We are always striving to meet the demands of foreign customers properly. Sun-dried raisins also have large sales in Iran. If you want to buy sun-dried raisins, you can refer to Fresh City Company, one of the leading sun-dried raisin exporters worldwide. Each year, many sun-dried raisin importers in European and African countries, and also Asian countries, especially Iraq and Qatar, are willing to buy Iranian raisins from this sun-dried raisin wholesale supplier. So you can buy sun-dried raisins from our company at a more reasonable price. 


Sun-dried Raisins Benefits

Sun-dried raisins are a rich source of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, potassium, manganese, zinc, fluoride and also a good source of dietary fiber, all of which are necessary and useful for health. The antioxidants in sun-dried raisins prevent aging. Among the different types of raisins, sun-dried raisins are the best and most nutritious. Sun-dried raisins are better than industrially dried raisins. They are also suitable for strengthening bones. The color of raisins dried in the sun is mostly brown and one of the important points in preserving these raisins is that they must be kept away from humidity to have a long shelf life and avoid their rotting.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The raisins prepared in this method have a dark brown color and are slightly dry. The essential time for drying the grapes is between 15 to 20 days, depending on the type of grape and the weather conditions.

As it is self-explanatory, sun-dried raisins need enough sunlight to be processed, so a warm and temperate climate is suitable for this type of raisins.

Fresh City sends orders for sun-dried raisins all over the world without any restrictions.

You may inquire about the market price of sun-dried raisins by calling our WhatsApp number at +989904425400 or sending an email to and register your order.

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