Turkish Apples

Turkey is among the top three countries in the world with the production of 4.3 million tons of apple products. Turkey is the second biggest producer of apples in Europe after Poland. Considering the fact that Turkey has a suitable climate and conditions for planting garden products such as fruits and apples, it is undoubtedly a country that can produce high quality apples.

Turkish Apple Varieties

Turkey’s diverse geographic regions allow for production of 460 varieties of apples, but only 10 of these are marketed commercially. Almost half of the apples grown in Turkey are Red Delicious (Starking). Some other popular categories are Golden and Amasya. The green color of some Turkish apples may be very attractive and special for Asian countries whose apple color is yellow. Most of the apples produced in European countries are green and this is due to the cold weather conditions of these countries.

Turkish Apple Characteristics

Turkey Red Delicious (Starking) apples are one of the best red delicious apples. They are bright red colored crunchy, juicy and very sweet. They are a natural source of fiber and are fat free and contain a wide variety of anti-oxidants and high nutrition. Golden Delicious apples on the other hand have a yellow-green skin and are known for their juicy flesh
and honey-like flavor.


The Price of Turkish Apples

Turkey, like other Asian and European countries in the world, has a mass production of apples. This country can produce the highest quality apples due to its water and soil resources rich in minerals. Not only is the quality of Turkish apples very high, but also the final price of this product is much more reasonable than in other European countries. The reasonable price of apples produced in this country is only because of the large and massive production done by gardeners and with proper planting in this country.

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