Zahedi Dates

zahedi dates

Zahedi dates are one of the types of Iranian dates and are widely cultivated and exported in Iran. The size of Zahedi dates is about 3 to 4 cm. Its shape is oval and its end is narrow. The color of Zahedi dates is yellow, golden or light brown. Zahedi dates, like Piarom dates, belong to the category of dry and late-ripening dates. First-grade Zahedi dates have a better golden color. Zahedi dates are very popular in Iran due to their wonderful taste and attractive color, as well as their ease of consumption, and are exported to many Asian countries. Zahedi dates are also eaten unripe. You can eat Zahedi dates as a nutritious snack with Iranian pistachios and Iranian raisins, which are among the highest quality export products of Iran. Zahedi dates are rich in fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals and are a natural supplement to maintain overall health and strengthen your immune system.  

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Do not hesitate to buy Zahedi dates because today everyone is looking for a healthy diet. Buy Zahedi dates in bulk now. Our concern is to supply the latest and highest quality products and help customers to improve their quality of life. Zahedi dates have a sweet taste and are also used to produce date products such as chopped dates. Fresh City Company is a Zahedi dates wholesaler and one of the largest exporters of agricultural products such as Iranian dates, and with the benefit of food health certificates and the necessary standards, it exports its products to all parts of the world. To buy Zahedi dates, you can contact Fresh City Company at any time.   

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Zahedi Dates Price

Zahedi dates are reasonably priced and sold in very large volumes due to their easy storage and warehousing. First-grade Zahedi dates have both a higher price and a better color and quality. The best Zahedi dates have a golden and uniform color and their size is bigger and fleshier. The type of packaging is also effective in determining Zahedi dates price. By buying Zahedi dates in bulk from Fresh City Company, a wholesale supplier and exporter of Zahedi dates and other types of dates such as Sayer dates as well as date products such as date paste, you can buy Zahedi dates at a very reasonable price. To inquire about Zahedi dates price, please feel free to contact Fresh City Company via WhatsApp or email.  

Zahedi Dates Exporter

Due to its high quality, easy transportation and reasonable price, Zahedi dates are exported in large quantities to the countries of the Persian Gulf and Asian countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. The special taste and excellent quality of some Iranian agricultural products and the country’s suitable climate for the growth of various agricultural products have caused products such as Iranian dates, iranian pistachios and iranian kiwis to find many buyers and fans in foreign markets and the cultivation of these products and their export to Asian, European and Arab countries to increase every year. Fresh City Company also has a very brilliant and long experience in the field of export, especially Zahedi dates export, and supplies wet cultivars of dates such as Mazafati dates and semi-dry dates such as Rabbi dates, and dried dates such as Zahedi dates directly to foreign markets.   

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Zahedi Dates Supplier

Buy Zahedi dates wholesale from Fresh City Company and eliminate intermediaries. We offer Zahedi dates at wholesale price. Fresh City Company is a Zahedi dates wholesale supplier and in addition to Zahedi dates and other types of dates, it manufactures other products including Iranian apples and supplies them directly to Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Arab and European countries. You can contact Fresh City Company, a Zahedi dates manufacturer and direct supplier, right now and make your purchase.  

zahedi dates supplier

Zahedi Dates Packaging

Zahedi dates are dry dates and have a long shelf life. You can easily store them at room temperature for 12 to 18 months. Zahedi dates are very easy to transport and do not need a refrigerated container for export, but it is better to keep them at a cool temperature. Zahedi dates should be packed in such a way as to protect it from date pests. Fresh City Company carefully sorts and grades Zahedi dates in date processing and packaging factories and supplies the highest quality Zahedi dates in suitable and various packages as well as in bulk in weights of 5 to 10 kg to domestic and foreign markets. You can order Zahedi dates with your favorite packaging and brand. You can contact us via WhatsApp or email to order different types of dates and other Fresh City products.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The shelf life of Zahedi dates is about 12 months.

First grade Zahedi dates have a uniform color and a bigger size.

Zahedi dates are dry dates and have a yellow to light brown color and an oval shape.

Zahedi dates are supplied in bulk or in packages.

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