Iranian Garlic

Undoubtedly garlic is a mouth-watering delight that makes every cuisine extremely flavorful. It is one of the most widely used food products and according to statistics, it is the second most consumed spice in the world after pepper. Also, garlic is known as one of the most valuable medicinal plants in traditional medicine. It has been proved that garlic reduces high blood pressure, reduces high cholesterol, improves the immune system, and works as a natural antibiotic in all areas of the body.

Garlic Exporters

Several countries produce garlic but Iranian high-quality garlic is a popular product in the fruit and vegetable market of many countries.

According to FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) China is the largest producer of garlic, and Iran with an annual production of more than 600,000 tons of garlic is another largest garlic producer in the world.

Unique Characteristics of Iranian Garlic

When it comes to taste, texture, and even color, Persian Garlic stands out from the crowd. Iranian garlic has a very strong and savory taste compared to other garlic varieties, making it highly appealing for Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian and Arabic cuisine. China’s garlic on the other hand, with its mild flavor fails to satisfy cuisines in which spices play an important role.  Moreover, Iranian garlic has a milky white flesh with a firm texture, and naturally bright color with clean roots. It does not have any burnt, or dirty skins and doesn’t have any mechanical damage.

Iranian Garlic Colors

Iran is a breeder of different types of garlic in different regions that can be distinguished through color. Red color (purple color) garlics are mostly cultivated in northwest of Iran and white color garlics in central parts in Hamadan province. We in Fresh City Company, supply both types in huge volume.

Iranian Garlic Varieties

In general, Iranian garlic is exported in two ways, namely dry and fresh. In dry form, garlics after being harvested are sun dried without any additives, as a result of which last longer than fresh garlic cloves. Since this type of garlic is ready for long-term storage, it has many fans among importers. Fresh garlic on the other hand, is produced semi fresh with the stem and outer skin of the bulb not completely dry which also has its own buyers. Russia, The Persian Gulf countries, Turkey and India mostly order this type of garlic. Fresh City Company, can supply either form in huge tonnage.

Buy Iranian Garlic

If you wish to order Iranian garlics, details such as color, packaging, size and type are accustomed to your desire. We in Fresh City Company, provide you the highest quality Iranian garlic with competitive price, based on your need and request.

Iranian Garlic Supplier

Fresh city Company, as a big Iranian Garlic Exporter, has the capacity to provide 3000 to 5000 tons of high-quality Iranian garlic for export annually all year round. Russia, India, Persian Gulf Countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan have the largest volume of export consumption from our company. For any inquiries regarding this appetizing food product, feel free to contact us.

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