Iranian Kiwi

Iranian Kiwi

Iranian kiwi is one of the staple exports of Iran. The best kiwis are grown in Iran, and this country is one of the largest kiwi producers in the world. Iran is also one of the leading kiwi exporters and exports high tonnage of kiwi every year. Various types of Iranian kiwi, including Hayward Kiwi, are exported to many countries around the world annually. Iranian kiwi has unique features and is known all over the world for its excellent taste. The main advantage of Iranian kiwi is its reasonable price and high quality, which makes it the best kiwi in the world and also pleasant for the people due to its desirable quality and standard.  


Do you know what Hayward Kiwi is

Hayward kiwi is a type of Iranian kiwi that is grown in the northern cities of the country. This type of fruit is one of the best kiwis for exports to different countries and is also known as green kiwi. Kiwifruit is egg-shaped, in size of a large egg (5-8 cm length and 4.5-5.5 cm width), its skin is brown, its flesh is light green, and the best and most fertile place for its cultivation is north Iran. Hayward kiwi fruit is a good source of vitamins A, E, C. It is also a rich source of minerals such as potassium, copper, iron and phosphorus that play an important role in maintaining the health and activity of our body cells.


Iranian Kiwi Calibers


Iranian Kiwi Quality

Fresh City Company is equipped with the most modern and up-to-date machines for cleaning, processing and storing dried fruits, such as Iranian raisins, Iranian dates, and Iranian pistachios. This company, which is one of the largest high-quality Iranian kiwi manufacturers, owns cold storage warehouses and a mechanized factory for grading and sorting all kinds of fruits, including Iranian apples and Iranian kiwis. This Iranian kiwi company is ready to supply different types of high-quality Iranian kiwis, like Hayward Kiwi, in any size and custom brand and packages at competitive price. The company has been very successful for many years in the field of packaging, supply and export of fruits and nuts around the world.   

Iranian Kiwi

Iranian Kiwi Price in Fruit Market

Iranian kiwi price and the Iranian kiwi wholesale price in the fruit market depends on many factors. One of the factors is the cost of production before the product enters the market. These costs include fertilizers that are applied to soil to improve the growth and productiveness of the plant, costs of maintenance and protection of the product until it reaches the end consumer, and transportation costs until the product reaches the customer. Despite all these costs, the Iranian kiwi price in Russia and the Persian Gulf countries is reasonable and has received the attention of many people. One of the most famous Iranian kiwi varieties cultivated in the northern regions of the country is Hayward Kiwi. This variety can be considered as the best variety for export. If Hayward kiwi exporters pay special attention to the quality of fruit packaging, they can export it to countries such as Turkey, Canada, Russia, Arab countries, Norway and the United States. Hayward Kiwi price and Hayward Kiwi wholesale price may vary at the time of sale depending on their quality, and they are not offered at the same price. Fresh City Company is one of the manufacturers of various fruits such as Iranian kiwi and Hayward kiwi. It is active in exporting these products abroad and offers these products at a competitive and reasonable price. To buy Iranian kiwi and to buy Hayward kiwi, you can contact the sales experts of this Iranian Kiwi Company via email or WhatsApp.  


Iranian Kiwi Exporter

It is very important to export high-quality Iranian kiwis to other countries, including Russia, because products that are intended for export must be of super high quality and good enough to satisfy the customer and increase exports. Iranian kiwi price for the countries that import Iranian kiwi, including Russia, which is one of the main Iranian kiwi importers, is commensurate with the quality of the product. Therefore the volume of kiwi exports to Russia is increasing. Iran is one of the major exporters of kiwi fruit, including Hayward Kiwi, worldwide. Hayward kiwi is one of the best varieties of Iranian kiwi. The export of first-class Hayward kiwi fruit is done by many fruit exporting companies, which transport this product from northern cities to foreign markets. As one of the leading Iranian kiwi exporters and Hayward Kiwi exporters, Fresh City Company supplies and exports these unique and high-quality products to many countries around the world, including Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, UAE, Ukraine, USA, Bahrain, Belgium, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Iraq, Oman, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Georgia and India which are the leading Iranian kiwi importers. 


Iranian Kiwi Supplier

Iranian Kiwi Supplier

Iranian kiwi is one of the fruits that has many customers around the world and Iran is one of the largest Iranian kiwi suppliers. Iranian export kiwi is one of the products that has much to offer in terms of quality. The production of this high-quality fruit has made this product available all over the world. Due to the large sales and supply of this product, Iran is also considered as one of the important and reputable Iranian kiwi suppliers in the international trade market. Cities producing Iranian kiwi fruit may produce kiwifruits on a small-scale. But in general, the northern provinces of Iran are the leading suppliers of first-class Iranian kiwis, including Hayward Kiwi. Fresh City Company, as an Iranian kiwi wholesale supplier, offers this product with high quality. This Iranian Kiwi wholesale company sells Iranian kiwi and other products such as Iranian raisins in bulk or various weights. In addition, this Iranian Kiwi wholesale supplier can offer custom packaging according to customer demands. This Iranian kiwi wholesale company always guarantees the quality of this product.   


Hayward Kiwi Supplier

Iranian Hayward kiwi is supplied to many countries, including India, Russia, the Persian Gulf countries and Europe, which are the main Hayward kiwi importers. Fresh City Company is one of Hayward kiwi wholesale suppliers. This company is one of the leading companies in supplying Hayward kiwi. It supplies various dried nuts such as Iranian pistachios and various fruits such as Iranian apples and Iranian kiwis to all the countries around the world and is one of the major Hayward kiwi suppliers.   


Iranian Kiwi Wholesale

Buy Iranian Kiwi

Iranian kiwi can be purchased in different ways. You can purchase this product in person from Fresh City Company. You can also buy Iranian kiwi from Fresh City Company online. If you buy Iranian kiwi online, in addition to saving your time and money, you will receive the product in the shortest possible time. You can contact this company, the major Iranian kiwi supplier, via email or WhatsApp and proceed to purchase Iranian kiwi from this company by receiving complete information about Iranian kiwi wholesale price and also Hayward kiwi wholesale price.   


Iranian Kiwi Benefits

Kiwi is a nutritious fruit and has high nutrients and very low calories, and therefore is in the category of healthiest fruits. As this fruit reduces the triglyceride level and blood concentration, it can prevent narrowing arteries and various strokes. Kiwi has many anti-cancer properties due to its high antioxidant content and reduces the possibility of developing cancers. This fruit is also helpful in reducing stress, lowering blood pressure and strengthening eyesight.


Ways to contact us

For more information, you can contact Fresh City Company via email or WhatsApp. We offer free consultation for all products.  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The harvest season of kiwifruit in Iran begins in late summer or early autumn.

Kiwi is grown in the northern provinces of Iran.

You may request the market price of Iranian Kiwi by calling our WhatsApp number at +989904425400 or sending an email to and register your order.

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