Dates Paste

Dates paste is a pressed form of high quality Iranian dates such as sayer, kabkab, Mazafati, Shahani, Zahedi, etc. In preparing dates paste, first the dates are washed and cleaned completely, then every extra material and dates kernel are extracted from it.

After that dates grinds and pressed well with industrial machines in order to become a completely soft and delicate texture (puree). In the last step, they are steamed for pasteurization and packed directly in suitable packages.

The final product has a good smell and aroma and also a sweet taste. In producing dates paste normally do not use any additives, sulfates or artificial flavors.

Depending on the dates used, the color of the pastes can be from dark brown to light brown.

The moisture content of dates paste is 18 to 23 percent.

Dates paste is 100% natural, pure, organic and healthy.


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Usage & Benefits

Dates paste is a natural sweetener and a healthy alternative to sugar that can be used as a natural marmalade instead of a variety of artificial products in confectionery, cake baking recipes and in the production of cookies and desserts. This product can also be used as a main ingredient in the preparation of other food products such as sauces, jams, ice cream and various snacks.

Dates product and its paste have many benefits for recovering and health of the body, including: gastrointestinal health and bone strength. Dates paste using is very effective in reducing negative cholesterol in the blood and fights against anemia. Dates paste is also useful for diabetics. Dates paste contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, selenium, which are effective in preventing osteoporosis and treating joint pain.


Harvest season for dates begins in late summer. August and September are the proper months for producing fresh dates paste.

Nutrition facts

Nutrient Value/100gdates paste
Energy328 kcal
Saturated Fat0.0
Total Fat0.2
Dietary Fiber8.4 g
Sodium8 mg
Glucose33 g
Fructose37 g
Salt0.03 g


Fresh City Company with its brilliant history in the field of supply, processing and exporting of various dates, nuts and fresh fruits can offer dates paste in the following packages:

Industrial package (bulk): 10 kg

Customer package (retail): 800 g

The company can also offer dates paste in a variety of packages according to the customer’s choice.

Shipping: Dry / Ordinary container

Storage conditions

Dates paste can be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight for 2 years. This product does not need to be preserved in a refrigerator.

Shipping and delivery

The fresh city company with its professional records in the field of exporting dried fruits to all over the world, can implement all necessary actions for transferring, shipping and exporting the products

This company can make contracts in the form of FOB or CFR depending on customer demands.


Dates paste has different prices depending to its size and grade:

Please be in contact with our sale experts via whats app or email for notifying the latest price for Dates paste.

Appearance Very sweet paste, Brown color
Smell ,Taste Naturally dates aroma without foreign odor  
Moisture 18-23 %
Shelf Life and Storage Condition  24 month, Keep in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight
Producing  time  Usually September and october
Order time Whole year
Chemical/Artificial Additives  No, completely natural and healthy, GMO Free, Gluten-Free
Packing type in bulk Customer request
Consumer Packing  Customer request
OEM  Possible

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