Kali Dates

Kali Dates

Kali dates are one of the types of Iranian dates that have special sales in European countries and Arab countries in the Persian Gulf. Kali dates are also known as Kalute dates and are very similar to Mazafati dates. The difference between Kali dates and Mazafati dates is only recognized by experts in the field of Iranian dates. In fact, Kali (Kalute) dates are moist and large dates with dark brown skin, but they are slightly lighter than Mazafati dates. 


Kali Dates Features

Kalute dates are relatively large in size. The size of these dates is usually between 2 and 4 cm and is in the category of moist dates, which has a superior juice compared to most Iranian dates. The skin of Iranian Kali dates is dark brown. As mentioned above, there are many similarities between Kalute dates and Mazafati dates. Kali dates have a lighter color and firmer flesh than Mazafati dates. In general, Iranian Kali dates have many fans in the world due to their good appearance and good taste.

Kali Dates Supplier

Kali Dates Price

Iranian dates are extremely popular in the world market. One of the dates highly demanded by European countries and the countries of the Persian Gulf is Kali dates, which has many fans due to its large size and extraordinary taste. Kalute dates are one of the most exported Iranian dates, which has a reasonable price in addition to its very desirable quality. You can contact us for more information on the wholesale price of Kalute dates via Fresh City Company’s WhatsApp number or email.


Kali Dates Supplier

With the increase in demand for Kali dates in the global market, suppliers of these dates in Iran have expanded the cultivation and production line of this best-selling product, and now we are witnessing extensive exports of this product to other countries. Countries such as Iraq, UAE, Turkey, India, Russia and China are among the largest buyers of dates and make a good profit from their market every year by buying this quality and tasty product. In addition to the quality of dates consumed, the type of dates packaging is also very important for storage and protection against exposure to heat and moisture. Fresh City Company uses advanced sorting and packaging tools to ensure that dates are shipped from Iran and delivered to buyers in the best possible way.

Kali Dates Price

Kali Dates Exporters

Kali dates are cultivated in different parts of the world. Iran is one of the regions where Kali dates are grown with suitable quality. Iranian Kali dates have a larger size compared to dates of other countries, which along with the extraordinary taste of this date, is a commercial product for Iran. For this reason, suppliers of Kali dates in Iran are always competing with each other to deliver the products to buyers in different countries with ideal quality and reasonable prices. For more information about the suppliers of Iranian Kalute dates, you can refer to Fresh City Company’s website.


Kali Dates Wholesale

Fresh City Company exports Iranian dates in bulk every year. Meanwhile, the countries of the Persian Gulf and European countries have the largest amount of dates exports. Quality, reasonable price, and proper packaging of Kali dates are among the features which have the most importance for buyers in bulk sales of Kali dates. Fresh City Company meets the needs of domestic and foreign markets all year round by collecting quality dates in suitable and modern packages. Due to the elimination of intermediaries, the bulk sale of Kali dates is done at a very reasonable price, and as a result, Fresh City Company has been able to meet all the needs of the buyers of Kalute dates. For this reason, it is one of the largest exporters of Iranian dates.

Buy Kali Dates

Buy Kali Dates

Kali dates have attracted the attention of many traders and buyers in Asian and European countries due to their reasonable price. Kali dates are rich in minerals and organic matter that help hair growth and strengthen bones and provide the body with the necessary energy due to their carbohydrates and sugar content. In general, Kali dates are a suitable snack and eating 3 of them provides the body with the necessary energy for daily activities.


Kali Dates Packaging

Proper packaging of products has a direct effect on sales and profitability, as well as proper preservation of products. Fresh City Company packs Kali dates in the best way possible using the best packing and sorting tools to protect the products against exposure to light and heat and also preserve their appearance. Kali dates are packaged with different packaging designs and in different sizes according to the needs of buyers. Kali dates are mostly packed in 5 and 10 kg boxes which are very suitable for the wholesale and export of kali dates abroad.  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kali dates are cheaper than Mazafati dates and are very similar to Mazafati dates in appearance but they have a lighter brownish color.

Kali dates are soft and moist dates with a %15 to %35 moisture.

Kalute is another name for Kali dates. 

Kali dates are very similar to Mazafati dates in appearance but they have a firmer texture

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