Safawi Dates


This date variety is soft, semi-dried and characteristically identified by its particular deep black color, its length, and medium-size. Grown in Saudi Arabia in the city of Madinah, these dates are very sweet and rich in vitamins and are also very suitable for filling with nuts. In general there are three classifications of dates; dry, semi-dry and soft, and Safawi dates belong to the semi-dry type. Also, the size of Safawi dates is medium and their flesh is soft and easy to chew. This verity is widely available in the market as the Safawi palm tree is so fertile and famous for its productivity.


Buy Safawi Dates

Saudi Dates are known to be the best dates. There are different types of dates available in the Saudi market but Safawi is one of the best. In order to get the best dates, over the course of the harvesting season, each date must be hand-picked at the perfect time to ensure the quality and consistency of appearance and taste. We, in Fresh City Company, carefully monitor this process and guarantee that our customers will receive the freshest Safawi dates.

In case of any inquiries regarding Safawi dates wholesale purchase, packaging, delivery and etc., feel free to contact our experienced sales experts to assist you in the purchase process.


Safawi Dates Supplier

We, in Fresh City Company, are actively involved in the wholesale supply of Safawi dates along with various other types of dates and export considerably in bulk annually. As a direct supplier of Safawi dates, we supervise the entire process of supply from their planting to their export to domestic and foreign markets. We have always attempted to offer the freshest and highest quality Safawi dates to our customers. Needless to mention that by purchasing Safawi dates wholesale from a direct supplier of dates, you can greatly reduce your import costs.



Safawi Dates Exporter

 Safawi dates are one of the best-selling types of dates and due to their special taste and excellent quality, are much in demand among the exporters in large quantities. In Fresh City Company, we have the potential to supply this date variety at the best wholesale price. Our impeccable team is always ready to supply, pack and export Safawi dates in bulk to all countries of the world and has always sincerely attempted to meet the expectations of its customers.

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