Long Green Raisins (green Kashmari raisins)

Long Green Raisin

One of the varieties of Iranian raisins is long green raisins (green Kashmari raisin), which is also called long raisin. In addition to being supplied in the Iranian market, this product is abundantly supplied for sale in export markets. Its uniqueness in the world has been an advantage for Iran. Besides, this product has large sales and is highly demanded in Iran, especially during social events. The sales of this variety have also increased because of its abundant properties and health benefits. This raisin is one of the most widely used dried fruit products in the world. It is a grape product and has different types. Among the varieties of this product, green raisins have attracted many fans. Kashmari raisins are one of the best types of this product, which is very popular in foreign markets. Long green raisin (green Kashmari raisin) is annually exported to neighboring countries by its largest manufacturer in high weights. This product is also sold online. 


Long Green Raisins Types

Long green raisin (green Kashmari raisin) is classified into following grades for sale in the market.  

  • Luxury long green raisin
  • Premium long green raisin
  • Grade 1 long green raisin
  • Grade 2 long green raisin


Long Green Raisins Production

Fresh City Company is one of the leading long green raisin (green Kashmari raisin) exporters and generally produces green raisins in two ways: Long green raisins with sulfur, which is commonly used in the Iranian and export markets, or without sulfur, which is known as organic long green raisins and are produced in low quantities.  

Long Green Raisin Price

Long Green Raisins Supplier

Many companies and centers in Iran are actively involved in the production and supply of raisins, including golden raisins and long green raisins (green Kashmari raisins) and supply their products with special offers at reasonable prices in different packages. Long green raisin is one of Iran’s export products and has made Iran the third-largest long green raisin supplier in the world. Long green raisins are produced with the best quality and have many customers in foreign markets. The best kinds of Iranian raisins, including long green raisins, are therefore supplied in packages or bulk based on the current market demand. If long green raisin suppliers use new processing and packaging methods, they can significantly increase the sales of this valuable product in the international market. Fresh City Company, with branch offices in Iran and Dubai, supplies long green raisins (green Kashmari raisins) directly to all countries around the world at wholesale price and meets a large part of market demand. 


Long Green Raisins Price

The long green raisin (green Kashmari raisins) price varies depending on the taste, type, color, manufacturer’s brand, quality, supply in large or small quantities, volume of import and export, and many other important factors that affect its pricing. The long green raisin price is lower than the price of other Iranian raisins, including Sultana raisins, because this variety can be found in abundance in the market. The long green raisin manufacturers in Iran offer this product in any quantity and excellent quality and competitive price. A large amount of Iranian long green raisins are sold annually in foreign markets. Fresh City Company, a long green raisin wholesale company with its equipped packaging factory and active commercial office in Iran and Dubai (UAE), supplies this first-class product at reasonable price in high-quality packaging. Our company also offers long green raisins in bulk at wholesale price and guarantees the quality of sales and exports of long green raisins. It has so far been able to manufacture and supply this product in the world market in large quantities.

Long Green Raisin Supplier

Long Green Raisins Wholesale

Iranian raisins wholesale such as Mavis raisins, long green raisins (green Kashmari raisins), etc., are offered in international markets at different prices. Long green raisins are dried fruits with very excellent foreign sales. Iranian long green raisins wholesale are provided in different weights and different qualities in the market. Long green raisins are known as the best variety of raisins in international markets. Long green raisins (green Kashmari raisins) wholesale are also done for export in high tonnage. Many companies in Iran are engaged in the wholesale of Iranian raisins, including long green raisins. Fresh City Company, one of the long green raisin wholesale suppliers, guarantees the quality and freshness of long green raisins and supplies long green raisins wholesale according to the demand of long green raisin (green Kashmari raisin) importers in other countries, including European countries, East Asian countries and the Persian Gulf countries. This long green raisin supplier also supplies its best and high-quality raisins, including long green raisins, to other countries, which has had a significant impact on increasing the country’s economic boom.  Long green raisin importers can contact this company via email or WhatsApp to buy long green raisins in bulk at a reasonable price. 


Long Green Raisins Benefits

Iranian long green raisins (green Kashmari raisins) have many health benefits. One of the important health benefits of this raisin is the treatment of iron deficiency and anemia. In addition, it strengthens the body and increases energy. If you have a weak body and want to eat organic foods and treat your body weakness and lethargy, it is better to include this type of raisin in your diet. Other health benefits of long green raisins for the body include treating constipation and disorders of the digestive system. It is better to eat long green raisins as a snack. It is a good alternative to sugar or high-fat snacks and is highly recommended for people with diabetes or high blood pressures. You can also eat long green raisins with nuts or other dried fruits to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs.  

Long Green Raisin Wholesale

Long Green Raisins Manufacturer

Iran is one of the top ten countries in the production and distribution of grapes in the world and exports its best products to other countries with high consumption of raisins. Different types of Iranian raisins which are grape products, including long green raisins, which is named as one of the most famous raisins, are sold in the Iranian market by sellers in different cities. Fresh City Company is one of the long green raisin manufacturers. This long green raisin (green Kashmari raisins) company is one of the most active companies manufacturing and distributing long green raisins. This company supplies its products, which are very famous because of their high quality, to many countries around the world.


Long Green Raisins Packaging

Many Iranian raisin exporters sell these products in bulk or various packages at various prices. Since grapes are harvested in large quantities in many parts of Iran, Iranian long green raisins (green Kashmari raisins) can be purchased at the most reasonable and affordable prices. You can purchase long green raisins wholesale from Fresh City Company in various weights and qualities. Long green raisins are the best type of raisins in the international dried fruit market and are purchased wholesale both in domestic and foreign markets. Long green raisins are packaged according to buyers’ requests in different qualities and weights. The quality of long green raisins is important for most buyers, so long green raisin manufacturers check the quality of this product with great care. As one of the prominent long green raisin manufacturers, Fresh City Company supplies this high-quality product with a delicious taste in various packages and has been successful in gaining customer satisfaction so far.   


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

They are only different in color because of the type of additives that are added during raisin processing.

Yes. In Iran, this raisin is known as green Kashmari raisin.

Kashmari raisins should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place and should not be stored in damp places. When washing Kashmari raisins, do not soak the raisins in water at all or do not rest too much in the water.

You may inquire about the market price of Long green raisin by contacting our WhatsApp number at +989904425400 or sending an email to info@fresh-city.co and register your order.

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