Puffy Barberry

Puffy Barberry

Puffy barberry is a type of red barberry that grows in northeastern Iran and has a sour and pleasant taste. This type of barberry has a better taste and color than ordinary red barberry due to its special drying and processing method. It is considered as one of the best types of Iranian barberry and is exported to other countries in abundance. When ripe, puffy barberry clusters are separated from the shrub with the branch and are transferred to a roofed place away from sunlight with great care and attention and hung on a scaffold to dry in the shade. This allows the barberry to retain its puffy appearance and have more color and moisture than regular barberry or Anari barberry. Puffy barberry is used in foods, jams, syrups, pastries, and beverages.

Although the production of puffy barberry is a very long process, Fresh City Company, the puffy barberry wholesaler, has made it possible for you to purchase puffy barberry at any time of the year. This type of barberry dries in the shade away from sunlight like some types of Iranian raisins, and it may take up 6 months to be supplied to the market after harvest. In early autumn, we separate the barberries from the branches in clusters and dry them in equipped halls and then prepare our puffy barberry product for supplying to the market. Our puffy barberry products are carefully hand-picked, have uniform size and color, and are offered to international markets with excellent quality. We offer puffy barberry and other types of our products at a wholesale price. Visit our website to buy bulk barberry or other products.


Puffy Barberry Price

The puffy barberry price is higher than other types due to the longer drying process, better color, and higher quality. However, despite its higher price, puffy barberry is in great demand due to its beautiful color, freshness, taste and better quality. Fresh City Company offers you first-class puffy barberry at a very reasonable price. If you buy bulk puffy barberry, you can buy your product at a cheaper price with a special offer. If you are looking for a barberry that has both good taste and color, you can choose our puffy barberry. This type of barberry is widely used in Iranian cuisine to decorate food and has many health benefits. To inquire about the wholesale price of puffy barberry and our other products such as Iranian dates, you can contact us via WhatsApp or email.


Puffy Barberry Exporter

Fresh City, one of the largest exporters of food products, is proud to export its puffy barberry and other products such as Iranian walnuts to all over the world. Iran has a very large share in the production of barberry, and puffy barberry is exported to other countries in large quantities due to its higher quality and better color and taste. Fresh City, as a puffy barberry wholesale exporter, have always tried to export the best and most popular agricultural products of Iran, including apples, kiwis, raisins, almonds, barberry, walnuts, dates, and Iranian pistachios and export the highest quality products to all parts of the world. Our puffy barberry is exported to Asian, European and Persian Gulf countries. Countries such as Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the UAE are among the main importers of our barberry. For more information on puffy barberry import, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp or email.  


Puffy Barberry Supplier

Fresh City, as a puffy barberry wholesale exporter, has a clear understanding of customer needs, the market, and international standards, and uses high standards in delivering customer needs. We have established a close and long-run relationship with our customers and we have made customer trust and supply of the highest quality product one of our goals. Fresh City Company is always striving to offer quality products and services that meet customers’ expectations. By creating the possibility of direct supply, we shorten the distance between ordering and delivering goods to our customers, and deliver puffy barberry and a wide range of our dried nuts products such as Iranian Mamra almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and dried fruits such as raisins and dried figs in the fastest possible time and in large quantities. If you make your purchase from Fresh City Company, the puffy barberry wholesale supplier, you can get the finest puffy barberry without intermediaries. All our products are supplied directly to international markets. 


Puffy Barberry Packaging

Puffy barberry is one of the best products in Iran and there is a great demand for its export in very simple or special packages to Middle Eastern and European countries. Our puffy barberry packaging includes zipelock bags, plain nylon or cellophane bags or BOPP or OPP bags. All our products are available in packages or in bulk. Fresh City Company also offers puffy barberry in your desired weight and packaging. You can contact us via WhatsApp or email to receive a sample of puffy barberry packaging.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Puffy barberry is used to flavor or decorate food.

Puffy barberry has more moisture and a lighter color than Anari barberry and, as its name suggests, has a puffy appearance.

Zereshk is the Persian name of barberry. Barberry is called Zereshk in Iran.

In the preparation of puffy barberry, no food coloring or preservatives are used and the color of puffy barberry is natural.

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