Iranian Dates

Iranian Dates

Dates are the fruit of the palm tree and have a special place in the food and culture of the Middle East countries and also countries with hot and dry climates. Southern Iran is especially one of the areas where different types of dates are grown and its people consider this valuable tree very sacred. There are more than 300 types of dates in Iran, some of which are among the best-selling and most in-demand dates and export cultivars and, as Iranian dates are highly received by other countries, the level of production and export of the most popular dates and Iranian date products such as date syrup has increased. Dates are a natural product rich in fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals and if you eat a few dates a day it will be a complete and nutritious meal for you. The difference of Iranian dates is in their size, color and moisture content, and due to the fertile soil and suitable climate of Iran for growing dates, all types of Iranian dates are very tasty, delicious and high quality.

There are many types and varieties of Iranian dates, but the most important, most popular and highest quality Iranian dates that are exported to other countries like Iranian pistachios, Iranian raisins, Iranian saffron, Iranian apples, Iranian figs, and Iranian kiwis, include:  


Mazafati Dates

Mazafati dates are one of the most popular Iranian dates. They are soft and moist and have an oval shape and a dark brown or black color.


Piarom Dates

Piarom dates are one of the most luxurious and expensive dates in Iran. They are dry dates with wrinkled skin and have an elongated shape and a dark brown color.


Kabkab Dates

Kabkab dates are oval dates and their color is dark brown. Another name for Kabkab dates is "Honey Date". Kabkab dates are soft dates and have a lot of nectar.


Mayami Dates

Maryam dates are the most luxurious and highly demanded Iranian dates. They are dry and long and have a dark brown color.


Rabbi Dates

Rabbi dates are semi-dry dates with a narrow and elongated shape. The color of Rabbi dates is blackish brown.


Sayer Dates

Sayer dates are a type of semi-dry brown dates and are also known as “Esta’meran dates”.


Shahani Dates

Shahani dates are soft and moist dates with a narrow and elongated shape. The color of Shahani dates is light brown.


Kali Dates

Kali dates are soft, moist and oval dates and are similar to Mazafati dates. Another name for Kali dates is "Kalute dates".

Kimia dates

Kimia Dates

Kimia dates are the most commercial and best-selling Iranian dates. They are soft and moist and have a dark brown or black color.


Lulu Dates

Lulu dates are small, round dates similar to plums. Their color is dark brown to black and they have wrinkled skin like Piarom dates. Lulu dates are soft dates.


Zahedi Dates

Zahedi dates are dry dates with a yellow to light brown color. They have an oval shape and a narrow end. They are also called "Qasb dates".


Khassui Dates

Khassui dates are round, dry or semi-dry dates with light brown or dark brown color and their appearance is similar to Lulu dates.

Buy Iranian Dates

Buy Iranian Dates

When buying Iranian dates, you should pay attention to many points. All Iranian export cultivars are of good quality and taste and have a very high durability. You can store dates for 12 to 18 months, but some soft dates are best refrigerated. Iranian dates are divided into soft, dry and semi-dry. Some types of dates can also be eaten as Kharak (unripe). All types of dates have many health benefits. Dates are one of the most ancient fruits grown by humans and included in our diet. To buy Iranian dates, it is better to buy dates that do not smell sour. If the date is not fresh, it may form sugar crystals. Some types of dates, such as Kabkab dates, are also sold in pressed form, but it is better not to be crushed. It is better to buy Iranian dates from famous brands and reputable companies. Fresh City Company, an Iranian dates wholesaler and also wholesaler of Iranian date products, is one of the most famous and reputable Iranian dates exporters and offers the best Iranian dates to domestic and foreign markets in bulk every year.

Iranian Dates Price

Iranian Dates Exporter

Iran is one of the most active countries in the production and export of dates and ranks second in date production. Some types of dates, such as Khassui dates, are only specific to Iran and cannot be found in any other country. Iran is also one of the top 10 agricultural producers. Some Iranian agricultural products, such as Iranian kiwi, have a better quality and taste than kiwi in other countries, and for this reason, there are many customers for Iranian agricultural products in other countries. In Iran, many companies are active in the field of exporting Iranian dates or other agricultural products. Fresh City Company is one of the major exporters of Iranian dates and date products such as pitted dates and exports its products including Iranian coriander seeds, dates, pistachios, raisins, apples, and kiwis to all parts of the world. Our products are mainly exported to India, Malaysia, Bangladesh and UAE. To import our products in bulk, you can contact us at any time via WhatsApp or email.   

Iranian Dates Supplier

Iranian Dates Wholesale Supplier

Our products are exported wholesale directly to all parts of the world at a reasonable price. We offer you Iranian dates at a wholesale price. You no longer have to go to distributors and intermediaries. You can order your desired products directly from us at a very affordable price in bulk. By bulk purchase from Fresh City Company as an Iranian dates supplier, you can receive the freshest and highest quality Iranian dates as well as date products such as date paste in the fastest possible time and reduce your costs. Iranian dates are carefully sorted in accordance with international standards in Fresh City factories and are offered to the domestic and foreign markets in various packages or in custom packages. Fresh City Company supplies Iranian dates in different weights of 450 to 10 kg and in bulk. To order Iranian dates, call Fresh City Company on WhatsApp right now.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) ​

The most commercial Iranian date is Mazafati dates which is also called Kimia dates.

The harvest time of Iranian dates is different in every city. In some provinces the harvest time starts in late July and continues until early fall.

Iranian dates have different shelf life. The moist dates can be stored 1 to 3 months at room temperature. For long-term storage, you can keep Iranian dates in the refrigerator for about 12 months.

You can contact Fresh City Company directly on WhatsApp or send your request via email. 

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