Green Pistachio Kernel

Green Pistachio Kernel

Green pistachio kernel is one of the Iranian pistachio products prepared from the best pistachio varieties such as Akbari pistachio, Kale Ghoochi pistachio, etc., by peeling the thin kernel skin. Green pistachio kernels have extensive uses because of the special beauty they give to foods or pastries when powdered or crushed. They are also suitable for export to rich countries. Green pistachio kernels also have a unique taste. Pistachios grown in some regions have greener kernels due to the type of soil or climatic conditions, or the type of pistachio kernel. To prepare green pistachio kernels, you have to use the best unripe green pistachio kernels. This has caused the price of green pistachio kernels to be higher than other types of pistachio kernels.        


Green Pistachio Kernel Properties

Green pistachio kernels are known as the best and highest quality pistachio kernels among Iranian pistachio kernels. In categorizing the types of green pistachio kernels, color variety and grading is very important. The dark green color, known as super, has the highest price, and the last grade pistachio kernel, which is almost yellow, has the lowest price. These grades range from dark green to green, light green, and yellow.   


Green Pistachio Kernel Uses

One of the reasons for the popularity of the green pistachio kernel is its green kernel color despite its white skin. Green color has made green pistachio kernels more beautiful than other kernels and ideal for decorating cakes or pastries. Besides, the greener the pistachio kernel, the more its protein and the less its fat content. Green pistachio kernels have extensive uses mainly because of their green color and are found with different qualities in different climatic conditions. One of the significant features of this type of pistachio is its unique and pleasant taste. 

Green Pistachio Kernel Price

Green Pistachio Kernel Supplier

There are many green pistachio kernel suppliers throughout the world, but access to Iranian green pistachio kernel suppliers is easier. Fresh City Company is one of the main pistachio kernel suppliers with branch offices in Iran and Dubai and has many years of experience in supplying fresh and high quality green pistachio kernels to main green pistachio kernel importers around the world such as India, Pakistan, East Asian countries, Persian Gulf countries and Europe. The highest volume of green pistachio kernel exports belongs to European countries and Arab countries. Turkey and India have the highest demand for green pistachio kernels. Fresh City Company, one of the leading green pistachio kernel exporters, supplies the best and highest quality types of green pistachio kernels to many countries around the world. In fact, the aim of this green pistachio kernel company is organic production of Iranian pistachio and its products, including Pistachio kernel, green pistachio kernel, etc. It should also be noted that green pistachios are classified for exports according to the cases mentioned above. Most countries that are Iranian green pistachio kernel importers are fans of wild, cultivated or organic green pistachio kernels.   


Green Pistachio Kernel Price

Green pistachio kernel price is only determined by looking at it. The pistachio size or ounce is not applicable here and the price and grade of green pistachio kernels is determined by their color. To understand this, it should be noted that the color of pistachio kernels is darker at the main time of pistachio harvest, but as time goes by, the color of pistachio kernels changes from green to light green. Of course, some pistachios do not have a dark color from the beginning and are accordingly separated and classified. However, this type of pistachio also has a high price. Green pistachio kernel price is determined based on their grades and categories, including Grade S or the greenest and most expensive grade, and Grade A which is a grade with a slightly lower quality. Fresh City Company, one of the significant green pistachio kernel suppliers, supplies this product in various weights and high tons to many countries around the world. The green pistachio kernel wholesale price in this green pistachio kernel company is more reasonable than the price offered by other companies. For more information about the green pistachio kernel price, you can contact our experts on WhatsApp or via email. 

Green Pistachio Kernel Supplier

Buy Green Pistachio Kernel

Fresh City Company is one of the best green pistachio kernel suppliers in Iran and supplies the best green pistachio kernels with a unique aroma and taste. Many green pistachio kernel importers buy this product from this company. Our company, as a green pistachio kernel supplier, supplies this first-class product to many countries including India, Pakistan, East Asian countries, the Persian Gulf countries, and Europe, which are the main buyers of this product and annually import high tonnages of green pistachio kernels. 


Green Pistachio Kernel Packaging

As an Iranian green pistachio kernel wholesale supplier, Fresh City Company maintains the packaging standard in the supply of green pistachio kernels. The company exports green pistachio kernels to many parts of the world by supplying fresh and high-quality green pistachio kernels in standard packages after obtaining aflatoxin certificates. In addition, green pistachio kernels are always available in the company’s warehouses and have a high expiration date. This Iranian pistachio kernel company offers this product in bulk and different weights and packages. As one of the largest green pistachio kernel exporters, Fresh City Company has always guaranteed the quality of supply and packaging of this product and has always been successful in doing so. Contact us for more information. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Green pistachio kernels are the same as natural pistachio kernels, except that the outer skin of the natural pistachio kernels is removed to form green pistachio kernels.

You may contact our sales experts at any time of the day via email or WhatsApp and inquire about the green pistachio kernel price.

All kinds of Iranian pistachios, including Fandoghi, Ahmad Aghaei, and Akbari pistachios are used to make pistachio kernels.

Fresh City exports Iranian pistachios in the best packaging in kilograms.

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