Slivered Pistachio

Slivered Pistachio

Slivered Pistachio

Slivered Pistachio is one of the most popular pistachio products widely used in preparation of foods. It is considered as a rich source of nutrients and vitamins for human health. Every year, a significant amount of Iranian pistachios are cultivated and harvested in several cities of Iran, especially in southern cities, and supplied to the domestic or foreign markets in the form of raw pistachios, pistachio powder, and other pistachio products. One of the most popular ingredients in confectionery production is slivered pistachio. Due to its rich source of nutrients, unique taste and color, it is used to increase the quality of and decorate many foods. Slivered pistachios are supplied in different qualities and prices by various distributors. So, if you are looking to buy first-class and high-quality slivered pistachio to give a unique taste and appearance to foods and sweets, we recommend you to choose this product and purchase slivered Pistachio from a reputable exporting company, such as Fresh City Company. 


Slivered Pistachio Benefits

Slivered pistachios are pistachio kernel products and are a rich source of vitamins with high nutritional value. Slivered pistachio is rich in fiber, B vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, etc.  The therapeutic and medicinal properties of slivered pistachio include strengthening the skin and hair, strengthening bones, strengthening the brain and mind, relieving cough, and treating diarrhea.

Slivered Pistachio Price

Slivered Pistachio Price

Slivered pistachios are one of the most important export products of Iranian pistachios, which have had an almost constant dollar price in recent years. The production of Iran’s main export goods, such as this product, is in excess of domestic market demand and therefore must enter the global markets to be sold at a reasonable price. Slivered pistachio has an average price compared to other pistachio products, which is one of the main reasons for its large-scale production and abundance. Slivered pistachio ​​manufacturers in Iran supply this product, which is one of the most important Iranian pistachios, in any quantity and with excellent and suitable quality and competitive price. Slivered pistachios are manufactured in Iran with high quality and tonnage and a large quantity of slivered pistachios are sold annually in foreign markets. It is also necessary to know that the Slivered pistachio wholesale price in Fresh City Company is entirely different from the price offered by other slivered pistachio wholesale suppliers in Iran or international markets. This company offers slivered pistachio at a reasonable price and you can easily access its wholesale market. As a slivered pistachio wholesaler, Fresh City Company, with its branch offices in Iran and Dubai, offers this first-class and affordable product in high-quality packaging at wholesale price.  The company guarantees the quality of sales and supply of slivered pistachio and has always supplied high-quality products.  

Slivered Pistachio Supplier

Buy Slivered Pistachio

In general, the slivered pistachio price in the dried nuts market depends on the quality and cultivation conditions of the crop, that is, the larger, taller, fresher, and greener the slivered pistachios are, the higher their price in the dried fruit market. Therefore, the dark green color of slivered pistachio (non-yellow color of the product), its taste, the amount of pistachio harvest in that year, and the company’s experience in manufacturing slivered pistachio without wastes will determine the price of bulk slivered pistachio. If you are looking to buy high-quality and first-class slivered pistachios, many companies are active in the field of slivered pistachio.  Fresh City Company is engaged in wholesale and retail of first-class pistachios as a supplier of dried fruits, Iranian pistachios, and pistachio products. Therefore, if you are looking to buy slivered pistachio in bulk, you can contact  Fresh City Company via email or WhatsApp and inquire about slivered pistachio price. As a slivered pistachio wholesale supplier, Fresh City Company is ready to provide services to slivered pistachio customers and supply fresh slivered pistachios in small or large quantities at a reasonable price in various packages. Fresh City Company is Iran’s leading slivered pistachio exporter and supplies the best and highest quality slivered pistachios in foreign markets. Many countries and international slivered pistachio importers are willing to buy this product from this company because this slivered pistachio company supplies high-quality slivered pistachios in global markets. India, Pakistan, East Asian countries, Persian Gulf countries and Europe are the main slivered pistachio importers and buy slivered pistachio in bulk from this company every year.    


Slivered Pistachio Supplier

Slivered pistachios are one of the most important and high-quality pistachio products. Iranian slivered pistachios are especially popular among traders in different countries due to their green color, excellent taste, and healthy fat. The darker their color, the higher their export value. Slivered Pistachios are exported to various European, Asian and the Persian Gulf countries. As slivered pistachio is a nutritious product and Iran is the leading slivered Pistachio manufacturer, a high tonnage of this product is exported to different countries every year. Iranian slivered pistachios are shipped worldwide due to their excellent taste, rich green color, and healthy fat. Slivered pistachio is a luxury and expensive product, making this product one of the best options for export. Fresh City Company exports slivered pistachio to all the countries bordering the Persian Gulf according to the customer’s demand and obtains the standard certificates required for each country. Pistachio exports must go through several stages to reach final approval. Once the product passes through customs, it is tested by food experts, and if food safety standards are followed, it will be approved. Slivered pistachio has good sales in international markets due to its average price compared to other Iranian pistachio varieties and has been able to gain a special place in Iranian pistachio exports. Fresh City Company is one of the largest slivered pistachio suppliers in international markets and, with years of experience in supplying fresh and high-quality slivered pistachio, exports the best type of slivered pistachio to many countries around the world, including India, Pakistan, East Asian countries, Persian Gulf countries and Europe. The best and highest quality slivered pistachio in Iran is manufactured by Fresh City Company, one of the leading slivered pistachio suppliers. Fresh City Company, a reputable and well-known company in the export of slivered pistachio, has branch offices in Iran and Dubai and supplies the best type of slivered pistachio to international markets.

Slivered Pistachio Wholesale

Slivered Pistachio Supplier in the Persian Gulf Region

Slivered pistachios are supplied to destination countries by first considering the level of demand of pistachio and slivered pistachio by customer and export market. This product is exported to each country differently. For example, European countries mostly buy dried pistachios, but Arab countries mostly import raw and fresh pistachios or pistachio products, including slivered pistachios. Supplying Iranian pistachios to the Persian Gulf countries constitutes the most important export activities of Iran. Slivered pistachios are valuable export products. The Persian Gulf countries are the main customers of pistachios and its products such as slivered pistachio and pistachio kernels. Slivered pistachios have a high nutritional value and are of great importance in these countries. The Persian Gulf countries love luxury goods, which is why they have a great desire to use high-quality products. For this reason, most of their orders are delivered from Iran. Iranian pistachios and its products, including Iranian slivered pistachio, are most desired by the countries bordering the Persian Gulf, including Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and the UAE. In each country, there are specific standards and rules for exporting and importing. For example, for many countries, the level of aflatoxin toxin in pistachios and its products must be low. Therefore, high-quality pistachios should be used for export to these countries. As one of the largest slivered pistachio suppliers and having years of experience in the field of sales and export of Iranian slivered pistachio, Fresh City Company tries to meet the needs of customers and supplies high-quality slivered pistachio to foreign markets.  

Slivered Pistachio Packaging

Slivered pistachio is one of the Iranian pistachio products packaged in bulk in the factory and then supplied to the market. All people can use this product according to their needs. Slivered pistachios can be supplied in various weights or in bulk. Slivered pistachios are manufactured in Iran with very high quality, and due to their very unique green color, they have countless fans and are exported to other countries in large quantities. Slivered pistachios should be packed in cardboard boxes so that they are not crushed under pressure. Fresh City Company is a wholesale supplier of slivered pistachios and nuts. In addition, Fresh City Company supplies this product to slivered pistachio wholesale buyers in 10 kg boxes. The packaging should be designed for destination countries in compliance with standards, and of course, if slivered pistachios are ordered in bulk, they are vacuum packed in 10 kg boxes so that they are not air-dried or don’t lose their taste and freshness. As a slivered pistachio wholesale supplier, Fresh City Company supplies this product in high quality and standard packaging.    


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All kinds of Iranian pistachios, including Fandoghi, Ahmad Aghaei, and Akbari pistachios are used to make slivered pistachio.

To prepare slivered pistachio, the kernels are first removed and cut into small, thin pieces using a special device.

You may easily contact our sales experts via email or WhatsApp and inquire about the pistachio price.

Fresh City exports slivered pistachio to all over the world with no restrictions.

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