Golden Apple Fruit

Golden Apple Fruit

The golden apple is one of the apple cultivars with a greenish-yellow color and a very sweet taste. Iranian golden apple is one of the fleshy, fresh, and juicy Iranian apples mostly favored by customers as a suitable fruit for offering to guests. This type of apple is very desirable and nourishing and has smooth and clear skin. This favorable fruit is used for salads, apple sauce, and apple butter. This apple variety is harvested from autumn to winter.  

Golden Apple Price

How much is the price of golden apples? What is the best way to buy golden apples? And how to buy golden apples? Iranian golden apple is one of the unique types of Iranian apple suitable for serving at a party. This type of apple is very desirable and nutritious. The golden apple price varies depending on the size and quality of this type of apple. The golden apple price depends on various factors and varies in different periods. The golden apple price and the golden apple wholesale price are determined according to the quality, smallness or largeness, method of purchase, storage conditions, and method of cultivation and harvesting of the product. Another factor affecting the golden apple price is currency fluctuations and the level of demand. The type of packaging can also affect the Iranian apple price. If the gardener does not observe the sorting and packaging process at harvest time, it can significantly impact the golden apples wholesale price. Golden apples and red apples, which have the highest volume of harvest from the gardens, are often stored in the cold storages of Fresh City Company and supplied at a competitive price. Our company supplies the best Iranian golden apple at a reasonable price. We can supply and sell Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples in various packages.  

Buy Golden Apple

Golden apple manufacturers have succeeded in delivering this product to consumers with their experience and knowledge at a high quality inside and outside the country. Golden apple importers can buy this product from the most well-known golden apple companies, including Fresh City Company, which is one of the golden apple wholesale suppliers, and choose the best and highest quality with the help and cooperation of experienced golden apple suppliers. Golden apple manufacturers and suppliers have also been able to earn large incomes and effectively contributed to the country’s economy and increased the number of daily orders and customers by selling this product in a high degree of quality and also helped significantly to the country’s export development. The best way to buy golden apples, Hayward kiwis and various nuts such as Fandoghi Pistachio (round pistachio) is to buy from reputable manufacturers of these products in Iran. Fresh City Company is a reputable company and sells golden apples at wholesale prices with the best quality. 

Golden Apple Price

Golden Apple Manufacturer

Iran has the highest level of apple production. The production level of golden apple fruit, which is highly produced by gardeners, has reached more than two and a half million tons per year. With proper management of this valuable product, we can hope to increase the level of production. Golden apple manufacturers offer this product in the market with quality. Manufacturers supply apple fruits wholesale to international sales markets. Golden apple fruits are also supplied wholesale to different countries, including the Persian Gulf countries, Iraq, Oman, and Qatar with high quality.   


Golden Apple Supplier

Golden apples are cultivated in some cities of Iran, and these cities are golden apple suppliers. This product has many fans due to its numerous vitamins and minerals and has attracted many customers in domestic and foreign markets, and has achieved high sales. For this reason, every year, large quantities of Iranian golden apples are supplied and exported in high quality at reasonable prices. Export apple crops must have a very high quality and low cost to attract many customers to this product. All the products produced in Iran are delivered to golden apple importers and customers by golden apple suppliers in a high level of quality and these suppliers have been able to achieve success in this field. For example, the centers that supply golden apples have been able to fully gain customers’ trust which is very effective in the development of the country’s economy. Fresh City Company is also one of the golden apple supplying companies. Having years of experience in supplying and exporting nuts such as Sultana raisinsIranian dates, and various fruits such as Iranian apples and Iranian kiwis, this Company has been able to have an influential role in developing the country’s economy by developing customers trust.  

Golden Apple Supplier

Golden Apple Exporter

Today, many golden apple exporters in Iran export golden apples with different qualities. The higher the quality of this product, the higher the level of its exports. Another contributing factor in the sales of this fruit is the aroma, taste, and ripening of golden apples. It should be noted that there are different types of Iranian apples, in other words, they are in various kinds and varieties; each has its unique taste. Today, one of the main concerns of golden apple exporters is packaging design. One of the golden apple exporters is Fresh City Company, which has consistently achieved significant success in exporting various high-quality products such as golden apples. 


Golden Apple Wholesale

Many golden apple wholesale suppliers around the world supply this product wholesale. Asian countries, especially Iran’s neighbors, are considered as leading golden apple importers. Iran has a high potential for export due to suitable climatic conditions and is one of the golden apple exporters. Regarding product quality, Iran is trying to be a world-leading exporter and fruit production companies move towards this goal by increasing the quality and level of production. The Asian countries which are golden apple fans are Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Iraq and the Persian Gulf countries. Fortunately, golden apple manufacturers have made every effort to satisfy the demand of European customers and have received a positive result by selling and exporting golden apples to European countries. Fresh City Company is a golden apple wholesale supplier and exports golden apples to European countries, neighboring countries and the United States. It introduces itself to foreign markets with particular attention to various packaging options.  

Golden Apple Wholesale

Golden Apple Features

Every natural product has unique features and characteristics and you can have the best choice by knowing about these features. Here are some features of golden apple. The color of this fruit ranges from pale green to golden yellow, and its juicy and crunchy feature have attracted everyone’s attention. The climate of the cultivation area gives golden apples a sweet aroma and taste. The warmer the growing area, the less the aroma. This product contains most of the essential vitamins your body needs and helps to lose weight and regulates your blood sugar and cholesterol.  


Golden Apple Packaging

If the golden apple packaging has the following properties, it can be said that it has high quality packaging. These specifications include the strength and inflexibility of the apple box and the separation of each apple inside the box. The lid of the apple box should be such that it completely covers the box and is not larger or smaller than the size of the original apple box. Apple boxes should be cut in a way that they can bear the weight and pressure of the boxes on upper parts and do not damage the fruits in the lower boxes during transportation. Fresh City Company has always tried to supply customers and golden apple importers with first-class sorted and packaged golden apples with excellent quality at reasonable prices. Golden apples are supplied by Fresh City Company in custom packaging or 3.5 kg to 8 kg plastic cartons and boxes. We also supply golden apples in bulk in weights of 10 kg, 18 kg and 21 kg. Dear customers in any country, you can contact us via email or WhatsApp and order and buy golden apples online. You can get a free consultation for buying Iranian apples and golden apples. We offer special discounts for wholesale purchase of Iranian apples, including red apples and golden apples.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yellow apples are grown in many parts of Iran, but are mostly grown in the northern and northwestern regions of Iran.

The best and easiest way to buy golden apples is to contact us and place an order via WhatsApp or email. Our sales experts are at your service.

The harvest time depends on the planting area, but is usually in early fall.

Fresh City Company exports Iranian apples to all countries of the world with no restrictions.

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