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Sayer Dates

Sayer dates are Iranian commercial dates and have many fans due to their semi-dryness. Sayer dates, known locally as Esta’meran dates, are semi-dry like Piarom dates and have a moisture content of less than 17%. This low moisture makes them easier to store for a long time and ship to different areas without spoilage. As a result, it is a suitable product for export to other countries.


Sayer (Esta’meran) dates are semi-dry dates. Due to its semi-dryness, this date has a high sugar content which makes them one of the sweetest and most delicious Iranian dates. The skin color of Sayer dates is dark brown, which may turn into red or black under certain conditions. Because Sayer dates are in the category of semi-dry dates, the degree of adhesion between the pit and the flesh is very low and the flesh is easily separated from the pit. This feature makes it possible to use Sayer dates in the preparation of pitted dates in most cases.

As mentioned above, Sayer dates are much easier to store than other types of dates such as Mazafati dates due to their semi-dryness, and are ideal for storage for a long time (about 15 months) at normal temperature and export to other countries. This has caused Sayer dates to account for a significant amount of Iranian date exports (about 45%).

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Types of Sayer Dates

As mentioned before, Sayer dates, like Piarom dates, are considered as semi-dry dates and are considered as the most exported varieties of Iranian dates. Sayer or Esta’meran dates are exported to all parts of the world every year and buyers buy them according to the quality and classification of these dates. If you are going to buy Sayer dates, you need to get familiar with types of Sayer dates first. 

  • Super Select Sayer Dates
  • Select Sayer Dates
  • Grade B Sayer Dates
  • GAQ Sayer Dates
  • FAQ Sayer Dates
  • Pitted Sayer Dates

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Sayer Dates Properties

Dates are a nutrient and rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals that are very good for the health of the body. Sayer dates contain calories, carbohydrates, fiber, protein and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Magnesium in Sayer dates promotes better digestion of nutrients. The high iron content of these dates is also useful for treating anemia. In general, Sayer dates are a complete food due to their minerals and high sugar content and can be said that by eating 3 Sayer dates a day, our body gets the amount of calories and sugar needed in a meal.

Sayer Dates Price

Sayer Dates Price

Sayer (Esta’meran) dates are sold overseas every year due to high demand in the global market, and buyers and traders of this product do their best to buy high quality and economical dates. Sayer dates are commercial dates in Iran and some important factors are influential in determining the price of this product. Factors such as date type, date size, packaging type, etc., are very influential factors in determining the price of Sayer dates.

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Buying and selling dates in the global market is associated with high competition among sellers of this product. Buyers try to buy the best dates at a reasonable price, which is why Sayer date suppliers make every effort to produce quality dates at a reasonable price in order not to lag behind their competitors and be able to sell their product. After all, Fresh City Company establishes a good relationship with buyers with a suitable approach by eliminating food brokers in order to provide the buyers with Sayer dates with a high quality and a reasonable price.

Sayer Dates Supplier

Sayer Dates Exporter

Iran is one of the most important exporters of Sayer dates around the world and annually exports Sayer dates, Mazafati dates and other types of dates to 70 countries. Sayer dates are easily exported to all over the world due to their long shelf life and easy storage at normal temperatures. On the other hand, buyers can make a good profit from selling Sayer dates by buying this product in bulk and selling it at appropriate intervals.

Every year, Fresh City Company exports Iranian Sayer dates to countries such as India, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, etc. You can contact Fresh City Company for more information on how to export Iranian Sayer dates to different countries.


Sayer Dates Supplier

Every year, the wholesale trade of Sayer dates, Mazafati dates, Zahedi dates and other dates begins as soon as the harvest time of Iranian dates begins in September. As mentioned, European countries such as Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom are steadfast in the export of Sayer dates due to the unique characteristics (taste and easy storage conditions) of this date and buy this special Iranian date several times a year. In recent years, East Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia have paid special attention to Sayer dates because of their easy storage conditions, and annually buy a large volume of this quality and nutritious Iranian date.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best grade of Sayer dates is Super Select.

Esta’meran is another name for Sayer dates. 

Sayer dates are commonly used to make pitted dates.

Sayer dates are sold in pressed blocks, vacuum-packed or whole. 

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