Iraqi Zahedi Dates


Iraqi Zahedi dates are one of the varieties of Iranian export dates and their origin, as its name implies, is Iraq. Iraqi Zahedi dates, like Piarom dates, are late ripening and belong to the category of semi-dry dates. The size of Iraqi Zahedi dates is 1.5 to 3 centimeters. It has an oval shape and its color is golden or light brown. Iraqi Zahedi dates are exported to many countries such as India, Russia and Arab countries. Iraqi Zahedi dates are rich in fiber, vitamins such as vitamin B and minerals such as iron and magnesium, and they are an organic and natural food product and very useful for maintaining health.       

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Buy Iraqi Zahedi Dates

Just tell us what kind of dates you are looking to buy. Do you prefer soft and moist dates like Mazafati dates or dry and semi-dry dates like Iraqi Zahedi dates? Any variety of Iranian dates that you choose to buy, you will not regret because Iraqi Zahedi dates are also one of the most important dates for export in Iran and have proven their excellent taste and quality to customers. Iraqi Zahedi dates are also used in the preparation of date products such as chopped dates. Fresh City Company is an Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesaler and one of the largest exporters of popular agricultural products in Iran. It has all food health certificates and the necessary standards and exports its products to all parts of the world. To buy Iraqi Zahedi dates, you can contact Fresh City Company at any time.      

Iraqi Zahedi Dates

After harvesting, Iraqi Zahedi dates are graded and sorted in terms of size and color, and their price varies according to their quality. Fresh City Company sorts and packs the largest and most uniform colored Iraqi Zahedi dates in its equipped factories and supplies them to domestic and foreign markets at a reasonable price. Iraqi Zahedi dates are easy to store, which is why they are less expensive than soft and moist dates such as Kali dates. Fresh City Company, an Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale supplier, can deliver your order directly at a very reasonable price by eliminating intermediaries. All Fresh City products, such as Iranian raisins, are delivered directly to the customer, and therefore, by buying from Fresh City, you will buy the highest quality Iraqi Zahedi dates at a wholesale price. For more information on Iraqi Zahedi dates price, please feel free to contact Fresh City Company via WhatsApp or email.    

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Iraqi Zahedi Dates Exporter

Annually, large quantities of Iranian agricultural products are exported to other countries due to their high quality and reasonable prices. Iran is one of the largest exporters of dates. Iraqi Zahedi dates are also produced in large quantities every year and exported to countries such as India and Malaysia. Fresh City Company is one of the most active companies in the field of Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale export and exports its products including a variety of Iranian dates, Iranian date products, Iranian apples, Iranian pistachios, Iranian kiwis, Iranian raisins, and Iranian coriander seeds to the Persian Gulf countries in bulk. If you are a dates importer, all you have to do is call our WhatsApp number or just send us an email.   

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Supplier

If you are an Iraqi Zahedi dates importer, you are undoubtedly thinking of reducing your expenses and buying the highest quality products. In addition to cost and quality, it is very important to find a reputable and reliable supplier. The essence of any business is trust. There is no business unless there is trust. Fresh City Company as an Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale supplier with years of experience and brilliant history in the field of exporting Iraqi Zahedi dates and the most important Iranian export products such as Iranian pistachios, guarantees the delivery of the highest quality Iraqi Zahedi dates. Our team always monitors all stages of dates supply from planting and harvesting to manufacturing and packaging in the factory, as well as delivering the products to the customer, and with the wholesale supply of Iraqi Zahedi dates and other products, you can buy them directly at the most reasonable price. You can contact Fresh City Company, Iraqi Zahedi dates manufacturer and wholesale supplier, right now and make your purchase.   

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Iraqi Zahedi Dates Packaging

Iraqi Zahedi dates are offered in packages of 450 grams up to 10 kg. Fresh City products are also offered in creative and very attractive packages in bulk. If you are thinking of selling Iraqi Zahedi dates or our other products such as Kabkab dates and Kimia dates in your favorite packages, Fresh City Company offers you custom packaging with your favorite design and brand. You can order Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale and with your desired packaging. To order Iraqi Zahedi dates and other Fresh City products, you can contact us via WhatsApp or email.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These Iraqi Zahedi dates are not pitted but can be pitted at the customer’s request.

Iraqi Zahedi dates are supplied in bulk or in packages in different weights.

These Iraqi Zahedi dates are not stuffed with nuts and are sold whole.

Iraqi Zahedi dates do not need refrigerated containers for transportation.

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