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Lulu dates are a type of Iranian dates that have a round shape similar to plum and are also called plum dates. Lulu dates are semi-dry dates and their skin is wrinkled like Pirom dates. The round shape and small size of Lulu dates makes it difficult to distinguish them from Khassui dates, but their color and skin are slightly different and their moisture is less. Lulu dates have many fans in Iran and are also one of the commercial and export cultivars of Iran. Lulu dates taste very sweet and are a natural sweetener and a good alternative to processed sugar. Eating a few Lulu dates a day provides the body with the energy it needs. Lulu dates are fleshy fruits with a small pit and are rich in fiber and eating them can reduce the feeling of hunger during the day.     

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Buy Lulu Dates

The very delicious taste and affordable price of Lulu dates have made many Arab and European countries the main Lulu dates importers. Lulu dates manufacturing is economically viable and suitable for Lulu date manufacturers, and every year the attention to the cultivation and export of Lulu dates increases, and Lulu dates exporting companies try to grow the best Lulu dates using modern farming methods and export them to Asian, Arab and European countries. If you want to buy Lulu dates, you can refer to Fresh City Company, which is one of the most reputable and trusted wholesalers of Lulu dates and Iranian dates. Fresh City Company has all health certificates and national and international standards of dates and guarantees the delivery of the best and highest quality agricultural products, including Iranian dates and Iranian pistachios to customers.    

Lulu Dates Price

Lulu dates wholesale purchase is very affordable due to its small size. On the other hand, Lulu dates are very easy to store and transport, and this plays a big role in reducing its price. Lulu dates can be stored at room temperature for 12 to 18 months and do not need to be refrigerated for transportation. You can contact Fresh City Company right now and inquire about Lulu dates price. Fresh City Company is one of the largest Lulu dates manufacturers and suppliers in Iran and supplies Lulu dates directly to foreign markets. 

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Lulu Dates Exporter

There are many varieties of dates in the world. Some types of dates, such as Medjool dates, are cultivated in most countries that have a tropical climate, but some cultivars of dates, such as Lulu dates, grow only in Iran and due to the suitable climate of Iran, some agricultural products such as Iranian dates and Iranian kiwi have very unique quality and taste and many countries are eager to buy Iranian agricultural products. Lulu dates are also one of the most important export products of Iran and are exported in large quantities every year. Fresh City Company is one of the most famous and experienced wholesale exporters of Iranian dates, Iranian apples, Iranian raisins, Iranian pistachios and Iranian coriander seeds and exports its products to the Persian Gulf countries, European countries and Asian countries, especially India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh etc. Feel free to contact us to buy Lulu dates wholesale.      

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Lulu Dates Supplier

If you want to buy Lulu dates wholesale directly at a very reasonable price, contact us as soon as possible and receive the freshest, tastiest and highest quality Lulu dates in the fastest possible time. Fresh City Company, a Lulu dates manufacturer and direct supplier, has extensive experience in the manufacturing, processing and export of best-selling types of dates such as Mazafati dates and Sayer Dates. We own dates processing and packaging factories and provide all the necessary facilities for the fastest and highest quality delivery of products and our main goal has always been to try to provide the best customer service and pay attention to customer satisfaction. We, Lulu dates wholesale supplier, are ready to supply our products directly to customers all over the world at any time by removing intermediaries from the supply chain.         


Lulu Dates Packaging

After harvesting, Lulu dates are transported to processing factories and packaged and stored in hygienic conditions. Fresh City Company has equipped cold stores for storing dates and exports Lulu dates in various packages as well as in custom packages to all parts of the world. Fresh City Company also offers Lulu dates in bulk in weights of 5 to 10 kg. Lulu date packages are strong and suitable for exporting Lulu dates and maintaining the quality of dates for a long time without the need for refrigerated containers during transportation. Contact us to order Lulu dates and to know how Lulu dates are packaged.      


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lulu dates are small round dates and are similar to plum.

Lulu dates are soft semi-dry dates.

Lulu dates are semi-dry and do not need refrigerated containers.

Lulu dates are less commercial than Piarom dates or Mazafati dates but are one of the export cultivars of Iran.

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