Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates

Medjool dates are one of the global and international varieties of dates, which are also known as the “king of dates”, and their caramel-like and sweet taste and their larger size compared to other dates have made them one of the top commercial date cultivars. Medjool dates are cultivated in many countries and are also widely cultivated in Iran. They are soft and fleshy dates with a dark brown color and their skin has a wrinkled appearance like Piarom dates. Medjool dates that are cultivated in Iran are very tasty and high quality due to the warm and suitable climate of Iran for growing different types of dates, and for this reason, they have a high demand in Asian and European countries. Medjool dates are mostly sold dry and have a very sweet taste. They can be used in the preparation of cakes and pastries and are a very good alternative to processed sugar. They contain a lot of fiber and help digestion and intestinal health. Medjool dates are also rich in phosphorus, iron, magnesium, calcium and many other minerals and prevent many diseases, especially cancer.     

There are many ways to find Medjool dates wholesalers. Some Medjool dates wholesalers are not easily available and you can only buy dates wholesale through distributors. If you are looking for a manufacturer, Fresh City Company, a Medjool dates wholesale manufacturer and supplier, with an experienced team in the field of dates wholesale exports, can be your best choice. By buying dates wholesale from Fresh City Company, you can significantly reduce your costs and get a price that allows you to have a significant profit margin. Looking for another date? Fresh City Company also supplies popular export dates such as Deglet Noor dates and different varieties of Iranian dates such as Mazafati dates and Zahedi Dates and date products such as date syrup, in addition to Medjool dates.   

Medjool Dates Supplier

Medjool dates Price

You can buy Medjool dates at any price and with any quality. The pricing of Medjool dates is very competitive and the prices vary a lot. The reason for this price difference is the way the dates are supplied to the foreign market. The size, quality, type of packaging and shipping costs of the Medjool dates are very effective in determining its price. Fresh City Company, a Medjool dates wholesale supplier, exports the freshest and highest quality dates to Asian and European countries at a very reasonable and competitive price. Iran’s proximity to many countries in the Persian Gulf and Asian countries such as India, Pakistan and Malaysia has made it possible for Fresh City Company to supply its dates to its customers at a more reasonable price. To inquire about the current price of Medjool dates or our other products such as Kimia dates, you can contact our phone numbers directly.

Medjool Dates Price

Medjool Dates Exporter

Iran annually produces and exports some global varieties of dates, such as Medjool dates and Deglet Noor dates in addition to exporting certain types of dates, such as Khassui dates that are grown only in Iran. Due to the excellent quality and taste as well as the reasonable price of Iranian dates, every year the countries of the Persian Gulf, Asian countries and European countries have a great demand for Iranian dates. Fresh City Company is also one of the most famous and experienced Medjool dates manufacturers and exporters in Iran and exports Medjool dates mainly to Asian countries such as Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and European countries as well as Arab countries. If you have any questions about Medjool dates export, feel free to contact Fresh City Company.

Medjool Dates Supplier

Fresh City Company exports dates directly to all parts of the world in bulk and is looking for real buyers. In addition to dates, we have other products including Iranian pistachios, Iranian apples, Iranian kiwis, Iranian raisins and Iranian coriander seeds. To inquire about Medjool dates price, you can contact us directly through our WhatsApp number or email. By buying our products wholesale, you can remove intermediaries and buy Medjool dates at a cheaper price. Fresh City Company is one of the largest and most famous dates suppliers in Iran and has gained a very good reputation by adapting to customer demands. Our prices are fully negotiable and we are eager to provide quality products to our customers.

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Medjool Dates Packaging

We offer Medjool dates in custom packages and also various creative package designs. Our Medjool dates packaging was designed in such a way to both attract customers and maintain the quality of dates during storage and transportation. We offer Medjool dates in weights of 450 g to 10 kg and in bulk. Fresh City Company has all the national and international standards and all the health certificates for the manufacturing and supply of dates, and delivers the freshest and highest quality dates in bulk at the most reasonable price. If you have any questions about Medjool dates packaging and the packaging of our other products such as Iranian apples, you can contact Fresh City at any time via WhatsApp or email.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These Medjool dates are grown in Iran.

Yes, these Medjool dates are organic.

These Medjool dates are whole but can also be sold pitted, if requested by the customer.

Yes, our Medjool dates have various grades. The largest Medjool dates are Super Jumbo.

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